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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac SymbolBull
Ruling PlanetVenus
DatesApril 20 – May 20
ColorGreen, Pink
FlowerRose, Poppy
Lucky Numbers2, 6
Career MatchesBanking, Agriculture, Art, Music, Chef
Physical RulingNeck, Throat
Symbolic AnimalBull
Keyword“I Have”
Life PursuitEmotional and financial security
Secret DesireTo have a secure, happy, and wealthy life/marriage
ChallengesTo be flexible and accept change

Taurus Zodiac Sign Overview

Taurus Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Symbolized by the bull, those born under the Taurus zodiac sign tend to be tenacious.

Once they set their sights on something, nothing holds them back.

An Earth sign, they are nevertheless also very sensitive to others and what they need.

They are always willing to stop and help others while they are on their way to the top. There is plenty of time, they are in it for the long-haul.

One of the fixed zodiac signs, Taurus is all about stability. They like their lives routine and tend to thrive when they are busy with the day to day.

Despite being creatures of habit, you won’t find them panicking when things go wrong.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus are seekers of harmony. They won’t be flummoxed in a crisis, but will rather look for level-headed and practical solutions.

With an affinity for the color green, this Earth sign loves to be in nature. This zodiac sign finds few things more invigorating than getting away from it all and reconnecting with the natural world.

Taurus Personality & Traits

Strengths – Practical, Down to Earth, Dedicated
Weaknesses – Stubborn, Guarded, Holds a Grudge
Likes – Nature, Good Quality, Details
Dislikes – Risk, Clutter

Taurus Traits, Strengths & Likes

People born under Taurus tend to be practical and down to earth.

They are very focussed on building the life that they want, which tends to be stable and polished.

They are the type of people who always seem like they are “all together”. Those born under the bull have a good job, a nice car and their own house, which is full of quality pieces.

While this might make them seem a little superficial, they are in fact very generous. They are always eager to share their bounty with the people that are important to them. They are also always the first to offer to help.

One of the main Taurus traits is their hard-working mentality. They prefer to have a long-term plan and put in the hours, rather than take risks for quick wins.

They know that anything worth having isn’t easily won. Taurus takes a “slow and steady wins the race” approach. They have the fortitude to persevere when others give up.

Taurus also has the ability to maintain a bubble of calm while in the centre of a whirlwind of chaos. They don’t let themselves be swept up in the panic of others. They know that this is just a blip in the bigger picture.

In a crisis, they will focus on what they can control, rather than worrying about what they can’t. They are one of the best people to have around during any crisis.

Taurus thrives in nature. They can feel out of sorts if they don’t spend enough time in the great outdoors to regenerate their batteries.

Taurus Challenges & Weaknesses

Taurus’ perseverance and dedication can sometimes tip into unhealthy obsession.

They are the type of person who is likely to become obsessed with counting every calorie when on a diet, or every cent when saving.

They might start making sacrifices that others consider over the top in order to obtain certain goals.

While we usually call Taurus dedicated, those closest to them will know that sometimes they are just downright stubborn. Once they have the bit between their teeth, they just can’t drop something, even when it is no longer important or vital.

This tenacity extends to holding a grudge. Don’t expect anyone with this zodiac sign to forgive you quickly if you cross them.

And Taurus can be surprisingly easy to cross. They tend to read deeply into every situation, and see slights where they were not intended.

Taurus Love, Sex and Compatibility

Taurus is extremely cautious when it comes to love. They don’t believe in love at first sight and want someone who they are attracted to, but also who they are compatible with in terms of life choices.

Most Taurus probably think that the Victorian approach towards appropriate, arranged marriages makes sense.

They can also be extremely cautious when it comes to making a move. They won’t reveal their own feelings unless they are pretty sure that they are reciprocated.

Luckily, the Taurus zodiac sign tends to be pretty good at reading people.

When Taurus does find the right person, they are completely devoted and want to share every part of themselves with their other half.

This can be quite a shock for partners who have gotten to know Taurus as a bit stand offish and reserved.

Taurus Compatibility

Best Love MatchesCapricorn (98%), Cancer (97%), Virgo (90%), and Scorpio (88%)
Worst Love MatchesSagittarius (30%), Gemini (33%), and Aries (43%)
Best Friendship MatchesCancer (98%), Capricorn (98%), Virgo (95%) and Pisces (85%)
Worst Friendship MatchesGemini (30%) and Sagittarius (40%)
Taurus Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages

Scorpio tends to make a good match for the Taurus zodiac sign, as they are highly intuitive and will pick up on a connection when Taurus is too guarded to speak. They also value stability and a comfortable life, so can align their plans with Taurus’.

Cancer is also a great match for Taurus as they are upfront and open with their emotions. They will leave guarded Taurus with no doubts as to their feelings.

Leo and Taurus don’t mix well. While Leo will have the courage to make a move, once they are in a relationship Leo can unwittingly take advantage of Taurus’ giving nature, without necessarily giving them what they need in return.

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Taurus Man

Taurus men like to take things slow. When they finally get around to asking someone out, they prefer the traditional approach of a series of official dates to make sure the fit is right.

They won’t be introducing a new partner to family friends until they are absolutely sure that the connection has a potential future.

When they are in a relationship, these men can be a little on the smothering side when it comes to showering their partner with attention and affection.

They will also want to start making plans for the future. But those plans can be very long term – shared retirement saving account anyone?

  • Guarded
  • Takes things slow
  • Likes traditional dating
  • Thinks about the future
  • Very dedicated and affectionate

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Taurus Woman

Don’t expect a Taurus woman to make the first move. They will wait for the object of their interest to confirm their mutual feelings by asking them out.

She prefers a formal approach to dating and wants to be taken out. A hang out with friends won’t classify as a real date in her mind.

When she is in a relationship, she takes her role as a supportive partner seriously. Expect to have your strings pulled a little, but all with the best of intentions.

If she thinks that her partner could use a little polishing, she won’t drop the subject until they have given in.

  • Reserved
  • Traditional
  • Proper
  • Devoted
  • Supportive

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Taurus Career and Money


Taurus tends to do better in today’s competitive work environment than most, as they have the stamina and perseverance to put in the long hours that are needed to thrive in roles such as doctors, lawyers and brokers.

Their talents lend them to professions that require attention to detail and digging deep into the data.

While they can certainly do it, Taurus is less happy in roles such as sales. They don’t feel comfortable bigging anything up unnecessarily, especially if they don’t believe in it.

Taurus’ eye for detail and innate affinity with aesthetics makes them excellent designers. They also thrive as website designers and builders.

They make great freelancers, as they have the discipline to create and stick to their own work schedule.

However, they are also assets as part of a permanent team. You want a Taurus around when it comes to firefighting issues and futureproofing new products.


When it comes to money, Taurus has more self-discipline than most and is better at being able to delay gratification for big rewards.

They do sometimes find themselves taking the long way around as they prefer to save their hard-earned pennies, rather than risk investments that might pay off, but might not.

For the big, important purchases like a home and car, Taurus will do their research and dig into all the details.

Whatever they choose will be a valid investment that will pay off in the future. Taurus is rarely caught off guard or surprised.

Taurus Self-Care Tips

Those born under Taurus tend to thrive when they have a routine. They like knowing what to expect from each day, and they like having control over what they will be doing.

Taurus is not a fan of a surprise change of plans. Creatures of habit, Taurus needs to ensure that their habits are healthy and bringing them joy.

They need to make sure that they aren’t indulging in unhealthy practices just because they have always done them.

Regular editing of their daily routine is vital.

Also, while routine works for Taurus, doing the same thing day in and day out can be a little uninspiring.

This sign needs to find a way to inject a bit of diversity into their lives. They should always have a well-planned holiday or adventure on the horizon to look forward to.

“It is a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even when you hate it.” – John Steinbeck