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10 Obvious Signs a Libra Man Likes You

Wondering if a Libra man likes you? Well, you’re not alone! As a known flirt and typical “player”, it can be hard to tell whether this zodiac sign is serious about you.

A Libra man knows how to prove his love and he can be a true romantic; attracted to beauty, and the finer things in life.

So if you have been flirting and need to know if it is turning into something more serious then read on. 

10 Signs a Libra Man Likes You

Knowing when a Libra man likes you can be tricky as he is naturally able to impress the ladies and has many admirers! He may show you some or all of these signs to make his interest for you known. 

1. He will be extra romantic

If a Libra man likes you, he will go out of his way to be extra romantic. Think candlelit dinners and the classic romantic date nights.

A Libra guy wants to make you feel extra special and he will do everything in his power to demonstrate that you are special to him. He will be especially conscious of what you want.

The Libra man will act in a very affectionate manner and will want to spend all of his time with you. He will use romantic “pet names” such as baby, honey, and sweetie and expect your undivided attention in return.

2. He will tell you “You’re the One”

Once a Libra man decides he likes someone he will usually tell them with confidence! With a tendency to rush into romance you will find the Libra man declaring his endless love for you and telling you that; “you’re the one” for him and no one else has ever made him feel this way.

Known for playing the field make sure he is not professing his love to anyone else though! Expect the charming romantic Libra man to find a creative way to tell you he likes you.

3. He will Surprise you!

A true show stopper the Libra man will want to show you he loves you by getting you gifts and setting up fun little surprises. He really wants to impress you and knows that thoughtful presents are one way to do this.

Be ready to have love notes left in your car, flowers delivered to your desk at work, or a cup of coffee waiting for you in the morning.

Not only will he surprise you with little gifts, a Libra man will also excite you with other surprises like showing up to your work to take you to lunch.

4. He will invite you to “Guy’s Night”

The Libra man is a little possessive of his “Guy’s Nights” but if he likes you he will let you tag along.

He really wants to show you off to his friends and since he struggles to choose between spending time with you and his buddies the logical step is for you to come along!

An obvious way a Libra mans shows he’s interested in you is when he asks you to attend his plethora of social events with him.

He will really want to spend time with you and that includes you being by his side at each event so he can show you off.

5. He will want to be exclusive

Not the type to settle down, if a Libra man is serious about you he will want you to be exclusive once he has decided on you. He likes to appear confident and act as if he is the only man in the room.

Typically the “cool” guy he will act like it is no big deal to casually date you, have an open relationship or share you with other people, but in reality, he can become pretty jealous knowing his lady is getting attention from other men.

He will not want to share you with anyone else and he will give up his player ways to settle down with someone he really likes. A Libra man needs commitment.

Once he really likes someone you will be surprised by how fast he seems a changed man. A Libra man will be looking for a serious commitment.

Women and Libra Man Kissing and In Love - Sign a Libra man likes you

6. He will tell you how beautiful you are

A Libra man is very concerned with the aesthetics and beauty of the world around him.

With a true appreciation for art and elegance, he will want everything surrounding him to be harmonious and balanced, including you. He will appreciate your natural beauty and will especially like when you get all dolled up for a night out.

A Libra man loves to get ready for events and have his beautiful woman done up by his side. He will tell you how amazing you look and tune out other beautiful women around you when he likes you.

Typically into fashion and his own appearance, he may want to coordinate outfits and colors with you so you do not clash in public.

A Libra may want to take you shopping before an event to pick your outfit out for you. Do not be offended as he just wants to share with you his eye for fashion and artistic taste.

7. He will be Determined

If you play hard to get the Libra man will be determined to win your affection once he has decided he loves you.

With a strong competitive streak, the Libra man is intrigued by the chase and will be determined to win your heart. He feels confident in his ability to land a lady and will employ these techniques to get your attention.

If you play hard to get and are unavailable to him he will be even more determined. 

8. He will cook you dinner

A true show off the Libra man will want nothing more than to impress you with his well crafted romantic skills. He will want to do things to make you happy and cater to your wants and needs.

Truly concerned with your happiness the Libra man will make sure to put out all the stops for you.

A sign a Libra man likes you is when will go out of his way to cook you a romantic dinner. He will want to take care of you. He will whip up your favorite meal and set the scene for a romantic dinner at his place.

Complete with candles and dessert. He will expect you to give something in return though and that is showing up looking beautiful and ready to enjoy his good company.

The astrological sign of Libra is associated with relationships and marriage; therefore, he will want to do things with you and he will probably invite you over to cook with him.

Never wanting to do things alone your Libra man always has to have a partner by his side.

He will always find a way to make you feel special in the process as he will be very grateful to have you around and for your excellent company.

9. He will take you home to meet his mom

A Libra man is a true “mama’s boy,” if you want to win him over you will also have to impress his mother. One sign a Libra man llikes you is if he is willing to take the important step to introduce you to his mother.

Get ready to put your game face on. Winning over mama is a tough one but a Libra man will be there to support you and help you seal the deal. Family is very important to him and he will put family above all else.

A Libra loves the celebrations surrounding the holidays and will invite you to all of his family gatherings. You will become part of the family in no time!

A Libra will want you and his mom to be best friends so he doesn’t have to choose between the two of you. Put in the extra effort to get to know her.

You know a Libra man likes you if you don’t win over mama and he still stands by your side though! This man is a keeper in this case as that kind of support is priceless.

Libra man taking the girl he loves to meet his mother

10. He will be extra cuddly and affectionate

Your Libra man will show he likes you by putting in extra effort to demonstrate his affection for you.

As we mention in our guide to getting a Libra man to chase you, he is very playful and flirtatious.

He will lay on the flirtations extra thick and be sure to pay you a lot of compliments on your physical appearance.

Your Libra man will often show his love and interest by holding your hand, pulling you in by his side, and snuggling up to you on the couch. He will be proud to have you near him and ultra-physical.

A Libra man enjoys expressing love through physical affection, his sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love after all! He will be sure to provide you with a lot of hugs and smooches to prove he cares.

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Comments 31



Sunday 28th of February 2021

I don't have any idea if he loves me or not but he said he cares for me. Uff I'm 18 and he's 23 or 24 I don't remember lol. I'm just hoping he doesn't see me as his baby sis. I'm a Gemini though so we are really compatible.


Tuesday 5th of January 2021

There is this libra guy who we once had great chemistry between us....but we were never intimate....he has a habit of ghosting me.... like he disappears and reappears when he feels like it....I had had enough of him and started focusing on myself it was hard for me to block him so I never did.... then just some few days after the new year he was in my dm wishing me happy new and confessing his love me... telling me he'd never leave again that he left because he wasn't ready for a relationship that time....we talked for two consecutive days then he blue ticked me 🥴.... he's always online but never says hi or anything ....I'm leaving his dumbass for real this time 😏


Saturday 12th of December 2020

Im a leo. Recently broke up w an aries man fee weeks ago bcs of religion diff. Sad. Ive Been talking to libra man for over a week now. Started off as friends and suddenly became closer and dating. I dont remember how we end up dating :/ i am still on a healing process. I used to love being the chaser. After breaking up w aries, im done being the chaser. I dont expect anything from man anymore. I plan to just focus on my own happiness and go w the flow. When this libra man show up, its so differenf. Hes the chaser and showers me with love. He said im the one. Everyday telling that he cant wait to see me and he wants to talk to his parents about us (him getting a house in my country, he is willing to convert to marry me and that hes family is very supportive of him, hes planning to move in to my country to be with me, he wants to have a family with me). He asked when is my holiday cause he wants to take me to his hometone and travel together (we both love to travel). He gets jealous and always curious about what im doing. Im used to being so independent and hv my own space and giving my partner his own space. But he refused to hv his own time and keep wanting to check on me - i dont mind actually cause i never being treated like this before. Idk if this is normal? Is like everything is too fast? Im shooked and overflowing with emotions right now. It sounds too good to be true right? So i decided to give him a shot. I will love him and support his plans while focusing on my own goals (career and self happiness and body goals). While observing him if he really mean what he say and work on his plan.


Friday 20th of November 2020

Virgo here. Libra and I do match as well...amazingly well. I can attest to the chase and affections, however there was a disconnect as he is in a life transition at 61. Deciding what to do next with his life. Where to live etc. Professed his love to me and how much he has never had this with another. However, can’t decide what’s next. I was wrapped up in his cocoon but now I have labeled our time together as casually dating so I can remove any expectations from my head about this man. I care very much for him but I need my thoughts to be at peace.


Tuesday 17th of November 2020

Virgo woman here..i had a very much younger libra man reach out to me after a short business meeting. He seemed SO legit. We shared several very intimate txts and conversations..i am very recently seperated from marriage so it was very unlike me to fall for this but in my current situation i did.😞.. turns out he is lieing to me about several things including his so called ex’s name.. which he said they are brokeup but shes stil living with him until she csn find a home!! Now they just bought their house TOGETHER in this past july.. soo im afraid i just got totally duped and used... not at all what i needed right now.. im jus very sad and confused. He has blocked my number on the weekends so she cant see anything and he eill ghost me for days at a time.. but the intimate things he has said to me seemed so real... thoughts pls???