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About Us

Who We Are

The Numerology Sign website was founded in April 2018, covering a variety of perspectives on Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. Our main focus is on relationship compatibility based on a person’s Zodiac Sign, Angel Numbers, and natal chart interpretations.

Every person was born with numbers unique to them. These numbers reveal the depths of our personality, how we interact with other people, life lessons, opportunities and challenges we may encounter throughout our life.

This is what Numerology is, the relationship between numbers and coinciding events. Furthermore, it is also related to the numerical value of names, words, and ideas. It’s from this belief in the guiding power of numbers that our name, Numerology Sign, was conceived.

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Meet The Team

Cynthia Thinnes – Professional Astrologer

Cynthia Thinnes - Professional Astrologer and Editor - Numerology Sign

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @cynthia_thinnes

Cynthia has studied astrology her whole life. Her first astrology teacher was her mother, and she learned her zodiac along with her alphabet. She began casting horoscopes by hand when she was 12, and she has been giving astrological readings for over 25 years.

Cynthia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education from Illinois State University and a Law Degree from DePaul University College of Law. She was a family lawyer for 10 years until she retired to concentrate on developing a full-time astrological practice, which has been a life-long dream.

Cynthia is a member of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and holds a Level II Certification from this organization. She has also studied Traditional/Classical Western Astrology extensively. Cynthia continues to attend seminars and take courses to keep up with new developments and discoveries in astrology. She just completed an intensive course on the Hellenistic technique of Zodiacal Releasing taught by Chris Brennan.

Cynthia has become interested in Vedic Astrology, and has received a Vedic Certificate from Kepler College.

In addition to astrology, Cynthia has a strong interest in philosophy, history, and metaphysics. She speaks Japanese, has a basic knowledge of Swedish, and is currently studying Latin and Classical Greek.

Cynthia is working towards developing a new branch of astrology, called Essentialist Astrology. Essentialist Astrology is an outgrowth of Traditional/Classical Western Astrology. Essentialist Astrology is rooted in Essentialist Philosophy and seeks to reclaim and reintegrate the Divine Feminine into the Tradition.

Cynthia offers astrological consultations over Skype, as well as personalized written Natal Readings, Compatibility Readings, and One-Year Forecasts. You can find information about the services she offers at

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Maria Rincon – Professional Astrologer & Licensed Psychologist

Maria Rincon


Maria has been passionate about Astrology since very early in her childhood, so she decided to pursue professional training as soon as she finished high school.

She is also a licensed psychologist and uses spiritual practices to help people become more aware of their potential and align themselves with their unique purpose in life.

Maria also studied journalism in her early 20s because she loves writing. However, she soon realized that she had an inner calling to fulfill related to the spiritual and mystical realm. That’s why she now combines her writing and psychic skills to decipher the symbolic messages of the universe and reach as many people as possible.

Today, Maria connects with people around the world to read their birth charts, help them overcome their personal obstacles, and share her experience and guidance through enlightening articles.

She was born in Venezuela but now lives in the beautiful Argentinean Patagonia, where she has her practice and works as a freelance writer to spread the sacred language of Astrology to the rest of the world.

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Mel Rose – Professional Astrologer and Tarot Reader

Mel Rose is an astrologer and tarot writer living in the United States. She publishes a daily YouTube vlog called Astrology Today and Tarot.

Mel’s expertise extends to spiritualism, religious theory, symbolism & allegory, energy healing, massage therapy, and health education.

She and her wife are looking forward to moving from Arkansas to California very soon.

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Jessica Suess – Writer

Jessica Suess - Independent Researcher & Writer - Numerology Sign

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JessicaSuess

Jessica developed an interest in new age subjects and the occult when she was a teenager, and has studied the topic independently for many years.

She is particularly interested in how paradigms such as Astrology, Numerology and Angel Numbers can help people develop a positive and proactive mindset. Her current research focus is on Tarot, and the use of ritual to enhance cognitive abilities.

A native Australian, Jessica moved to the UK to study at the University of Oxford, where she completed a Masters in Ancient History. Her area of speciality is religious practices and esoteric beliefs in the Roman worlds. After completing her degree, she spent 7 years working for Oxford University Museums.

Jessica currently lives in Brazil where she works as a freelance writer and capoeirista. She is currently learning about traditional and contemporary Candomble.

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Editorial Guidelines & Publishing Principles

At Numerology Sign, our objective is to provide unique, educational, and inspiring content to help people find answers.

Providing accurate, original, and engaging content is our top priority. Ethics is important to us, and as a team, we strive to keep our content free of conflicts.

If you have any concerns about any of our articles or how they can be improved, please reach out to us at; [email protected]

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