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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac SymbolLion
Ruling PlanetSun
DatesJuly 23 – August 22
BirthstonePeridot, Ruby
ColorGold, Orange
FlowerMarigold, Sunflower
Lucky Numbers1, 3
Career MatchesEntertainment, Politics, Art director, Hospitality
Physical RulingHeart, Spine
Symbolic AnimalLion
Keyword“I Will”
Life PursuitTo lead the way
Secret DesireTo be a star
ChallengesTo keep their ego in check and learn to share the limelight

Leo Zodiac Sign Overview

Leo Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Leo is one of the Fire signs, ruled by the burning hot Sun. This heat is reflected in their personality.

They are charismatic, ambitious, and burn with a passion for life.

Represented by the Lion, they like to see themselves as the kings of the jungle.

They believe that they are both capable of whatever they put their minds too, and that they deserve to succeed.

Leo likes to stand out, and they can pull off strong colours such as orange and yellow and over the top bling unlike other people.

Their charisma, confidence and guts means that they can get away with a lot of things that others can’t.

One of the fixed signs, this is reflected in the fact that nothing can shake Leo’s self-belief. Setbacks never stop them for long, as they are confident enough to brush it off as just a blip on the radar, and not a condemnation of their skills or abilities.

Leo Personality & Traits

Strengths – Confidence, Self-Belief, Charisma
Weaknesses – Arrogant, Superficial, Self-Intitled
Likes – Attention, Glamour
Dislikes – Tedium, Working in the Background

Leo Traits, Strengths & Likes

Leos are outgoing, assertive and charismatic. They have an innate self-confidence that they not only can achieve whatever they want in life, but also that they deserve it.

This confidence means that they are always putting themselves out there and finding new opportunities. As a result, they often succeed, even if they aren’t the most experienced, talented or well-prepared.

And Leo is ambitious! Their plans are never small. This zodiac sign has mastered the art of dreaming big!

If they only achieve a small part of what they have put their minds to, what they will end up with will be something great.

When they do suffer a setback, they tend to bounce back quickly as nearly nothing can dent their shield of self-belief.

This Fire sign loves being in the limelight and being the centre of attention. They crave praise and eat it up when it is given.

When Leo does find themselves in a position of power, they can be generous in supporting others, in part because this magnifies their own star. For this reason, you often see them fulfilling philanthropic roles.

While Leo is definitely self-involved, they are also generous and open. They are easy and giving in their friendships.

While this lion sign can have a tendency to hog the limelight, they aren’t threatened by the success of others. The brightness of someone else’s shine doesn’t do anything to dull their own.

This, along with Leo’s charisma, means that they are always surrounded by friends, even if their friends can find them a little frustrating at times.

Leo Challenges & Weaknesses

Leos can tend to prioritise style over substance, putting on a good show when they don’t always have the goods to back it up.

They prefer to take big risks for big wins rather than put in the hard grind. Often this works out for them on the basis of sheer gumption, but when they fail, they fail big.

Leo’s self-belief can sometimes tip into self-entitlement. They feel like they deserve certain successes and privileges without doing anything in particular to earn them.

They will often hog the limelight and not give credit where it is due. This is not done from a place of malice, they can just lose sight of the roles of the supporting characters in their movie.

In reality, when Leo does decide to throw their support behind someone, they are a generous and relentless advocate.

Leo struggles to do the hard work in the background that is often required for public success.

They thrive off constant recognition. For this reason, they often have very active social media accounts, where they can share the star highlights of each day.

They can sometimes develop a bit of a problem when it comes to obsessing over likes and followers.

Leo Love, Sex & Compatibility

Leo’s confidence extends to the realm of love.

They know that they are an amazing catch and that anyone would be lucky to have them. Therefore, this zodiac sign is not afraid to let other people know who they feel.

Their charisma means that they attract many potential lovers to them.

When they do suffer from rejection they bounce back quickly, it is the other person’s loss.

Leo is surprisingly generous and loving when it comes to relationships.

They like to make their partner feel like the most important person in the world and shower them with love and affection.

But at the same time, they expect their partner to buy into their self-image and put them up on a pedestal, and support them in achieving their dreams, often playing the dutiful partner in the background.

They want their partner to achieve as well, but nothing comes before their own ambitions.

That said, even though they might not always like it, Leo thrives when they find a partner that challenges them. They find someone who can give them a run for their money on the success front irresistible.

Leo Compatibility

Best Love MatchesLibra (97%), Aries (97%), Sagittarius (93%), and Gemini (88%)
Worst Love MatchesVirgo (35%), Cancer (35%), Capricorn (35%) and Pisces (38%)
Best Friendship MatchesAries (95%), Gemini (95%), and Libra (95%)
Worst Friendship MatchesVirgo (25%), Pisces (30%), and Capricorn (30%)
Leo Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages

Leo and Aries often make a dynamic duo. They are both confident and ambitious and on a mission for personal greatness. They will feed off one another.

But prepare for fireworks. Leo and Aries will love hard, but they will also fight hard. Luckily both zodiac signs tend to see the romance of a rocky and tumultuous relationship.

Aquarius also makes a good match for Leo. They will eat up Leo’s energy, but won’t be overwhelmed.

Aquarius has no problem telling Leo when they are taking themselves too seriously or taking things too far.

Leo isn’t a good match for sensitive Taurus, as Taurus will put Leo up on their pedestal and let themselves be trampled in the process.

It can also be a struggle for Leo to along with Scorpio, as Scorpio tends to be uncompromising, and won’t be able to play Leo’s sidekick when needed.

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Leo Man

Many people call Leo men arrogant, but this is a bit unfair. He is confident and sure of themselves. He doesn’t necessarily think that they are better than anyone else.

A Leo man isn’t competing with anyone else. He is the only player on the field.

Despite this, men of this zodiac sign are surprisingly generous when it comes to love. They enjoy showering their partner with love and affection and showing them how special they are.

However, there is also no question that Leo likes anything that boosts their own ego. So, they can have a tendency to flirt just for the thrill, even tough they have no attention of being unfaithful.

Leo men can struggle with a partner who is more successful than they are.

  • Confident
  • Loving
  • Giving
  • Flirty
  • Needs to be the dominant partner

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Leo Woman

Leo women can also have a bad reputation for being self-involved. But in reality, Leo women know what they want from life, and they aren’t about to compromise for anyone.

But Leo women are incredibly generous and loving in their relationships.

While they want a partner that will support them on their mission to succeed, they also want their partner to shine.

If anything, they will find themselves becoming frustrated when their partner does not live up to their expectations. They need someone whose light matches their own.

Leo women actually aren’t flirts. They want to be admired by all and sundry, but they don’t show their own interest easily.

  • Knows what they want
  • Independent
  • Expects support
  • Wants a partner with ambition
  • Wants to be admired

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Leo Career and Money


Leos struggle to be a member of the team. They need to be the leader, or at least the star player.

Just being a cog in the wheel will never leave this sign satisfied.

Their natural charisma means that Leo often finds themselves in leadership roles, but they aren’t necessarily good leaders.

They can struggle to keep their head around the details, as they don’t seem important.

They also might not give team members the guidance and credit that they need to remain motivated.

Leos often thrive in roles that require talking the talk. This can include high end sales, or philanthropy.

This sign is exactly the person you want representing your brand to big donors.

Leo can also make excellent problem solvers. They remain calm in a crisis and can put a positive spin on almost anything.


Leos can have a hard time holding onto their money, as they like to invest in themselves and in status symbols.

Self-care is important, and they probably have an expensive gym membership and regular professional self-care appointments.

They also won’t be satisfied with an affordable set of wheels, they need something worthy of them.

Much of Leo’s wealth is probably reflected in their wardrobe. That said, they can be surprisingly adaptable and do without when the big dream is at stake.

Leo Self-Care Tips

Very little can dent Leo’s belief in themselves. However, they can do less well when they feel like things beyond their control are sabotaging their success.

This Lion sign knows that their failure can’t be down to them. As a result they can sometimes develop a “the world is against me” attitude.

Leo needs to remember that while they can’t control everything in life, they can control their attitude and response to every situation.

They need to ensure that they don’t waste time allocating blame.

Leo should focus on positive things that they can do to get themselves back on track.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” – Steve Maraboli


Wednesday 7th of October 2020


I am not myself a leo, but let me tell you about my experience with the lions, grrrrrr. they are a bit of divas, but you know what? who doesn't like divas? (i mean unless you are a boring fish). life is more exciting with a bit of glitter, a bit of someone stealing the attention from you, someone who doesnt stop talking about their lives. i mean also who doesnt like having the full support of the queen of the savannah huh .periodt.

all these come from another fabulous zodiac sign, that i will leave it to your imagination. guess !

that's for today, ninos you still have a lot to learn, keep trying to become as amazing as leos, scorpios, geminis and other controversial zodiac signs) Clarita Naranja