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Aries and Cancer Compatibility 2023: Percentages for Love, Sex, and More

Aries and Cancer Compatibility 2023: Percentages for Love, Sex, and More

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The overall compatibility between Aries and Cancer is low. The horns of Aries and the claws of Cancer can become locked in bitter conflict if they are not careful.

Even so, there is a great deal of physical chemistry between these signs. With effort and willingness on each of their parts, they can learn to work through their conflicts.

People who were born between the approximate dates of March 21 and April 19 have their Sun in Aries, and those who were born between the approximate dates of June 21 and July 22 have their Sun in Cancer.

In 2023, the dates for Aries are March 21 to April 20 and the dates for Cancer are June 21 to July 22.

The dates that the Sun enters and leaves each sign vary from year to year by a day or so. For this reason, people who were born near the beginning or end of a sign will benefit by using a natal chart calculator to determine their exact sign.

The difficulties between Aries and Cancer are because of the different archetypes they represent. Aries is the Warrior, and Cancer is the Mother or Parent.

Aries wants to fight and prove themselves in battle, and Cancer wants to nurture and protect.

While Cancer can be emotional and tenderhearted, this sign is by no means weak. There is nothing fiercer than a mother protecting her young.

This means that battles between Aries and Cancer can be quite intense. Yet, at the heart of the matter, these two do not need to work at cross-purposes.

Cancer can benefit from Aries’ protection, allowing them to devote their energy to nurturing. Likewise, the defense of the vulnerable is an honorable reason to fight.

Aries and Cancer Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Sexual and Intimacy Compatibility 70% (High)

The sexual and intimacy compatibility between Aries and Cancer is surprisingly high. The volatility in their relationship can generate a great deal of physical chemistry.

They need to be careful of this chemistry, however, so that it does not lead them to go too far too fast.

In a romantic relationship, sex can be a very good way to relieve tension between two people. It can help bring them back together after a quarrel and lead to greater emotional intimacy.

Yet, it can also fool people into thinking that they are more compatible than they are. A long-term relationship cannot be sustained by sex alone.

When it comes to Aries and Cancer, there is another big concern. This relates to the different ways that Aries and Cancer view sex and intimacy.

Cancer is a sign that has a deep desire to nest. This sign cannot handle casual sex because they will quickly develop emotional bonds.

In general, Aries does not take sex as seriously as Cancer does, unless their values are such that it becomes a matter of honor.

If Aries and Cancer have sex too early in their relationship, the Aries may end up feeling trapped, the Cancer native may end up with a broken heart, or both.

For this reason, it is advisable that these two signs put off physical intimacy until they are sure that they want to form a relationship with one another.

Aries and Cancer Friendship Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Friendship Compatibility 45% (Low)

The friendship compatibility between Aries and Cancer is low. These two signs have a lot of differences that make any relationship between them tense.

In order to make a friendship between Aries and Cancer work, they will need to learn to understand and accept each other. They also cannot expect to meet all of each other’s needs.

The nature of Aries is such that they have a hunger and drive to face challenges and to prove themselves in competition. Fighting comes naturally to this sign.

Cancer’s nature is to nurture and protect. This sign is known for a hard shell with a soft underbelly.

Cancer can and does fight, but not to compete. Cancer fights when there is something to protect.

This means that Aries and Cancer will experience conflict differently. Aries may enjoy a good fight, but Cancer will not.

Cancer also needs a lot more tenderness and reassurance than Aries. Aries will tend to have a lot of difficulty meeting Cancer’s needs for emotional support.

Yet, a friendship between Aries and Cancer could prove valuable because of these differences.

Even the strongest warrior gets wounds that need healing. Cancer has a talent for bringing others back to health.

Likewise, Cancer can benefit from the directness and strength of Aries. It is good to have a strong warrior for protection.

This friendship can lead to a romance, and if it does, it is likely to be successful. As discussed above, there is a lot of chemistry between these signs.

A romantic relationship that starts as a friendship will create a safety valve in that they will have already formed an emotional bond before the element of sex is introduced.

Aries and Cancer Marriage Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Marriage Compatibility 49 (Medium)

The marriage compatibility between Aries and Cancer is neutral. Marriage between them can work and be positive under the right conditions.

Regardless of gender, this relationship will function the best if the Cancer native takes on the majority of the domestic duties and if the Aries native handles most of the interactions with the outside world.

A very traditional division of labor will work for this couple, even if the roles do not match their physical gender.

If this couple has children, the Cancer parent will do best as the primary caretaker for them.

Aries and Cancer must also be willing to accept that they will not meet all of each other’s needs.

Cancer will not be able to be a sparring partner for Aries. Conflict is far too upsetting for Cancer to fulfill that role.

Likewise, Aries will not be able to support Cancer emotionally. Aries will want to deal with problems by trying to fight or fix them, which is generally not what Cancer needs.

It will be crucial for this marriage for both of them to have other friends and relationships.

Also, these two should avoid arguments whenever they can. This will be hard for Aries, but fights will erode the trust of Cancer over time and can wear away at the bonds between them.

Aries and Cancer Soulmate Compatibility

Aries and Cancer Soulmate Compatibility 40% (Low)

Aries and Cancer have low soulmate compatibility. If they are in a soulmate relationship, they will need a common purpose in order to get along.

Yet, with a common purpose, the differences that cause them such trouble can help them be a formidable combination.

One of the myths about soulmates is that they will have a perfect relationship and live happily ever after. This is rarely the case for even the most compatible of soulmates.

A soulmate is someone who is in our lives to help us to grow and change on a very deep level. One’s soulmate can be a romantic partner, but they may also be a parent, a child, a friend, or even an enemy.

A soulmate bond is one that is fated. There is a reason that soulmates are in a relationship with one another.

If Aries and Cancer are soulmates, the lesson is often to nurture and protect something they each hold dear. They need to fight a common enemy, rather than fighting each other.

An image from nature would be one parent in the den with their young, with the other patrolling their territory, protecting them from outside dangers. The one with the babies cannot be too hard, and the one providing protection cannot be too soft.

It is their differences that make Aries and Cancer a good team. Even so, it may be hard for them to truly relate to each other.

Even if Aries and Cancer are soulmates, they probably should not spend all of their time together. They each have needs that the other cannot provide.

They need to accept and respect each other for who they are, and not try to make them into someone that they are not.

Aries and Cancer Trust and Values

Aries and Cancer Trust and Values Compatibility 50% (Medium)

Aries and Cancer have neutral compatibility with respect to trust and values.

On a superficial level, these signs would seem to have very different values, but beneath the surface, they will see eye to eye on a number of different things.

Trust between Aries and Cancer will depend on them being able to accept each other for who they are.

Aries believes in courage and honor, and never backs down from a challenge. Cancer values home and hearth and will care for those that are vulnerable.

Both of them, however, believe in something that is greater than themselves. They may have a hard time getting along, but with time and effort, they can learn to respect each other.

For Aries to become their best self, they need to channel their natural aggression into a high cause. Protecting someone or something vulnerable can be that cause.

While Cancer can fight bravely to protect their charges, this sign truly shines when they can be gentle and caring. Having an outside defender will enable them to truly be themselves.

It is not easy for Aries and Cancer to understand each other, but the rewards of doing so are well worth the effort. Trust between them will grow and they learn to work together and depend on each other.

Aries and Cancer Communication and Intellect

Aries and Cancer Communication and Intellect Compatibility 30% (Very Low)

The compatibility between Aries and Cancer is very low with respect to communication and intellect. Their communication styles are quite different.

It will take time and effort if they are to be able to truly talk with one another in a meaningful way.

Aries is direct. This sign says what they mean, and means what they say.

Aries never beats around the bush and tends to forget about niceties such as manners or tact. They also expect others to be direct as well.

Cancer is often rather indirect and sometimes does not communicate verbally at all. This sign will try to avoid conflict when they can and has a tendency to retreat into their shell.

This is where the problem lies. The image is of a ram backing the crab into a corner and facing the crab’s sharp claws.

This is not an easy problem to solve.

The key is to know when to back off and try another day. Once Aries and Cancer lock horns and claws, the situation is lost.

If they both stand down, however, and give the situation time to cool, they will eventually be able to try again. Aries will need to learn patience, and Cancer will need to learn to express themself verbally.

If they can do that, they will be able to find common ground over time.

Aries and Cancer Common Interests

Aries and Cancer Common Interests Compatibility 35% (Very Low)

The compatibility between Aries and Cancer is quite low when it comes to their common interests. It will take a lot of creativity for them to find any.

The best they may be able to do is to support each other in their separate activities.

The big differences between the signs surround the level of acceptable risk and cooperation vs. competition.

Aries loves to take risks. Indeed, in many cases, the riskier the activity, the better.

Cancer wants to be safe and keep those that they love safe. Often, they can not even bear to watch the things that Aries will do for fun.

Aries also loves to compete and wants to win.

Cancer prefers co-operative activities. This sign may feel guilty about winning if another person must lose.

The best way for these signs to do things together may be to each help each other in their own way.

For example, Cancer might pack a lunch for Aries to bring along on their adventures, or Aries might help Cancer practice and improve their talents.

Aries and Cancer Emotions

Aries and Cancer Emotions Compatibility 30% (Very Low)

Aries and Cancer have very low compatibility on an emotional level. This could cause many misunderstandings between them if they are not aware of these differences.

Even so, if they can understand and respect each other, they can help each other overcome their faults and weaknesses.

The two emotions that Aries understands are anger and fear. Aries will freely express anger and will fight fear with courage.

All other emotions tend to annoy and baffle Aries. They do not like to admit their own emotions and are impatient with the emotions of others.

Cancer will hold back their anger and responds to fear by becoming self-protective.

Yet, Cancer is able to feel and express a great variety of other emotions. Cancer is also very caring and empathic when it comes to the emotions of others.

Aries hates vulnerability and often sees it as a weakness. Cancer warms to vulnerability and sees it as a way of bonding on a deep level.

Yet, Aries has the same range of emotions as everyone else, even though they do not like them. In turn, Cancer will benefit by learning to express courage and to come out of their shell.

This is where Aries and Cancer can help each other to change and grow. The keys are their willingness to accept their differences and learn from them.

Aries and Cancer Chart, Table, and Summary

Aries and Cancer Compatibility Chart
CompatibilityRatings and Percentages
OverallLow (42%)
Sexual and IntimacyHigh (70%)
FriendshipLow (45%)
MarriageMedium (49%)
SoulmateLow (40%)
Trust and ValuesMedium (50%)
Communication and IntellectVery Low (30%)
Common InterestsVery Low (35%)
EmotionsVery Low (30%)
Very Low: 35% and Below
Low: 36% to 45%
Medium: 46% to 60%
High: 61% to 80%
Very High: 81% to 100%

Aries and Cancer can be a volatile combination. They are very different in many ways.

Aries is bold and courageous. This sign seeks risks and adventure.

Cancer is nurturing and emotional, shunning risk and danger. Yet, Cancer can be fierce when they have something to protect.

Even so, there are ways for these two signs to find common ground. They have a high amount of physical chemistry between them.

They can also bond over a desire to nurture and protect someone or something precious to both of them.

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