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Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac SymbolScales
Ruling PlanetVenus
DatesSeptember 23 – October 22
ColorBlue, Green
FlowerRose, Hydrangea
Lucky Numbers6, 15
Career MatchesDiplomat, Judge, Personal stylist, Art dealer, Wedding planner
Physical RulingKidneys
Symbolic AnimalScales
Keyword“I Balance”
Life PursuitTo be consistent
Secret DesireTo live an easy, uncomplicated life
ChallengesTo take a stand and make up their mind

Libra Zodiac Sign Overview

Libra Zodiac Sign Symbol and Dates

In the night sky, Libra is represented by the scales, a symbol of balance and equilibrium.

They have an amazing ability to see situations from multiple sides and form balanced opinions. They also tend to be fence sitters who don’t like to box themselves in to one opinion.

Ruled by Venus, this zodiac sign is also linked with the scales of lady justice, and can’t stand to see others being hurt.

One of the Air signs, Libra is highly intellectual and love learning, especially about other people. They are social creatures and love being in the company of other people.

This sign forms deep friendships quickly thanks to their genuine interest in other people.

As one of the Cardinal signs, Libra can be up front and forceful when it comes to supporting the people and the causes that they believe in.

However, in their deep desire to avoid conflict, they often fail to stand up for themselves.

Libra Personality & Traits

Strengths – Social, Friendly, Strong Advocate
Weaknesses – Indecisive, Dependent, Struggle to stand up for themselves
Likes – Social Outings, Learning, Quality Possessions
Dislikes – Isolation, Conflict, Being Ruched

Libra Traits, Strengths & Likes

Libra is an innately social animal and thrive off the energy of being in a crowd and engaging with other people.

They seem to have the ability to get on with anyone and put others at their ease. Others will often choose to confide in them.

These personality traits mean that this Air sign forms strong friendships fast.

They don’t really enjoy spending time alone, and find periods of isolation stressful rather than an opportunity to unwind.

People of the Libra zodiac sign hate conflict and tend to be peacemakers. They have an amazing ability to see things from multiple points of views and help others do the same.

Few people are better able to put themselves in the shoes of others.

If an argument gets too big, Libra will often back down rather than get into a serious fight.

However, while they can’t stand conflict, they also have a need to stand up in the face of injustice.

They are often avid supporters of certain charities and will chew people’s ears off over their favourite causes.

Libra often like to style themselves based on other people, such as their closest friends or celebrities. This can lead some people to call Libra followers, but this is a bit unfair.

They just really appreciate other people’s style and interests and get excited to engage with it themselves.

Those born under this sign are often big social media users, and they closely follow their likes as a form of validation.

Libra always has a large circle of friends with common interests. They rarely ever do anything on their own.

If they are looking to try something new, they will always enlist a friend to be at their side. Sometimes they can feel like they can’t face a new challenge alone.

Libra Challenges & Weaknesses

Libra’s desire to keep the peace can sometimes see them to back down when they should be standing up for themselves.

They are more likely to speak up to defend someone else than they are for themselves. This means that they can sometimes let other people walk all over them, doing things that they don’t want to do just to avoid conflict.

Libra likes the finer things in life and can sometimes be a little too focussed on the material things.

They are the type of people who invests a lot in their appearance, wardrobe, home and so forth, and love to have the latest things and the coolest brands. But they aren’t throw-away people – they take good care of their things. They also tend to be hoarders.

The Libra sign loves learning new things, preferably from conversation but also from reading.

Despite their prodigious knowledge about many topics, they can struggle to form strong opinions on things and tend to sit on the fence when it comes to forming strong opinions on some issues.

Libra doesn’t really like to do anything alone, and always enlists someone to be their co-conspirator in new ventures.

While this makes Libra a great team player, they can sometimes also doubt their ability to conquer challenges alone.

Libra Love, Sex & Compatibility

Libra love being in relationships and having someone to share the day to day of their lives with.

They are the type that tend to become stressed when they are between partners and will hunt incessantly for a new love when single.

Fortunately for them, they are social butterflies with an attractive energy, so they have no problem meeting potential new partners.

When in a relationship, Libra will do anything to avoid conflict and make their relationship happy. This means that they will often back down and compromise in order to keep the peace.

They might start changing the way they dress or the people that they spend time with to keep their partner happy.

Libra likes to have a partner that takes the lead and who they can build a beautiful life around.

Libra Compatibility

Best Love MatchesLeo (97%), Gemini (93%), Aquarius (90%), and Pisces (88%)
Worst Love MatchesScorpio (35%), Cancer (43%), and Capricorn (55%)
Best Friendship MatchesGemini, Leo, and Aquarius (all at 95%)
Worst Friendship MatchesCancer (40%) and Scorpio (45%)
Libra Compatibility Chart Zodiac Sign Percentages

This zodiac sign will quickly be swept off their feet by charismatic Aries, who knows exactly what they want in life.

Aries is exactly the kind of chariot that Libra wants to hitch their cart to. They can make a dynamic duo with Aries dragging them forward with a keen focus, and Libra maintaining their social circle and home.

Sagittarius has a hands-off approach to relationships, which can be healthy for Libra as it gives them space to breathe and be their own person.

They are both extraverts and will always have a big social circle. They can keep up with one another while out and about.

Libra and Cancer don’t work well together as they are both too willing to compromise. They might both end up making so many concessions that they think the other person wants that neither of them ends up with what they want.

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Libra Man

Libra men like being in relationship more than most men. They like to have someone to spend time with and will quickly include their partner in all of their social interactions.

When they aren’t with someone, they are often looking for a partner, and probably have a few online dating profiles.

However, often they don’t give themselves long enough to understand why previous relationships didn’t work, and will make the same mistakes again.

He actually enjoys having a partner who wants to mould him a bit. Buy him new clothes, introduce him to new interests, he’ll be on cloud nine.

  • Likes being in a relationship
  • Uses online dating
  • Lets his partner dress him
  • Jumps into new relationships quickly
  • Wants his partner with him at all times

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Libra Woman

Libra women can be your classic Bridget Jones. When single, they are always on the search for a man, and when in a relationship, they are always trying to please their partner.

Libra will bend over backwards to keep their partner happy, biting their tongue rather than speaking up for themselves.

She tends to make changes to herself and her priorities in order to make her relationship work.

The result can be that their partner thinks that everything is going well, and then be faced with an abrupt break-up as Libra can’t take it anymore. She will then find herself in a new relationship, repeating the same mistakes.

  • Doesn’t enjoy being single
  • Works hard to please their partner
  • Tends not to speak up about issues
  • Will make changes in order to please her partner

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Libra Career and Money


Libra make great coordinators or human resource officers. They are good at understanding people and putting them where their skills are most valuable.

This zodiac sign is also great at solving conflicts, so they can facilitate resolving problems.

Their ability to connect with people and understand them also makes them excellent mediators or social workers.

Libra often thrives in public facing roles where they can engage with people. They always represent themselves and their company with class and style.

This sign has strong moral beliefs and is happiest when they are working for a cause that they believe in.

They would love to be the spokesperson for a charity that they genuinely believe in.

Libra’s biggest challenge in the workplace is standing up for themselves. They will often take on more than they have time for as they can’t say no.

They also won’t fight for credit for their successes, preferring to share it with the team.


Libra finds it hard to hold onto their money.

They enjoy having the nicer things in life and never want to say no to a night out. As a result, they prefer to spend their money on the things that are important to them today rather than save for the future.

Members of this sign are more likely than most to have secret credit card debts and multiple mortgages.

They tend to live hand to mouth. Though Libra doesn’t let their money worries dim their passion for life.

Libra Self-Care Tips

The Libra zodiac sign can have a tendency to look for validation and self-worth in the approval of others.

They often need the praise and recognition of others in order to feel like they are worthy.

For this reason, their self-confidence can take a serious hit when they suffer from rejection, such as a breakup or failing at a job interview.

Libra needs to find ways to give themselves the validation that they crave from others. Only when they learn to do this will they find the stable self-image that they crave.

“Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” – Alan Alda