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Taurus Love Compatibility: Chart and Percentages for All Zodiac Signs

Taurus Love Compatibility: Chart and Percentages for All Zodiac Signs

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Taurus is a peaceful sign that loves comfort and stability and dislikes change. This sign does not seek out casual relationships. Instead, Taurus looks for a partner for life.

Taurus is also well-known for a tendency to be possessive and jealous. Thus, the signs that have high compatibility with Taurus are those that are consistent and value intimacy over freedom.

Taurus Compatibility Chart

Opposite Sign/Natural Partner: Scorpio (88%)

Best Matches: Capricorn (98%), Cancer (97%), Virgo (90%), and Scorpio (88%)

Worst Matches: Sagittarius (30%), Gemini (33%), and Aries (43%)

Several factors are used in determining the compatibility chart below. Some of these factors are the aspects between Taurus and the other signs, the personalities of the signs involved, and observation and experience as to how the various signs interact with each other.

Taurus Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages
Very Low: 35% and Below
Low: 36% to 45%
Medium: 46% to 60%
High: 61% to 80%
Very High: 81% to 100%

The best matches for Taurus are Capricorn (98%), Cancer (97%) and Virgo (90%). Taurus and Capricorns shared values and earth-sign pragmatism create a harmonious, sensual relationship with mutual understanding and an excellent work or business combination.

Cancer shares a harmonious connection and great sexual chemistry, creating a deeply comfortable and intuitive bond. With Virgo, Taurus finds a harmonious and practical partnership, their earth-sign traits aligning to make a good work or business combination.

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Taurus and Aries – 38% (Low)

Overall Compatibility38% (Low)
Sex Compatibility43% (Low)
Love and Marriage Compatibility43% (Low)
Communication Compatibility30% (Very Low)
Aries Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Aries have low compatibility at 38%. Aries thrives on conflict, competition, and challenge. Taurus needs peace, quiet, and comfort. It will be very hard for these two signs to find common ground.

Taurus finds Aries noisy and exhausting, and Aries find Taurus dull and frustrating. Unlike many incompatible pairs, this match is not very volatile. It is, however, very unlikely.

In most cases, these signs do not have enough in common to get together at all. If they do get together, the lack of volatility is not a strength, but a weakness.

At heart, Aries needs a good fight on a regular basis. The archetype for this sign is that of a warrior, and in modern times, there is not always an outlet for the aggressive energy of this sign.

While many natives of this sign channel their aggressive and competitive spirit into sports or other physical activities, it also comes out in their relationships from time to time.

The problem for Aries is that it is incredibly hard to get Taurus to argue. Taurus does have a formidable temper, but it rarely rises to the surface. Most of the time, Taurus will just ignore Aries when Aries tries to pick a fight. Aries will find this extremely frustrating.

If Aries does persist long enough to get a rise out of Taurus, they will have a battle from which will be very difficult to recover.

Taurus and Aries’ sexual compatibility can be challenging due to their starkly different approaches. Aries’ passionate and spontaneous nature often contrasts with Taurus’ slow and sensual style, potentially leading to misunderstandings in their intimate encounters.

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Taurus and Taurus – 65% (High)

Overall Compatibility65% (High)
Sex Compatibility90% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility65% (High)
Communication Compatibility50% (Medium)
Taurus Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Taurus share a compatibility score of 65%, indicating a harmonious relationship. As both are earth signs, they understand each other’s need for stability, practicality, and material comforts. Their shared values and mutual understanding contribute significantly to their bond.

Being ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, both Taurus individuals naturally incline towards an aesthetically pleasing environment, a love for fine foods, and an appreciation for arts and music.

The relationship between two Taurus individuals is typically characterized by patience and determination. They are both highly ambitious and will work together to achieve their shared goals.

On the other hand, their shared stubbornness can be a point of contention, and finding a balance between their tenacity and flexibility is vital for the relationship’s success. Furthermore, they both tend to resist change, so a certain level of adaptability is needed to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

The match between two Taurus individuals is often deeply sensual and satisfying. They share a strong physical desire and a fondness for comfort and luxury, which is evident in their love life.

Being an earth sign, they both approach sex with a practical, yet highly sensual approach. The slow and steady style of Taurus can result in a passionate and fulfilling intimate life.

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Taurus and Gemini – 33% (Very Low)

Overall Compatibility33% (Very Low)
Sex Compatibility53% (Medium)
Love and Marriage Compatibility33% (Very Low)
Communication Compatibility25% (Very Low)
Gemini Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Gemini is another sign with a very low level of compatibility with Taurus at 33%.

Gemini still gets bored very easily and has no understanding or patience for the Taurean desire for consistency and repetition.

There are some very obvious difficulties between these two signs. For example, Gemini loves to flirt, and Taurus is famous for being quite jealous and possessive. Yet, in some ways, the larger issues are easier to reconcile than the myriad smaller ones.

One of the biggest challenges for this pairing is finding common ground on a day to day basis.

As we mention in our Taurus traits article, Taurus is happiest when every day is like the day before, with no surprises and very little variety. Such a lifestyle would bore Gemini to tears.

Gemini thrives on new experiences and rarely does anything the same way twice. In many ways, this sign is like a butterfly, flitting from flower to flower. This would cause Taurus to feel constantly insecure and off-center.

The sexual compatibility between Taurus and Gemini tends to be complex and challenging. Taurus’ desire for sensual intimacy often conflicts with Gemini’s intellectual approach to lovemaking, resulting in a volatile connection that can be difficult to navigate for both.

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Taurus and Cancer – 97% (Very High)

Overall Compatibility97% (Very High)
Sex Compatibility100% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility96% (Very High)
Communication Compatibility98% (Very High)
Cancer Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Another fine match for Taurus is Cancer at an almost perfect 97%.

Taurus and Cancer are the two most domestic signs in the zodiac. They share many of the same interests and values. They both have the same need for security, and they both strive for warmth and comfort.

From the outside, it can sometimes be difficult to tell these two signs apart. Yet, they do have some very important differences. Cancer is much more emotional than Taurus.

Cancer natives are natural caregivers, and they worry about those that they love. Indeed, they worry about a great many things. Cancer is also much more active than Taurus. Even though Cancer natives tend to stay home a lot, they are very busy in the home.

These differences help these two signs to provide balance for each other. Taurus can help Cancer to stay calm, and Cancer can help Taurus find motivation. In general, these two signs bring out the best in each other.

In the realm of physical intimacy, Taurus and Cancer find a harmonious synchronicity that’s deeply fulfilling. Taurus’ sensual nature meets Cancer’s emotional depth, creating a sexual dynamic that’s both passionate and emotionally comforting, an aspect that notably enhances their compatibility.

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Taurus and Leo – 73% (High)

Overall Compatibility73% (High)
Sex Compatibility88% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility70% (High)
Communication Compatibility75% (High)
Leo Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Leo, with a compatibility score of 73%, generally form a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship. This duo embodies the classic combination of earth and fire elements, which could result in an intriguing match.

Taurus, grounded and practical, often acts as the anchor in the relationship, while Leo, flamboyant and energetic, brings excitement and passion.

Both Taurus and Leo value loyalty and are incredibly committed when they invest in a relationship. They have a shared love for the finer things in life, often enjoying luxurious experiences together.

However, differences can arise from their stubborn natures. Both signs are known for their strong wills and determination, leading to potential power struggles if they do not respect each other’s viewpoints.

Taurus and Leo can have a deeply satisfying intimate relationship. Taurus, ruled by Venus, possesses a sensual nature that pairs well with Leo’s passionate and expressive love style.

However, Leo’s need for adoration and attention might be at odds with Taurus’s more laid-back and practical approach to love. Ensuring a balance between their distinct styles and maintaining mutual respect can lead to a vibrant and exciting sexual connection.

Taurus and Leo have the potential for a passionate and sensuous connection. Both signs value physical pleasure and this can create a strong, intense, and satisfying sexual bond despite their moderate overall compatibility.

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Taurus and Virgo – 90% (Very High)

Overall Compatibility90% (Very High)
Sex Compatibility95% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility86% (Very High)
Communication Compatibility90% (Very High)
Virgo Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Another very good match for Taurus is Virgo at 90%. Like Taurus, Virgo is an Earth Sign. This means that these signs share a sense of grounding in the material world.

They have an intuitive understanding of each other, and they agree about many things. Yet, there are some important differences between these two signs that help them to balance each other’s excesses.

Virgo is practical and hard-working, but also has a great deal of nervous energy. This sign aims for perfection, which is rarely possible. This can make Virgo natives prone to extreme stress and worry if they are not careful.

The calm and quiet Taurus can help Virgo to relax and to gain perspective. In this way, Taurus provides an anchor for Virgo. In turn, Virgo is another sign that can help motivate Taurus. Virgo will also help Taurus to maintain more healthy habits when it comes to diet and exercise.

Taurus and Virgo share a profound sexual connection, marked by mutual respect and patience. Their sensuality, underpinned by their earth sign traits, favors a slow and steady build-up, leading to deeply satisfying intimacy.

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Taurus and Libra – 65% (High)

Overall Compatibility65% (High)
Sex Compatibility73% (High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility61% (High)
Communication Compatibility55% (Medium)
Libra Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Libra share a compatibility score of 65%, indicating a relationship of mutual understanding. These two signs are both ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and values, which brings an inherent appreciation for harmony, beauty, and romance in their relationship.

Taurus, an earth sign, appreciates the beauty in tangible, material things, while Libra, an air sign, values intellectual and aesthetic beauty.

Despite their mutual ruling planet, Taurus and Libra approach life from different perspectives. Taurus is known for their grounded and practical nature, while Libra is all about balance and fairness, often to the point of indecision. This could result in Taurus feeling impatient with Libra’s indecisiveness.

However, when they understand and respect their differences, they can form a balanced and fulfilling partnership.

Their sexual compatibility stems from their mutual ruling planet as well. Both Taurus and Libra have an innate understanding of each other’s desires and needs in an intimate relationship, with Taurus’s sensual nature aligning with Libra’s desire for an emotionally aesthetic experience.

While their methods may differ, with Taurus being more straightforward and Libra preferring a more romantic approach, their shared appreciation for beauty and love can lead to a deep and satisfying intimate connection.

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Taurus and Scorpio – 88% (Very High)

Overall Compatibility88% (Very High)
Sex Compatibility100% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility81% (Very High)
Communication Compatibility85% (Very High)
Scorpio Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Scorpio have very high compatibility with each other at 88%.

Scorpio is the sign that is opposite to Taurus. Opposite signs are the natural partners for each other.

One of the primary characteristics that these signs share is steadfastness. Both of these signs generally mate for life, and they take their partnerships quite seriously.

They also share the negative tendency to get jealous, but this works in their favor when they get together. They instinctively know what to do to make the other feel secure.

These signs truly are the opposites of each other, though. Scorpio is bold and passionate, whereas Taurus tends to be gentle and calm. This allows them to balance each other.

Also, while tense, the opposition creates a great deal of physical chemistry between these signs. Scorpio’s passionate nature matches well with Taurus’s sensual and affectionate style, resulting in deeply satisfying intimate moments.

Their relationship is enriched by this sexual chemistry, reinforcing their status as natural partners.

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Taurus and Sagittarius – 30% (Very Low)

Overall Compatibility30% (Very Low)
Sex Compatibility38% (Low)
Love and Marriage Compatibility33% (Very Low)
Communication Compatibility33% (Very Low)
Sagittarius Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

There are technical astrological reasons why Taurus and Sagittarius have difficulty together, but in reviewing the general nature of the signs, it is rather obvious that they would not be compatible.

Taurus needs quiet and stability and absolutely dislikes change. For natives of this sign, the ideal life is one in which they stay in one place, doing the same thing every day.

If they have good food, good sex, pleasant surroundings, and a comfortable chair, they have everything that they need.

This type of life would be unbearably dull and boring for a Sagittarius native. Sagittarius needs adventure and freedom. This sign withers if confined to one place.

Travel is an absolute need for Sagittarius to stay happy and healthy. To Taurus, the life of a Sagittarius would be frightening and uncomfortable.

Additionally, Taurus is prone to jealousy, and Sagittarius is absolutely allergic to any hint of possessiveness coming from a partner. It would be very difficult for these two signs to find any common ground.

Sexual compatibility between Taurus and Sagittarius can be a bit challenging, given their drastically different approaches to intimacy.

Taurus prefers a steady, sensual experience while Sagittarius is more adventurous, which could lead to a volatile dynamic. Their overall compatibility score of 30% suggests that a great deal of understanding and compromise is needed for these encounters to be satisfactory for both.

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Taurus and Capricorn – 98% (Very High)

Overall Compatibility98% (Very High)
Sex Compatibility98% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility95% (Very High)
Communication Compatibility95% (Very High)
Capricorn Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol and Dates

Capricorn is an excellent match for Taurus at an almost perfect 98%. These signs have a naturally harmonious relationship with each other.

They are both Earth signs, and they understand each other very well. In many ways, these signs think alike.

Both of these signs are very practical and down-to-earth. Yet, even though they have many similarities, they are different enough to provide balance to each other.

Taurus is calm and quiet, enjoying the pleasures of the material world. Yet, taken to excess, the positive traits of Taurus can become inverted and turn into laziness and hedonism.

Capricorn is resourceful and diligent, working hard to achieve success in life. Yet, Capricorn can also be prone to workaholism.

When these signs get together, however, they can help each other find the right balance. Capricorn can help motivate Taurus, and Taurus can help Capricorn relax and enjoy life. This is a wonderful combination.

Taurus and Capricorn exhibit a potent sexual connection, grounded in mutual respect and physical desire. Their shared earth sign traits amplify their tactile sensuality, making their intimate moments intensely gratifying and deeply emotional, further solidifying their impressive 98% compatibility.

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Taurus and Aquarius – 58% (Medium)

Overall Compatibility58% (Medium)
Sex Compatibility60% (Medium)
Love and Marriage Compatibility55% (Medium)
Communication Compatibility55% (Medium)
Taurus Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Aquarius share a compatibility score of 58%, indicating a neutral level of mutual understanding. This pairing can be described as an unconventional match, due to the fundamental differences in their natures.

Taurus is a practical earth sign that values stability, while Aquarius is an air sign that is most comfortable in the realm of ideas. While the Taurean seeks comfort and a conventional lifestyle, the Aquarian thrives on the unusual and the unconventional.

Taurus might struggle with Aquarius’ free-spirited and sometimes aloof nature. Similarly, Aquarius may find Taurus’ desire for routine and material comfort constraining. The relationship could, however, work if both signs are willing to understand, respect, and appreciate their differences.

The groundedness of Taurus can provide Aquarius with the stability they often neglect, while Aquarius can help Taurus to break free from routines and experience life from a different perspective.

Sexually, this couple has the potential for high volatility. Taurus, ruled by Venus, approaches intimacy with a sensual and straightforward style, while Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, can be detached and experimental in their approach to sex.

The sexual relationship might require some work and communication, as their differing styles could cause some friction. However, with mutual understanding and a willingness to compromise, Taurus and Aquarius could find a unique balance that enhances their intimate connection.

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Taurus and Pisces – 85% (Very High)

Overall Compatibility85% (Very High)
Sex Compatibility99% (Very High)
Love and Marriage Compatibility81% (Very High)
Communication Compatibility85% (Very High)
Pisces Compatibility Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Taurus and Pisces share an 85% compatibility, making them highly harmonious in their relationships. These two signs complement each other beautifully as they both value peace, stability, and deep emotional connections.

The earthy Taurus appreciates the dreamy and intuitive nature of the water sign Pisces. Pisces, on the other hand, appreciates the steadfastness and reliability of Taurus.

Taurus can offer Pisces the grounding and practicality they sometimes lack, and in return, Pisces can help Taurus tap into their creative and emotional side.

This mutual exchange of strengths can make their relationship strong and balanced. Both signs are also generally laid-back and prefer a peaceful, drama-free environment, further enhancing the harmony in their relationship.

Taurus and Pisces can have a deeply satisfying and sensual connection. Taurus’s sensuality combined with Pisces’s romantic and passionate nature can create a very strong sexual bond between them.

Their mutual desire for emotional connection and intimacy can lead to a profoundly satisfying and fulfilling sexual relationship. This couple’s compatibility extends to all areas of their relationship, making them a potentially successful pair in the long term.

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Wednesday 24th of February 2021

I’m a Taurus with a Gemini and we it’s seems like he’s the Taurus and I’m the Gemini lol I like going out every weekend and meeting new people as to him he always rather stay home eat and watch movies


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

Im an aries woman In love with a Taurus man. Took 18yrs to tell him. First time we send alone we fell asleep in each others arms. We are so in love its scary. I have always felt like i belong to him and he belongs to me. We will never be together. He started acting distant and then i found out he had started a relationship just when i told him how i felt. I stopped talking to him because i dont want to be a fool.

He still as about to a mutual friend. I heard he asked whether he should marry me. I'm shocked. All his girlfriends over the years have been trying to get him to marry them and he has not. I think about him every waking moment, i think about sleeping on his chest listening to his heart beat. I think about being his wife and building a good life.

He is so shy around me he hardly looks as me although I give my aries steer. He blushes alot so i behave even more naughty to watch blush. For the first time i dont know what to do....i love him from i was 16 and i dont know why...its even worse because he feels the same.


Saturday 17th of July 2021

@Nat, I have an Airies in my life that fell for me early on. I was not ready for a relationship because I had just had 2 heartbreaks where I understand that I am part of the problem. I didn't want to hurt her as well. I told her to go be with a guy that was interested in her for something permanent. We have still seen each other and now that he found out I am struggling. I read all these different sites that say we aren't a match but what we have done in our friendship/relationship makes me not want to miss out. I'm a Taurus too.

Ms. Taurus

Sunday 21st of February 2021

@Nat, I feel the EXACT same way about the Aries in my life!! I have loved him since I was 16 & I still love him at 63!! We will never be together but I will always love him!!


Friday 1st of January 2021

Capricorns are never the best match for Taurus. Being a cap, this is false & utter nonsense. Taureans love to overreact & can never admit they are wrong & will infact put the blame back on you. They don't value your emotions as they are busy with theirs.


Tuesday 24th of October 2023

@Ann, true. i got a capricorn sister and im a taurus. i blame her for EVERYTHING. its not like we dont value your emotions, but we are VERY concerned for ourselves. :) and yep, i'm very stubborn, even though i may be wrong im gonna say im right until you give me 3 reasons as to why you are right. i'm gonna need PROOF that you are right. hope that helps i guess.


Wednesday 28th of October 2020

taurus dating an acquarius... its frustrating with odd moments that make it worthwhile


Tuesday 9th of March 2021

@SNOW, sameeeeeeeee i'm dating a aquarius  to lol


Saturday 7th of November 2020

I am a Taurus man dating a acquarius woman and find it frustrating even do I crave for her deeply


Thursday 15th of October 2020

I am Taurus and married a Taurus. I am not enjoying it as I xpected!