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Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac SymbolWater Bearer
Ruling PlanetUranus, Saturn
DatesJanuary 20 – February 18
ColorLight-Blue, Silver
Lucky Numbers4, 8
Career MatchesScientist, Inventor, Astrologer, Artist, Performer
Physical RulingAnkles, Circulatory System
Symbolic AnimalWater Bearer
Keyword“I Know”
Life PursuitTo understand life’s mysteries
Secret DesireTo be unique and original
ChallengesTo find a balance between their need for independence and closeness

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Overview

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of originality and innovation, traits that Aquarius definitely displays.

They are their own people, and dance to the beat of their own drum, and they aren’t particularly worried about what anyone else is thinking or doing.

Being one of the Air signs and with the zodiac symbol of waves, Aquarius is intellectual and spends a lot of time in their own worlds. They don’t need other people to stimulate them or validate them.

One of the fixed signs, those born under this zodiac sign also tend to be pretty fixed in their ideas about the universe, and aren’t really that interested in what others have to say.

They can be a little on the arrogant side and think that they are better than everyone else.

They certainly don’t need anyone else, they are sufficient on their own.

Aquarius Personality & Traits

Strengths – Independent, Energetic, Curious
Weaknesses – Rebellious, Closed, Arrogant
Likes – Puzzles, Reading, Nature
Dislikes – Excessive Technology, Arbitrary Rules

Aquarius Traits, Strengths & Likes

While Aquarius might seem on the shy and quiet side at first, in reality, they are energetic and enjoy having a good time.

They aren’t extroverted and don’t feel the need to perform for anyone else. But they have their own eccentricity that is immensely endearing.

They always do their own thing and are never followers.

The Aquarius zodiac sign tend to be quite intellectual and thoughtful, but in a fun way.

There is nothing they like better than coming up with jokes or solving puzzles. For that reason, they are the type of people who are always learning something new.

It is not strange to see them with their head in a book. They aren’t superficial learners either, when it comes to mastering a new subject, they go deep!

This sign appreciates that the world is a truly fascinating and magical place and is deeply in tune with nature.

They enjoy traveling, especially when it involves contact with a “simpler” way of life.

They aren’t the sort that like to have their phone in their hand at every moment, they like to appreciate their surroundings.

While it is wrong to call Aquarius introverted, they do enjoy their own company. They can also find constantly being in the presence of others a bit overwhelming.

This is mainly because they just want to do their own thing, and can find needing to coordinate with other people an unwelcome constraint.

Aquarius Challenges & Weaknesses

And Aquarius does not like to be constrained! If you tell them that they can’t do something, that is exactly what they are going to want to do!

They don’t get on well with arbitrary rules, especially when they don’t seem to serve any specific purpose.

Aquarius can be hard for other people to come to grips with, as they tend to keep themselves to themselves.

They aren’t being deliberately secretive, they just don’t feel like they need to justify themselves to other people.

This does mean that their friendships can sometimes be superficial.

While Aquarius doesn’t always speak that much, that doesn’t mean that they are always listening.

They can often assume that they already know what the other person will say, and so miss out on making a real connection.

They can also have a tendency to think that they are better than other people, and look down on anyone who doesn’t share their ideals.

Aquarius Love, Sex & Compatibility

Aquarius is an independent spirit, and they generally aren’t looking for love or relationships, they are happy on their own.

Good conversation is this sign’s aphrodisiac, and they often find friend connections deepening into something more.

They can be a little reluctant to take the plunge and make a friendship a romance. This is because they don’t like to be constrained by labeling a relationship.

When in a relationship, Aquarius aren’t the best communicators. They aren’t great listeners and read unspoken signals even worse.

They also don’t tend to say what they are thinking, which means that they keep their partner guessing.

But a relationship with Aquarius is never dull. They are very loving, and they love jokes and laughter at all moments.

They always have a very happy home.

Aquarius Compatibility

Best Love MatchesLibra (90%), Sagittarius (90%), and Gemini (85%)
Worst Love MatchesCancer (27%), Virgo (30%), Pisces (45%), and Aquarius (45%)
Best Friendship MatchesAries (100%), Gemini (100%), Sagittarius (98%), Libra (95%)
Worst Friendship MatchesCancer (25%), Virgo (36%), Pisces (40%)
Aquarius Compatibility Chart Zodiac Sign Percentages

Gemini and Aquarius make a good match as they are both curious about the world around them and love to talk. You will often find these two whiling away the hours in deep, stimulating conversation.

Aquarius’ strong confidence also means that they won’t feel threatened by Gemini’s wandering eye and flirty nature.

Aquarius’ confidence also makes them a match for Leo, who they find invigorating rather than intimidating.

Also, Aquarius is happy to let Leo stay in the spotlight, sharing their thoughts and stories. They are happy in their own space.

Relationships between Aquarius and either Taurus or Scorpio don’t tend to last long. This is because both of these signs are controlling, and the water bearer finds this incredibly stifling and frustrating.

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Aquarius Man

Aquarius men aren’t looking for a fling. They don’t need a partner to show them how valuable and attractive they are, they already know.

For the same reason, their heads aren’t turned by superficial things like looks.

What they want is someone they can have a good conversation with. They are attracted to intellect, and anyone that can make them laugh.

Aquarius men can be slow to commit. This isn’t because they want to play the field, they just don’t want to be tied down by the label.

They are generous and devoted, they just don’t like to admit it that they have hitched their wagon to someone else’s because they are a supremely independent soul.

  • Independent
  • Avoid commitment
  • Confidence
  • Not interested in superficial things
  • Looking for a deep connection

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Aquarius Woman

Aquarius women can seem a little aloof, because they don’t tend to give that much away. They aren’t interested in answering lots of questions about themselves.

This sign would rather be having a deep conversation about the latest political crisis or an old philosophical idea.

This kind of deep, intellectual stimulation is the way to an Aquarius woman’s heart.

When they do find someone they are interested in, they prefer to keep things casual. They want to maintain their independence and be their own person, and don’t want to be tied down by committing too quickly to a partner.

For someone to catch Aquarius, they need to keep them stimulated at all times, and always have something interesting to say.

They also need to give this woman her space. She likes spending time in her own company.

  • Intellectual
  • Secretive
  • Likes good conversation
  • Appreciates her own company

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Aquarius Career and Money


Aquarius often thrives in creative roles. This could be visual design, games development, or even making toys for kids. There is no limit to what their imagination is capable of.

Their creativity can also prove an asset in other areas such as problem-solving or coming up with creative ways to drive sales.

Aquarius can struggle as part of a team as they don’t like to listen to other people.

They can also have a tendency to look down on the ideas of others.

Also, despite being highly intellectual, they can struggle to communicate their own ideas. This is because they often think that they have already said enough, when in reality they need to share a little bit more.

Often the Aquarius zodiac sign will find themselves working as authors or artists. They have a natural creativity that they want to get out, and they thrive when spending hours alone creating.

However, they can struggle to hold themselves to deadlines. Why should they be worried about anyone else’s schedules?


Aquarius doesn’t tend to prioritise financial wealth.

They like to think that money isn’t that important, and that the best things in life are free. As a result, while they aren’t frivolous, they don’t tend to hold onto their money.

They just aren’t invested in saving for a rainy day and don’t see the need to not be generous in their spending.

Aquarius Self-Care Tips

While Aquarius is deeply curious about the world, their belief in their own intelligence and that they are always right can work against them.

They can struggle to be open to new ideas as they are so fixed in their existing ones.

They also have a tendency not to listen to others, as they feel like they already know what they are going to say.

This means that despite their love of conversation, Aquarius can sometimes struggle to forge deep connections.

Aquarius will be surprised by what they learn when they take the time to listen actively and with an open mind.

“An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life – becoming a better person.” – Leo Tolstoy