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How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You

How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You

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Getting a Libra man to chase you is no easy task. Libra men are charming and romantic, yet they can be incredibly difficult to read.

Libras are gifted in the art of flirtation, but it can be a challenge to get them to take their flirtation to the next level.

What Does a Libra Man Want in a Woman?

Before we talk about how to get a Libra man to chase you, it is helpful to know what a Libra man wants. What men find attractive is not the same thing as what they are looking for in a long-term commitment. Here we will talk about both.

In astrology, attraction is governed by the 5th House or zodiac sign from the one in question. The fifth sign from Libra is Aquarius.

Therefore, a Libra man is looking for someone unusual. Librans of either gender are constantly trying to put their best face forward and fit in with the crowd. Libra is the sign of harmony and balance. The most important thing to Libra is courtesy.

Yet, Libra is an Air sign. Libra men are intelligent and like to learn new things. They also have the ability to see all sides of an issue.

For this reason, despite their strict adherence to social standards, they have a taste for the unconventional.

To attract a Libra man, you must pique his intellectual curiosity and give him the ability to express his secret rebellious side, even if it is only vicariously. Watch out for the signs a Libra man likes you.

10 Ways to Get a Libra Man to Chase You

To get a Libra man to chase you, you must appeal to intellectual curiosity. He wants someone bold and daring, someone, who is not afraid to take the initiative. 

While a Libra man is attracted to the unusual and unconventional, for a long-term partner, he needs something more.

1. Be yourself

Libra men are very good at changing themselves to fit in any social situation they find themselves in. Because of their own skill, they can spot a phoney a mile away. He will know if you are trying to manipulate or flatter him.

He will never call you on it, and he will enjoy a game of flirtation with you, but he will not chase you.

Instead, be yourself. Talk about the things that genuinely interest you. Libra men interact with many different people from all walks of life, and so they can usually have an intelligent discussion on any topic you can come up with. If he cannot, he will be even more fascinated and want to learn more.

2. Show your quirkiness

No two people are alike, and even the most conservative and conventional person has something unusual about them. Libra finds the unconventional and unusual irresistable. Talk about what is unique about you.

For example, if you are reading this article, you are probably interested in astrology. Share with him your thoughts about astrology, numerology, and spirituality.

If you study something most people have never heard of, or if you have ideas that seem strange, all the better.

Libra’s deepest motivation is to harmonize and to make things fit together. If you show him something that does not seem to fit with his experience, he will chase you just to learn more so that he can find a way to make it fit.

3. Show your intelligence

What does a Libra man find attractive

There are men who are not interested in intelligence in a romantic partner, but Libra men are not among them.

Indeed, a Libra man will never chase anyone who does not intellectually stimulate him. Part of showing your intelligence is paying attention to how you speak. He will notice if you use bad grammar, and it will turn him off.

Also, even though he is attracted to the unconventional, manners and courtesy are still important to him. He will be turned off if you use coarse or vulgar language.

When trying to attract a Libra man, use the type of language you would use at your job or with authority figures that you want to impress.

4. Learn his language

One of the most difficult and frustrating things about Librans, men or women, is their indirect communication style. They actually do let you know what they want, but it is usually in such a roundabout fashion that most people do not have a clue what they are asking for.

If you are able to understand him, he will want to be around you and will keep chasing you.

Each Libra man will have his own unique way of communicating, but here are some common things he may say and what he means when he says them.

  • “Do you want to………?” means “I would really like to…..”
  • “Maybe” or “we’ll see” means “No.”
  • “I am not so sure about that” means “I think it is a really bad idea.”
  • “Oh that might be nice” followed by him telling you about something else means “I do not want to do that. Can we do this instead?”

5. Find a way to manage his flirtations

Libra Man Flirting

A Libra man is going to flirt. There is no getting around that. That is what Libra men do. Yet, as his partner, you may feel jealous and hurt when he flirts with other people.

If you confront him with his behavior, you will get mixed results. He will deny it defensively and angrily, but then he will try to please you with gifts and attention. He hates disharmony and will go to great lengths to restore it.

On the other hand, for all of his promises of good behavior, he will flirt again. He really cannot help it.

This cycle might seem dramatic and even sexy. You may even think that this is how to get  Libra man to chase you. The problem is that it will put a strain on your relationship in the long term.

What you need to understand is that a Libra man is more likely to flirt casually with someone he is not seriously attracted to than with someone he is.

When Libra man really likes you, he tends to be much more direct. So, in most cases, aside from upsetting you, his flirtations are usually not a real danger to your relationship.

So, with this in mind, you might want to try calling him on it, but in a teasing or humorous way. Truth be told, he is likely to be rather proud of his ability to charm others, and if you do not seem angry, he will be pleased that you noticed.

Lightening the mood will also encourage him to be honest about how he feels about you and your relationship. This will open the door to better communication between you.

6. Be confident

A Libra man wants a partner who is strong and confident. You need to do more than put on an air of bravado.

Libra men are skilled at reading people, and he will know if it just a facade. If you find it hard to summon confidence in yourself, tell yourself affirmations and think about the things that you are good at.

If you truly believe in yourself, it will show in your face and your body language, and he will want to keep chasing you forever!

8. Be decisive

Librans are notoriously bad at being able to make decisions. The reason for this is that they can see all sides of an issue, which can paralyze them when it becomes time to choose. They need someone in their lives who can make decisions for them.

On the other hand, you must be careful. A Libra man may want you to make the decisions, but he still has wants and needs.

What he is hoping for is that you will decide the thing that he wants. You may think…does he want me to be a mind reader? Actually, in a way he does. This is where learning his language will help. He has usually hinted at what he wants, and if you can catch these hints, it will make things much easier.

How to Get a Libra Man to Chase You Again

With respect to how to get a Libra man to chase you again, you are in luck. Once a Libra man is fully committed to you, he will put as much effort into the relationship as you will, and perhaps even more.

Generally, the main problem may be that your relationship begins to feel more like a friendship, and you want to bring back some of the romantic or sexual chemistry that you had at first. Here are some suggestions for how to get a Libra man to chase you again.

1. Surprise him

Surprise a Libra Man to get him to Chase After You

Do something out of character or surprising. Suggest something new or interesting in the bedroom. Meet him at his workplace to go on an unexpected or unusual date. Dress in a different style than he has seen you in before. Any of these things will excite him and can be how to get a Libra man to chase you again.

2. Talk with him

If you are feeling the spark go out of your relationship with a Libra man, it could be that you both have been busy and have not had the time to talk.

If this is the case, make some time for the two of you to be able to have a good conversation.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be necessary for you to go away together on vacation.

3. Do your own thing

One of the nice things about Libra men is that they do care about their relationships. They are willing to make the effort to do the work a relationship requires. This puts less pressure on you in wondering how to get a Libra man to chase you.

One of the things that you can do to prompt him to start chasing you again is to get on with your own projects or work. If you are not paying attention to him, he will worry a little and start to chase you to make sure that you still care.

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Libra men are wonderful partners, but they can also be confusing. He needs someone interesting but who is also strong and direct.

Do you have a Libra man in your life? Is this how to get a Libra man to chase you?

Anna C.

Thursday 6th of May 2021

Hey im a Sagittarius me and my libra just got back together. but i´m scared that he will leave me out of losing interest. he says he loves me and he checks in once in a while but do i give him attention? or do i just ignore him. idk what to do i mean we are dating im just confused.


Sunday 6th of December 2020

I'm an Aries, I met this Libra guy in my church but we've never had a conversation.... He flirt with me with his eyes always and I think I've fallen in love with him.... But the problem is that he's not chasing me... We haven't even talk before... How do I get him to chase me? How do I even talk to him first? Please help.


Thursday 31st of December 2020

I’m Aries woman dealing with a Libra male . I just want to tell you don’t pay him any mind because they are for the world and he will drive you crazy and leave you heartbroken


Tuesday 6th of October 2020

I have a high school classmate libran male and we never talk to each other even when we have reunions with friends. I dont know why he doesnt talk to me for years. Do you think he hates me a lot that every time we have reunion we never talk? We actually live in the same town. What is wrong with us? Thanks for the help.

Rabi Zuberu

Sunday 27th of September 2020

So am a scorpio married to a libra man,i most say at the beginning it iwas great but right now,its just weird. He doesn't care about my feelings and doesn't believe his doing anything wrong.What do i have to get him to notice me and to put that spark back. And make him commited to me


Thursday 31st of December 2020

Nothing. You just need to move on because that’s how they are


Sunday 31st of May 2020

I am a Libra woman who was talking to a Libra man on a dating site. We talked for about 5 months before we decided to meet today. We met halfway between where he lives and where I live. We met at a restaurant and as soon as he walked in (I was already there) he said stand up and give me a hug which I did. We talked for almost 2 hours and we were joking with our waitress because she was so funny. He said we would have to do this again and he walked me to my car. He gave me a hug and said he would call that night which he did. I told him I really enjoyed myself and he said he did too. I don't want to get my hopes up but, I really like him. He is going to have to do the chasing though. I tried that crap in my last relationship and it didn't go well at all. I don't know exactly how to handle this Libra man. Any suggestions?