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How to Keep a Leo Man Interested

How to Keep a Leo Man Interested

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Leo men are warm and caring and there is no better feeling than when a Leo man is interested in you and all of his attention is on you.

But they also have big egos and take up a lot of space, and they have a tendency to turn that warm and intense energy on everyone.

So how do you claim a Leo man for yourself and ensure that his most passionate and loving sides are just for you?

These generous lovers are always worth the investment, so try these tips to attract and keep a Leo man.

5 Ways to Keep a Leo Man Interested

To keep a Leo man interested, you do need to buy into his image of himself. He is looking to see himself through his partner’s eyes, and he needs to like what he sees.

He needs admiration and respect. And while he sometimes needs someone to tell him hard facts, this should always be done with tact.

But as well as craving admiration, Leo wants a partner that he himself admires. He is looking for someone whose light shines as brightly as his own.

1. Show Your Appreciation

To handle a Leo man, stroke their ego a little. He loves to show off. They are telling you that story because they want you to be impressed.

To attract a Leo man, oblige. Don’t play it cool with your respect. He wants to see himself through your eyes, and he wants that vision to be one he likes.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of fun with Leo, or tell him when you think he could have done more or better. But always be tactful, and be very careful who you do it in front of. He won’t like to be made the fool in front of some people.

2. Have A Full Calendar

Manage your Leo man by keeping your shared calendar full! Leo men love to be on the go, and they are never happier than when they have a full card and are racing between commitments. This extends to their romantic lives, they want it to be full and exciting.

Dealing with a Leo man means planning big, bold things to do together regularly, but also little things. Yes, you have time to meet up for a quick coffee during the workday.

So what if you both already have dinner plans, of course you can meet up for a late drink. He wants to fill every moment, and a partner that can help him do that.

3. Let Him Play The Leader

Keep a Leo man hooked by letting him play the role of the leader. The fact is that Leo men like to be in charge, and more than that, they like to look like they are in charge.

He will feel happier in your relationship if you let him indulge this. If he wants to be the one holding the guidebook, the map, or the compass, then let him.

The more a Leo man feels like they are getting their own way, the more pliable they are likely to be on other matters.

You need to pick your battles with Leo. Letting him have his wins will make for easier negotiations when it comes to the things that are really important to you.

4. Be Impressive

When loving a Leo man, let him impress you. He wants people to look up to him and admire him.

And, while he does like to be on top and better than everyone else, he is looking for a partner that gives him a run for his money. Not only does it reflect well on him, but if someone can really impress him, it will be intoxicating.

If you want to make a Leo man want you, don’t be tempted to dim your own shine because of the brightness of Leo’s. Make sure yours shines out even brighter. Invest in yourself and be the best possible version of you.

5. Be Open With Your Feelings

When dealing with a Leo man, don’t play your feelings close to the chest. He has a healthy ego, and he doesn’t need to invest time in someone who he doesn’t think is interested in him.

Also, he’s often not good at reading people, so he probably isn’t picking up on those subtle signs that you are interested.

When you play games with someone, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and them up to fail. And Leo doesn’t like to fail.

When loving a Leo man, be open and direct with how you feel and what you want. You will find that Leo does the same, and you two will always know where you are with each other.

What Leo Men Dislike

Leo men are loyal and loving, and they actually aren’t that demanding as partners – all they want is love and respect. But Leos have some challenging personality traits that can be detrimental to the relationship.

There are a few tricks to handling a Leo man.

1. Don’t Leave Him In The Background

Are you thinking of inviting your new Leo man along as your plus one to a friend’s wedding? Be careful, he is not the type of person that can play your background escort. He needs attention.

If you don’t go out of your way to introduce him to everyone and make him part of your night with your old friends, he may well think that you don’t care about him or respect him.

2. Don’t Let Him Overwhelm You

Leo men are controlling, and they also suck up a lot of air in the room with their ego.

This can be suffocating and might make you want to take a back seat and focus on his ambitions and massaging his ego. But don’t. It is not good for you, and Leo is not looking for a shrinking violet.

3. Don’t Get Jealous

Leo men are incredibly loyal and are very unlikely to betray someone that they care about. But they are flirts. They like the attention and find it very hard to help themselves.

While they are probably self-aware enough to know the potential impact of their behavior on their partner, they won’t appreciate being called up on it repeatedly.

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Keeping a Leo Man Hooked

Leo men are passionate and generous lovers who are looking for a real connection. They want someone that they can adore, but they are also looking for someone who loves, admires, and respects them.

Leo’s big ego can mean that it is difficult to share space with them. But the best thing that you can do is make sure your own light shines even bright.

Leo men want someone who inspires them, and they can be proud of. So, invest in yourself first.