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Welcome to Numerology Sign

The Numerology Sign website was created to help offer beneficial insights into people’s lives by using a range of divination systems, including; Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. Our main focuses are zodiac signs, compatibility and relationships, Angel Numbers, Tarot card meanings, monthly sun sign horoscopes, moon horoscopes and several other interesting topics.

Here you can find indispensable information on these divination tools. In exploring the mysterious terrain of Astrology and Numerology you will come to find it is not so mysterious after all! The connection between various divination systems can be eye-opening. The diverse approaches and uses can make this unique world accessible to everyone!

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Join us as we enter into the rich labyrinths of the zodiac, Horoscopes, and numbers. We will be covering select topics in Astrology including the zodiac compatibility, dating, personality traits and more.

The stars are inherently romantic and journeying through the signs of the zodiac you will see each sign has a unique way of demonstrating love. You will be introduced into the world of the Western zodiac as we apply modern interpretations to the age-old sky. Most systems of Astrology are taken from our perspective here on Earth as we observe the movement of the planets against the backdrop of the zodiac and constellations.

Calculations and planetary positions are woven together by astrologers into a rich tapestry of symbolic meaning that can be applied to everyday life. There is an opportunity to get to know yourself more deeply, the people around you, and the significance of events happening in the present time.

Each aspect of Astrology has been assigned certain significance and traits over its centuries of development. There are many fresh perspectives in Astrology and Numerology taking place today. As our world becomes more global we are better able to access the universal symbology available.


Numerology also allows for deeper insights into your relationships. Discover your life path number and see how it matches up to your special someone! Determine your personal Numerology and how each of your individual numbers applies to you. We will be covering the meaning behind each of the numbers and how to best utilize them in life and love!

Angel Numbers

The numbers in Numerology are fundamental to this system of divination. Angel numbers come in many combinations such as triple-digit angel number and quadruple-digit angel number, and each number has been assigned various significance that can be applied to birthdates, times, and the number of letters in your name! Numerology also makes use of letters by assigning each letter in the alphabet to a particular number creating countless codes for interpretation!

Here are some of the most common repeating numbers you might be seeing: 000 angel number, 111 angel number, 222 angel number, 333 angel number, 444 angel number, 555 meaning, 666 meaning, 777 meaning, 888 angel number, 999 & 1111.


Through various horoscopes, also known as forecasts, we will be covering the current and upcoming planetary weather. Presenting a report for the weeks or months ahead we will be looking at the Moon and Sun, some of our biggest influencers in astrology! The Monthly Sun Sign Horoscope will be giving you a deeper look into how each sign is expressed and what you can do to maximise.

The Moon is a major player in Astrology, being the closest celestial body to Earth. The Moon is fascinating both for its rich symbolism but also its precise placement in the sky. The size of the Moon, Sun, and Earth are perfectly balanced to create astrological phenomena such as total lunar eclipses! The bi-weekly Moon Sign Horoscope will provide you with essential information on how to make the most of each new and full Moon phase for the Moon’s 29.5 day cycle around the earth.

Meet The Numerology Sign Team

Thanks to our highly experienced team we are able to offer a range of professional perspectives, which are all freely shared on this website. Our fantastic team includes;

  • Cynthia Thinnes – Professional Astrologer and Website Editor
  • Margarita Celeste – Professional Astrologer, Practicing Teacher and Consultant
  • Jessica Suess – Independent Researcher and Writer
  • Leah Goldberg – Professional Astrologer and Writer
  • Nataly Urbaez – Tarot Reader