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Pisces Friendship Compatibility with All Zodiac Signs (Percentages and Chart)

Pisces Friendship Compatibility with All Zodiac Signs (Percentages and Chart)

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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is deeply spiritual. This sign tends to have a rather tenuous connection with the material world.

Pisceans are known for their compassionate, empathetic, and imaginative nature. They are dreamers, and they often express their feelings through creativity.

When it comes to friendships, Pisces seek partners who can offer emotional support, understand their profound emotions, and join them in their imaginative world.

A best friend for a Pisces is someone who appreciates their deep emotions, supports their dreams and creativity, and gives them space when needed. In a friendship, they offer loyalty, compassion, and a level of understanding that’s hard to match.

Pisces Friendship Compatibility Chart

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Pisces and Aries – 65% (High)

Aries and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 65% (High)

Pisces and Aries have high friendship compatibility at 65% and can be a unique blend of water and fire.

Pisces, with their gentle, empathetic nature, can help cool the fiery temperament of Aries, bringing a soothing balance to the dynamic. On the other hand, the assertive and energetic Aries can inject some much-needed action into Pisces’ dreamy world.

An Aries best friend can support a Pisces by valuing their sensitivity, and they can enhance the friendship by encouraging Pisces’ dreams while helping them stay grounded. Meanwhile, Pisces can bring emotional depth and understanding to the friendship, offering Aries a sanctuary for their passionate feelings.

Even though their approaches may differ – with Aries being proactive and Pisces more contemplative –, they have much to learn from each other.

Pisces can help Aries understand the power of empathy and intuition, while Aries can show Pisces how to convert dreams into reality.

This combination has the potential to grow into a friendship that offers mutual growth and understanding if they focus on their strengths and respect their differences.

Pisces and Taurus – 85% (Very High)

Taurus and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 85% (Very High)

Pisces and Taurus enjoy a high friendship compatibility, nurturing a bond that is both deep and grounded.

Taurus, being an earth sign, provides a strong foundation for the imaginative and dreamy Pisces, helping them to stay connected with reality. This can offer Pisces the stability and consistency they sometimes lack, anchoring their dreams in the practical world.

On the other hand, Pisces, as a water sign, can help Taurus to delve deeper into their emotions, enhancing their understanding of the world beyond the material. Pisces can assist Taurus in expanding their perspective and embracing a more spiritual and imaginative viewpoint.

In terms of advice, Taurus provides excellent counsel that is practical and reliable. They can guide Pisces to take tangible steps towards their dreams. Pisces, in turn, can bring an intuitive understanding to Taurus, allowing them to perceive things beyond the obvious.

This friendship can be one of mutual understanding and balance, where Taurus provides practical wisdom and Pisces brings emotional depth.

Together, they can form a friendship that is both grounded in reality and still reaches for the stars.

Pisces and Gemini – 65% (High)

Gemini and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 65% (High)

The friendship between Pisces and Gemini is marked by an interesting dynamic, standing at a high 65% compatibility.

Pisces, as a water sign, is emotional, intuitive, and often tends to internalize their feelings, whereas Gemini, an air sign, is rational, communicative, and outgoing. This contrast creates a dynamic of balance, with each offering a perspective the other may lack.

However, communication is key in this pairing. Gemini’s thirst for knowledge and stimulating conversation may initially perplex the more introspective and dreamy Pisces. In turn, Pisces’ depth of emotion might appear mysterious to the intellectual Gemini.

When it comes to advice, they will tend to find each other’s counsel somewhat inconsistent, as they both tend to change their minds a lot. Because of this, they will tend to confuse, rather than help, each other.

Nevertheless, by appreciating their differences and valuing their unique perspectives, this pair can enrich each other’s lives.

Gemini can teach Pisces to voice their ideas and feelings, while Pisces can show Gemini the power of intuition and emotional depth. Despite the challenges, their friendship can be intriguing, full of learning, and ultimately rewarding.

Pisces and Cancer – 100% (Very High)

Cancer and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 100% (Very High)

A friendship between a Pisces and a Cancer has the potential to be an exceptional bond, boasting a perfect compatibility score of 100%.

As two water signs, they both share deep emotional instincts and a profound capacity for empathy, which forms the core of their understanding. Their shared sensitivity allows for a connection that is both intuitive and intensely personal.

The potential for romance is particularly strong between these two signs, given their shared emotional depth and the ability to understand each other’s needs and wants on a profound level. Their bond can often transcend the boundaries of mere friendship to venture into deeper, romantic territory.

Pisces and Cancer both have a mutual understanding that is almost telepathic in nature. They can sense each other’s feelings and moods without the need for explicit communication, making their connection uniquely profound.

Overall, the Pisces-Cancer friendship is a beautiful blend of emotional resonance, deep understanding, and shared sensitivity, which has the potential to develop into an unbreakable bond.

The friendship between these two signs is a testament to the power of emotional connection.

Pisces and Leo – 30% (Very Low)

Leo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 30% (Very Low)

A friendship between Pisces and Leo can be quite challenging due to their fundamental differences in approach and perspective, as mirrored by their low compatibility score of 30%.

Pisces, with their gentle, receptive nature may find the Leo’s boldness and assertiveness overwhelming. Conversely, the assertive Leo might find Pisces’ sensitivity and inclination towards solitude perplexing.

In the realm of romance, this pairing requires particular caution. Pisces’ emotional depth and Leo’s passionate intensity can clash if not handled with care.

The challenge lies in finding a middle ground where Pisces’ emotional needs and Leo’s assertive tendencies can coexist harmoniously.

Furthermore, the interaction between these two signs can sometimes lead to stormy scenarios. Pisces, a sensitive water sign, may feel overwhelmed by the fiery Leo’s strong personality. On the other hand, Leo might feel their vivacious energy being dampened by Pisces’ introspective tendencies.

However, with patience, understanding, and a lot of effort, a Leo and Pisces friendship could flourish, creating a bond that celebrates their differences rather than letting them drive a wedge between them.

Their relationship could become a testament to the power of compromise and understanding in friendship.

Pisces and Virgo – 85% (Very High)

Virgo and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 85% (Very High)

A Pisces-Virgo friendship is marked by high compatibility of 85%, signifying a potential for a rich and rewarding relationship.

Pisces’ empathetic, intuitive nature beautifully complements Virgo’s practical, analytical tendencies. Together, they form a balanced duo that appreciates each other’s strengths and provides support in areas of weakness.

Romantic potential is strong in this pair, with Pisces providing emotional depth and Virgo offering stability and commitment. Pisces’ romanticism combined with Virgo’s devotion makes for a passionate and nurturing bond.

As advisors, Virgo’s pragmatism greatly complements Pisces’ intuitive approach. While Virgo provides practical solutions, Pisces offers emotional insights, thus creating a perfect balance.

However, their contrasting personalities can also be a source of friction if not managed well. Virgo’s criticism may overwhelm Pisces, while Pisces’ emotional intensity might puzzle Virgo.

Nonetheless, when these two strive to understand and accept their differences, they can form a deep and meaningful friendship. Their shared attributes of loyalty and kindness further solidify their bond, fostering mutual respect and admiration.

Pisces and Libra – 80% (High)

Libra and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 70% (High)

A Pisces and Libra friendship offers a high compatibility rate of 80%, suggesting a harmonious and balanced relationship.

These two signs bring together the elements of water and air, creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.

Libra, the sign of balance, can help Pisces find stability in their ever-changing emotional tide.

Libra’s knack for diplomacy and fairness can guide Pisces through their feelings, offering the grounding Pisces often seeks. Pisces, in turn, brings to the friendship a depth of understanding and empathy that can soothe Libra’s indecisiveness and worries.

Artistic pursuits and a shared love for beauty and harmony can be a great common ground for these two signs. Their joint endeavors can become a source of creative inspiration and a catalyst for deep, meaningful conversations.

Despite the potential challenges, such as Libra’s rationality clashing with Pisces’ emotional depth, their mutual respect allows them to appreciate their differences, turning potential points of contention into opportunities for growth.

Pisces and Scorpio – 98% (Very High)

Scorpio and Pisces Friendship Compatibility 98% (Very High)

A friendship between Pisces and Scorpio is marked by a very high compatibility rate of 98%, hinting at a deep and resonant bond. This is an alliance of two water signs, which brings an element of intuitive understanding and emotional depth to their connection.

Scorpio’s powerful personality and strong will could be seen as a boon to the Piscean friend, who benefits from the assertiveness and stability that Scorpio offers. Pisces, in return, brings a calming, nurturing presence, softening Scorpio’s sometimes harsh edges with their gentle, understanding nature.

This pairing boasts of a rich emotional bond, with both signs highly capable of offering emotional support in times of hardship.

Their friendship tends to go beyond surface-level interaction, delving into profound emotional and philosophical discussions.

In spite of the occasional intensity that comes with two water signs, this pairing has the potential to foster an enduring friendship. Their shared depth of understanding and mutual respect for each other’s emotional landscapes make this an exemplary pairing.

Pisces and Sagittarius – 65% (High)

Sagittarius and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Pisces and Sagittarius form a friendship with a compatibility score of 65%, marking a relatively harmonious alliance. The friendship can thrive based on their shared thirst for knowledge and life experiences.

Pisces’ ability to adapt and Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit makes for an interesting and dynamic duo.

However, this combination may need to exercise caution in certain areas, such as romance.

Pisces is a deeply emotional water sign, while Sagittarius is a fire sign, known for its passion and spontaneity. This can sometimes result in misunderstanding or even clashes, as Sagittarius may unintentionally hurt sensitive Pisces with their blunt honesty.

On the other hand, Sagittarius’ natural enthusiasm can spark Pisces’ creative imagination, leading to compelling discussions and adventures. Furthermore, Pisces’ gentle nature can help Sagittarius become more aware of their emotional depth.

In summary, while this friendship can be a bit stormy at times, with proper understanding and respect for each other’s differences, it can evolve into a fulfilling relationship with rich experiences.

Pisces and Capricorn – 100% (Very High)

Capricorn and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

The friendship of a Pisces and a Capricorn, with a compatibility of 70%, presents a dynamic blend of dreamy intuition and practical discipline. These signs possess qualities that can complement each other, adding depth and diversity to their bond.

Pisces, renowned for their empathetic nature, sync harmoniously with Capricorn’s practicality and grounded disposition.

Mutual respect plays a significant role in their relationship, with each valuing the other’s unique attributes. Capricorn’s structured approach can add balance to the dreamlike world of Pisces, while Pisces can stimulate Capricorn’s imagination and emotional exploration.

While their contrasting personalities can enhance their friendship, the possibility of a romantic relationship might require careful navigation.

The emotional world of Pisces may be overwhelming for Capricorn’s practicality, and Capricorn’s disciplined nature may seem restrictive to free-spirited Pisces.

A best friend for Pisces in a Capricorn is one who appreciates and respects these differences.

A Capricorn friend can offer the stability Pisces often needs, while Pisces can inject creativity and emotional richness into Capricorn’s life. This mutual understanding and appreciation can form the basis of a thriving friendship.

Pisces and Aquarius – 40% (Low)

Aquarius and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

The compatibility between Aquarius and Pisces hovers at 40%, presenting a unique blend of air and water energies.

The unconventional Aquarius and the intuitive Pisces can provide an intriguing contrast, but this combination may also require some extra work.

Aquarius, always pushing boundaries with their innovative thinking, can sometimes seem too detached and rational for the sensitive and empathetic Pisces.

On the other hand, Aquarius might find Pisces’ emotional depth somewhat overwhelming. Their friendship might experience stormy periods, a reflection of their contrasting approaches to life.

A best friend for Aquarius in a Pisces would be someone who can appreciate Aquarius’ individuality while adding a touch of emotional depth and empathy.

For this friendship to thrive, Aquarius should strive to understand Pisces’ emotional needs, while Pisces can learn to appreciate Aquarius’ intellectual prowess and unique perspective.

Mutual understanding and acceptance of each other’s differences can help turn this challenging combination into a rewarding friendship that combines the best of intellect and emotion.

Pisces and Pisces – 80% (High)

Pisces and Pisces Friendship Compatibility

A Pisces-Pisces friendship, with a compatibility score of 80%, embodies a beautiful and dreamy connection, characterized by a deep mutual understanding.

Both Pisces are innately compassionate, intuitive, and deeply emotional. These shared traits mean they understand each other’s need for emotional security and support.

Two Pisces share an unspoken bond that is almost telepathic in nature. Their friendship can often feel like a journey of shared dreams and fantasies, set in a world of their own creation. However, they should be careful to avoid overly romanticizing each other and their friendship to prevent potential disappointments.

A best friend for a Pisces in another Pisces would be someone who understands their depth of emotion, their need for creative expression, and their unique worldview. But it’s essential to set boundaries and keep a certain level of practicality to avoid getting lost in their shared dreamworld.

By grounding their relationship in reality while also respecting their shared imaginative space, a Pisces-Pisces friendship can flourish into a deeply nurturing and emotionally fulfilling connection.

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