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How to Attract, Seduce, and Win a Leo Man

How to Attract, Seduce, and Win a Leo Man

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From the outside looking in, a Leo man can seem rather intimidating. He has a confident and regal demeanor, and he often seems to have an entourage surrounding him.

You may think that you cannot compete with all of the people that are offering him admiration and flattery. Yet, if you find a Leo man attractive, you may have a better chance than you think.

A Leo man tends not to be interested in those who form a part of his court. Instead, he seeks out someone who is a little aloof and who is not necessarily impressed by the show that he puts on. Read on to find out how to attract, seduce, and win a Leo man.

The Astrology of Attraction and Seduction

When most people encounter astrology, it is usually through Sun Signs, or the placement of the Sun when you were born. In most cases, the only thing that you need to find out your Sun Sign is your date of birth. The Sun represents the core of who you are, and so most people will show some traits of their Sun Sign. This is particularly true of a Leo man.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo, which makes the Sun very strong in this sign. It is rare for the nature of a Leo Sun to be hidden, although it does happen from time to time.

On the other hand, everyone, including those with their Sun in Leo, will exhibit the traits of the other planets in their charts as well. This makes each birth chart unique. If you are interested in your full birth chart along with an interpretation, you may want to consult an astrologer. You can also get a free birth chart, sometimes along with a computerized report, at many different places, such as

In addition to a Leo Sun, this article will also be accurate if the man you are interested in has a Leo Ascendant. The Ascendant is the sign that was rising in the East when a person was born.

Venus is the planet that specifically rules love and attraction, so this article will also be useful for a man whose Venus is in Leo. As an additional note, the Sun and Venus are never more than 2 signs away from each other.

This means that many men with a Leo Sun also have a Leo Venus. In this case, this article will be doubly accurate. The other possibilities for his Venus placement are Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, and Libra.

Profile of a Leo Man and his Woman

In determining how to attract, seduce, and win a Leo man, it is helpful to understand his nature and the type of woman that he is looking for.

A Leo man is unmistakable. No matter what his social status is, he is the king of his sphere of influence. In another sign, his regal demeanor might be seen as pompous and overbearing. Yet, a Leo man’s cheerfulness and sense of joy are such that few people can manage to stay annoyed with him.

A Leo man is not all show, however. He is faithful and loyal to those he cares about. He has a great deal of courage and can make an excellent family man.

Even though a Leo man thrives on admiration and praise, the woman he is attracted to is not generous with such things. She is adventurous and loves her freedom. Not one to mince words, she is honest and says exactly what she thinks. Yet, she has a great sense of humor and a sunny disposition as well.

How to Attract a Leo Man

Now that we have seen what a Leo man and his woman look like, let us discuss how to attract a Leo man.

1. Do not fawn over him

Leo is a Fire Sign, and like all Fire Signs, he is attracted to strength. It is natural for him to have many admirers, but it is rare for him to date any of them. A Leo man is not looking for a courtier, but a queen to his king. He wants to work to win your favor. If you seem too easily impressed, he will dismiss you as unworthy of him.

Like most kings, a Leo man is jealous of rivals. Because of this, if you hold your ground with him, he may be annoyed with you at first. Indeed, he may even seem to dislike you. That is not a bad thing with a Leo, however. With this sign, it is not uncommon for annoyance to become deep attraction over time.

2. Stand out in a crowd

Attracting a Leo Man - Stand out in a crowd

If you are going to attract a Leo man, you need to catch his attention. This is not an easy thing to do. He is usually quite busy trying to get people to notice him.

One of the ways that you can catch his eye is by the way that you dress. Although a Leo man tends to be rather conservative himself, he finds the unusual and even the eccentric quite fascinating. He does not blend in with the crowd, and he will not notice anyone who does.

When trying to stand out in the crowd, it is important to do so in a way that is authentically you. He will know immediately if you are being fake or phony. The best thing to do is to think about how you would dress if you were not at all concerned about what others were wearing or what they thought of you.

Would it be super fancy and girly? Would it be a rebellious style? Perhaps, you imagine your self dressing in a retro style from a decade that you find particularly fascinating. Find a way to incorporate these looks into your style.

If your style really is what is in fashion or is rather conservative, take your look to the next level in that style. The trick is to not look like everyone else in the room.

3. Make him laugh

As regal as the bearing of a Leo man is, he really is quite playful at heart. He likes to put on a show and to entertain, but he also is delighted to be entertained. One of the surest ways into his heart is to make him laugh. It will be even better if you can find a way to make him laugh at himself.

There is no denying that a Leo man has quite an ego. That is one of his biggest faults. On the other hand, he does not take himself as seriously as he seems to. He actually likes it when someone points out his idiosyncrasies, so long as it is done in a witty and light-hearted way.

There is a balance to this, however. He can get insulted easily, and you do not want to truly hurt his feelings. You want him to be able to laugh along with the joke, rather than feel like he is being laughed at.

In addition to getting him to laugh, by doing this you are also demonstrating that you are not afraid of him. You want him to feel like he has met his match in you.

How to Seduce a Leo Man

Now that we have talked about how to get his attention, let us discuss how to seduce a Leo man.

1. Let him seduce you

Letting a Leo Man Seduce You

A Leo man wants to be the one to take the initiative in any given situation. This leads to a contradiction. If he thinks that you are going after him, he will lose interest in you. He wants to be the one to do the seducing.

Because of this, if you want to seduce a Leo man, it is best to play “hard-to-get” with him. Have your own interests and do not seem too eager to go to bed with him. On the other hand, you don’t want to make it too difficult for him because, after all, you don’t want him to give up. A Leo man becomes quite upset and downhearted when he is rejected.

A good balance is to let him make all of the suggestions. When he does, seem a little reluctant at first, but let him convince you otherwise. Once he does, be sure to praise his efforts. This praise will be all the sweeter to him because he had to earn it.

2. Have your own life

Although a Leo man is stable and steady in comparison to the other Fire Signs, he still exhibits many traits of this element. He does like excitement and adventure, and at least at some level, wants his partner to provide that for him.

One of the ways that you can do this is to have your own life apart from him. If you spend all of your time with him or thinking about him, you will not be able to bring anything interesting to the table.

So, have your own life. Do things on your own. You might even want to travel on your own from time to time. This will give you things to talk about when you return. He will enjoy tales of your adventures, making you all the more sexy to him.

3. Do not be intimidated by him

Like the lion that is his symbol, a Leo man can have a rather loud roar. Sometimes he is loud, and he can have a temper. If you want to be able to seduce him, however, it is important not to get intimidated by this.

Like all Fire Signs, a Leo man is attracted to strength. He will quickly tire of someone who seems weak or is too easy to dominate or bully.

Now, of course, you do not want to be combative or mean. On the other hand, it is a good idea to stand your ground if you are pushed, particularly about things that are important to you. If you are able to do so in spite of his roar, you will become exceedingly attractive to him.

There is a common trope in movies and television shows concerning couples who start a conversation in an argument and wind up in the bedroom. While this does not work for all signs, it does for Leo, as well as for the other Fire Signs.

How to Win a Leo Man

Now that we have looked at how to attract and seduce a Leo man, let us look at how to win him as a long-term partner. Like all signs, a Leo man is attracted to his opposite. He is bold, showy, and seeks attention.

Yet the woman he seeks to spend his life with is intellectual, aloof, and does not care what anyone else thinks of her. Below are some tips on how to get him to consider you “the One.”

1. Think for yourself

How to Win a Leo Man - Think For Yourself

Leo men, like all men from the Fire element, have a very stereotypical masculine demeanor. Because of this, it might be tempting to assume that he does not value intelligence in women. That is far from the case.

The opposite sign of Fire is Air, and this means that a Leo man does want a partner with her own thoughts and ideas. While it might be tempting to agree with a Leo man just to please him, that will not win his heart. He would much rather have a partner that knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak it.

This does not mean that he will agree with you or be won over by your opinions. Leo is a Fixed Sign, and so he does not change his mind easily. It is important not to let that bother you and try not to get into a battle with him. Instead, accept his opinions and beliefs as his and even listen to them.

It is also good to be informed and well-read on a number of topics. A Leo man will respect you for it, and this respect will go a long way towards him accepting you as worthy to be his partner.

2. Be loyal

Because he puts on such a show, many people underestimate the depth of a Leo man. He really does have many good qualities, among them are a strong sense of honor and loyalty. A Leo man will stand by those that he cares about through thick and thin. He will also honor any promise that he makes. This makes him a very good partner and friend.

He also expects and appreciates the same kind of loyalty in return. If he is to consider you a partner, he needs to know that you will stick by his side no matter what and that you would not even think of betraying him.

A Leo man does like flattery, but this will only go so far with him. It will take more than fine words to convince him that you are sincere. It will be your actions that will make the difference.

While there is nothing wrong with privately disagreeing with him, it is not a good idea to publicly oppose him. If you are having relationship troubles with him, do your best to talk to him directly about him.

If he finds out that you have been talking about him behind his back, he will be devastated, and you could lose him for good.

3. Accept his generosity

Not only is a Leo man loyal, but he is exceedingly generous. He likes to shower those he loves with gifts and compliments, and he likes to do so publicly. If you are the type to be shy and embarrassed about these things, you may want to be careful in how you show it.

Make it very clear that you appreciate his generosity and that your reticence truly comes from shyness rather than rejection. Feel free to blush, as this will only add to your charm in his eyes.

If he gives you something that you don’t like or want, try not to let that show. Be as gracious as you can, and then, later try to give him hints about the things that you really like, without criticizing his former offerings. He will genuinely want to please you, so he will appreciate it if you make that easier for him.

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A Leo man may be a bit loud and showy, but he is a loyal and generous partner. He likes a challenge, however, and if you want to attract, seduce, and win him, you must get him to go after you. You must be difficult, but not impossible, to catch.