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Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac SymbolMaiden
Ruling PlanetMercury
DatesAugust 23 – September 22
ColorGrey, Beige, Pale-Yellow
FlowerMorning Glory, Pansy
Lucky Numbers5, 14
Career MatchesEditor, Medicine, Accounting, Science, Writing
Physical RulingDigestive System, Intestines
Symbolic AnimalMaiden
Keyword“I Analyze”
Life PursuitTo do the right thing
Secret DesireTo love and be loved in return
ChallengesTo loosen up and have fun

Virgo Zodiac Sign Overview

Virgo Zodiac Sign Symbol with Dates

Virgo is represented by the Maiden, which might make you think that they are innocent and vulnerable, but this is far from the truth, they have an iron will!

The Maiden is actually Astraea, the last of the Greek immortals to abandon the Earth at the end of the Silver Age. Members of her sign are also dedicated and will stick to their guns until the bitter end.

One of the Earth signs, they aren’t flashy, but they do dream big.

Virgo knows what they are capable of and uses their iron will and determination to achieve it.

As well as having an iron will, most encase themselves in a suit of armour. They protect themselves from the eyes of others, only letting people see what they want them to see.

One of the mutable signs, Virgo is highly adaptable and can quickly find their feet in any situation.

Ruled by Mercury, this zodiac sign is also highly articulate and always expresses themselves with the utmost care and clarity.

Virgo Personality & Traits

Strengths – Ambitious, Determined, Self-Aware
Weaknesses – Self-Critical, Insecure, Unrealistic Expectations
Likes – Organisation, Minimalism
Dislikes – Crassness, Following the Crowd

Virgo Traits, Strengths & Likes

Virgo always strives for perfection in every aspect of their lives. As a result, most are over achievers, but at the same time they are never satisfied.

They always believe that they could have done more or better. But this doesn’t make them feel like a failure. Rather, they are just motivated to try even harder next time.

Virgo always has a plan and a goal that they are working towards.

Virgo marches to the beat of their own drum. You won’t catch them in over the top fashions or doing anything flashy.

But if everyone is going one way, and Virgo wants something else, they have no problem breaking off from the pack and doing their own thing.

They are independent beings that will not let themselves be unduly influenced by the herd mentality. For this reason, you will always find Virgo following their conscience and doing the right thing, even when it is difficult.

Members of this zodiac sign are methodical and relentless. They know that the things in life worth having require hard work, and they have the determination to do what it takes.

Virgo is supremely confident in a very self-aware way. They know their strengths and their weaknesses.

While they do what they can to compensate for their weaknesses, they tend to focus on their strengths, which is what allows them to excel.

Virgo Challenges & Weaknesses

While the Virgo zodiac sign is aware of their value, which gives them confidence, they are also self-critical to a fault. They notice every small fault, and magnify these in their minds.

This makes them a strange mix of confidence and self-doubt, which in a way keeps them grounded and focussed, but can also leave them feeling extremely insecure in certain situations.

They are the type of people who go through phases of believing that none of their friends really like them.

Not that anyone would ever know this about Virgo, as they are excellent actors. They put up a façade to protect themselves, and bring them closer to their ideal of perfection.

They will rarely share their inner, personal thoughts and worlds with others. When they do, they often regret it later as they don’t like anyone to see past their armour.

Virgo’s high standards extend past them to pretty much everything in their lives. As a result, Virgo enters every situation with extremely high expectations, and is often disappointed.

This means that it can be hard for them to get excited about things. But when they do get excited, it is pretty insatiable. They can develop interests that border on obsession.

Speaking of obsession, Virgos are neat freaks. In the house of this Earth sign, everything has a place.

They prefer minimalist surroundings with only the things that they need. Virgo spring clean and edit their lives regularly and ruthlessly.

They like to be highly organised, and are the type of person who always has a planner in their pocket.

Virgo Love, Sex & Compatibility

Virgo’s confidence means that they have no trouble attracting admirers, though they are very picky and will leave many broken hearts in their wake.

Even when they really like someone, they will make them work hard to earn their trust.

They need to prove that they are worthy and trustworthy before Virgo lets them see beyond their perfectly designed façade.

But once the honeymoon period of a relationship is over, this zodiac sign’s insecurities can kick in. They start to question themselves, and why their partner would want to be with them.

They seek constant reassurance from their partner of their love and affection. This can sometimes take the form of tests. Sadly, when we set these kinds of test, we set people up to fail.

Virgo does best in relationships when they are highly independent and can find a sense of value somewhere other than their relationships. This alleviates the pressure on their partner and gives Virgo a much-needed self-esteem boost.

This sign is a very dedicated partner who will push their love to be the best possible (perhaps perfect) version of themselves.

Virgo Compatibility

Best Love MatchesCapricorn (95%), Taurus (90%), Cancer (90%)
Worst Love MatchesAquarius (30%), Leo (35%), and Sagittarius (48%)
Best Friendship MatchesTaurus (95%), Cancer (98%), and Capricorn (100%)
Worst Friendship MatchesLeo (25%) and Aquarius (36%)
Virgo Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages

Pisces makes a good match for Virgo as they have an outgoing nature that is not too over the top. This can help Virgo relax and let their guard down.

Virgo may find Pisces a bit intense during the early stages of the relationship, as they don’t like to be under deep scrutiny. But as things get serious, this will reassure Virgo of Pisces’ respect and affection.

Virgo and Capricorn also make a good match as they both appreciate order and hard work and will encourage the other to purse their ambitions.

They are the type of couple that will lead independent lives, but save the other as their happy place.

Virgo will quickly find themselves dissatisfied in relationships with Gemini or Sagittarius. Both have a wandering eye that, while usually innocent, will push Virgos self-doubt button.

They will probably find themselves needing to walk away from these relationships for their own sanity.

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Virgo Man

Men born under the Virgo zodiac sign know how to take care of themselves when they are on their own, and probably have a regime in which they thrive.

It can be difficult for them to make space in their world for a partner. However, Virgo men are lovers and want to share their life with another person, so they find away.

Relentless self-improvers, this characteristic extends to their relationship. They will probably have a plan in place to optimise happiness through fun dates and scheduled conversations.

While this can be good, he can benefit from a partner that can bring a bit more spontaneity into his life.

Virgo men need to watch out for their jealous streak, which can lead them to read more into situations than there is.

  • Set habits
  • Looking for a life partner
  • Enjoy structured fun
  • Struggle to compromise
  • Jealous streak

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Virgo Woman

Virgo women like to be admired from afar, but they are much pickier when it comes to forming close bonds.

They will wait quite a while before letting a potential partner behind their armour. However, when they do let someone in, it can be like opening a floodgate.

This can be a disconcerting surprise to someone who has become accustomed to cool and confident Virgo. However, most partners will simply find more to love in all of Virgo’s neuroses.

The exception to this is her jealous streak. Confident Virgo has a deeply embedded river of self-doubt. This can lead her to be suspicious that her partner doesn’t really love her.

Virgo’s constant questioning of the relationship can be enough to wear anyone down.

Despite this, women of this sign tend to be very independent in their relationships and want to carve their own paths. Never refer to Virgo as simply “so and so’s wife”.

  • Confident
  • Guarded
  • Neurotic
  • Insecure
  • Independent

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Virgo Career and Money


Ambitious Virgo has no trouble building a successful career as they are hard-working, creative and adaptable, and give attention to detail that makes them finishers as well as starters.

They also probably have a career path laid out in front of them designed to give them the best results. While this will surely help, they are also adaptable enough to jump on any lucky opportunities that may unexpectedly emerge.

Virgo’s biggest problem is that they are not self-promoters. They believe that their work ethic and the quality of their work should speak for itself.

While this is often the case, it does mean that they aren’t suited to professions where talking yourself up is necessary.

They also aren’t great in sales roles. Despite having a silver tongue, they aren’t inclined to embellish.

While Virgo has a deep-seeded desire to be valued and respected, they don’t take praise well. They want everyone to know that they are good, but it should be so obvious that there shouldn’t be any need to say anything.

This modest sign can also be stingy in their praise. This is partially because they are hard to please, and partially just their nature.

Virgo needs to remember to be more generous with their words when leading a team.


Virgo tends to be good with their money, if they have a plan. If they’re saving up for something, they are the type of person who will put a detailed budget in place.

They will have little trouble sacrificing small luxuries today for greater benefits in the future. However, if Virgo is between goals and doesn’t have a plan for some reason, all that carefulness can go out the window.

Virgo prefers not to have a shared account with their partner as they like to have full control over their finances, and they are happy to let their partner have the same.

Moreover, they find it very difficult to talk about money, and will struggle to speak to their other half about serious financial issues.

Virgo Self-Care Tips

Virgo is a complex mix of confidence and self-doubt that makes them uniquely neurotic.

While they firmly believe in themselves, their high expectations, in particular for themselves, can leave their self-esteem flip-flopping all over the place.

People of this zodiac sign can benefit from setting more realistic goals. This doesn’t mean that the bigger, more complete goals are off the table.

Virgo needs to realise that no one is perfect first time, or every time. Everything is a process, and they need to give themselves time to grow.

Virgo also needs to remember that failure is part of the learning process and will bring them closer to their desired perfection.

“We are all failures, at least the best of us are.” – J.M. Barrie