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How to Get a Cancer Man to Miss You

How to Get a Cancer Man to Miss You

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After you have been with someone a long time, it can sometimes feel as if the life has gone out of your relationship and that you are being taken for granted.

When that happens, you might start to be thinking about how to make your partner miss you.

If this happens, it could mean that there is trouble in the relationship. While this is true of any sign, if you are wondering how to get a Cancer man to miss you, this is a clear red flag that there may be a major problem.

Cancer men are usually attentive and caring. They show their affection easily, and they want those they love near them as much as possible.

So, if you are even questioning that they miss you, there is a good chance something is very wrong.

Getting a Cancer Man to Miss You by Finding Out What is Wrong

As discussed above, when it comes to a Cancer man, if you are in any way worrying about how to get him to miss you, it is a clear warning sign. Yet, it may be a challenge to find out what is wrong.

A Cancer man’s usual response to problems is to retreat inside his shell. He will rarely tell you what is bothering him without intervention on your part.

While his failure to communicate can be extremely upsetting, to be fair, he may not even really know what is going on himself.

Even if he does know, he may have trouble verbalizing it. Cancer is a very emotional sign that can have trouble putting his feelings into words.

So, if you love a Cancer man and you want to salvage your relationship with him, it will usually be on you to troubleshoot and find out what is wrong.

1. Does he just need some time to himself?

Getting a Cancer Man to Miss You - Letting Him Have Time to Himself

The simplest problem may be that he just needs a little time to himself.

A Cancer man tends to be an introvert, and his energy for social contact may be at a low. It may be so low that he does not even really want to interact with you.

This is the time that it may be safe to try ignoring a Cancer man for a short time. Not really ignoring him, but giving him some space.

When a Cancer man needs a respite from people, he does not actually want to be alone. He wants to be alone with someone.

What this means is that he does not want you to go away or leave the room. He just wants to not have to talk or listen to you talk.

One quick way to test if this is what is going on is to go to another room or make plans to go somewhere without him.

If he seems sad or asks where you are, this means that he really does just want to be alone together.

Find a book or quietly engage in some other hobby in the same room as him, and he will greatly appreciate you. He will start to talk to you again when he is ready.

2. Have you cooled towards him?

Although a Cancer man is a devoted and loyal partner, he is not perfect. Like everyone else, he has some annoying habits.

Even though you may be thinking that you want your Cancer man to miss you, it may be the case that you are the one who has lost some of your passion towards him.

A Cancer man is usually at least a little psychic, and he will sense if your feelings have cooled.

He usually won’t make a fuss about it, but he may withdraw to protect himself, particularly if he thinks that you are pulling away from him. This could become a vicious circle if you let it.

It is important to understand that in any long-term relationship, your feelings will change over time. Sometimes you will feel passionately in love, and sometimes your partner will annoy you to no end.

If you find that you are starting to cool towards your Cancer man, accept this. It does not mean that your relationship has to end.

Indeed, the fact that you are wanting to get your Cancer man to miss you means that you have not lost all feeling for him and you still want your relationship.

Try to think about what you love about him. Make a list, if you think that it will help.

You can not go wrong by sharing these things with him. He will probably respond by telling you the things that he loves about you as well.

3. Is he angry or upset with you?

While it is possible that whatever is going on with your Cancer man has nothing to do with you, it is also possible that it does.

Probably the most difficult aspects of being with a Cancer man are that his feelings are easily hurt and that he can hold a grudge for a long time.

Even worse, he tends to keep his hurt feelings to himself and often will not tell the person he is mad at what it is that they did to upset him.

It can be very frustrating to be his partner when he gets in one of those moods.

So what do you do?

The first step is to directly ask him if he is upset with you about something. Now, don’t expect him to answer you directly.

On the other hand, the way he responds to such a query will give you at least some of the information that you need to know.

If he is not upset with you, he will tell you in a nice, comforting tone. He may even tell you what it is that he is really upset about.

If he is upset about something you did, however, he will probably deny it in an angry, defensive tone.

If you get the angry, defensive response, try not to push too hard. As sweet as a Cancer man is, his symbol is the crab. He has formidable claws, and he is not afraid to use them.

It is better to slowly tease it out of him over time. Try not to get defensive yourself.

Once you are aware of the problem, you can work towards soothing his hurt feelings and slowly mending the relationship.

4. Is he having health problems?

If your Cancer man is not as attentive as usual, it may have nothing to do with whether he misses you.

He might be having physical or mental difficulties preventing him from showing his affection towards you.

Cancer men can be confusing when it comes to dealing with illness.

On the one hand, they can seem almost like hypochondriacs when it comes to minor illnesses, while at the same time completely ignoring more serious problems.

In addition to physical illnesses, mental health difficulties, like depression, may also prevent him from being as affectionate with you as he used to be.

He is even more likely to try to hide emotional difficulties than he is physical ones.

If you suspect he is having physical or mental health problems, the best thing to do is to gently encourage him to see a professional.

Offer to go with him. He may or may not accept your offer, but it will make him feel loved and cared for.

5. Is he preoccupied with trouble at work?

It could be that his inattentiveness to you is coming from a preoccupation with problems from work.

If this is the case, he will probably tell you about them, unless his work involves confidential matters.

A Cancer man is generally not able to compartmentalize his worries or to leave his work problems at the office.

This is probably one of the easiest problems to deal with. Lending a kind and supportive ear will go a long way towards soothing him and returning his focus to you and the relationship.

6. Is there something else wrong?

Is Your Cancer Man Upset With You

This article has listed several possibilities as to what may be going on with your Cancer man, but there are many, many more things that could be wrong.

A Cancer man has deep emotions, and it is easy for him to become lost in them.

He might be grieving over a loss, worried about a rupture with a friend, worried about money, or it could be a million other things.

Whatever it is, if you take the time to figure it out or help him to figure it out, you will be doing wonders for your relationship.

On the other hand, it is important to be careful when comforting a Cancer man. You do not want to get him accustomed to playing the victim.

While it is good to give him love and support, it is also good to cheer him on in solving his own problems.

At first he may resist, but in the long run, this will make him happier than continually telling him “poor baby.”

Understanding a Cancer Man

To know why even asking the question of how to get a Cancer man to miss you is such a major warning sign, it helps to understand his nature.

A Cancer man when all is well

A Cancer man is devoted to his partner and his family. The needs of his family will always come before any other concern, including his own well-being.

His attentiveness grows rather than lessens over time, and he is one of the few signs in which one generally never needs to question whether he still loves you.

Indeed, you might find yourself annoyed by his attention and his need for reassurance of your continued affection.

A Cancer man will rarely, if ever, cheat on you or do anything to jeopardize the relationship. He is completely loyal, almost to a fault.

If all is well, you will not have any reason to question his devotion.

Signs of Trouble

In general, if a Cancer man is not attentive and demonstrative, it is a sign that something may be wrong. More specific signs of trouble are listed below:

  • Emotional distance or withdrawal
  • Refusal to engage in conversation
  • Irritability
  • “Forgetting” birthdays or other important dates
  • Inattentiveness to you or your concerns

Are Cancer men jealous?

Cancer men are very jealous, but they don’t always show it directly.

When a Cancer man is upset about something, his natural tendency is to withdraw and pull away. If he thinks that you love another man, he may even think that he is doing you a favor by backing away.

Your happiness is important to him, and he may sacrifice his happiness for yours by letting you go.

For this reason, you should never, ever try to make a Cancer man jealous by feigning affection for another man. You will very likely lose him if you do.

Ignoring a Cancer man

If you feel like you want to make a Cancer man miss you, you might be tempted to ignore him and see what will happen.

Like trying to make him jealous, this is a very bad idea. It is possible that you will get the response you want, and he may become more attentive to you.

On the other hand, it is equally likely that your strategy will backfire. A Cancer man has a tendency to brood and not say anything if something worries or bothers him.

He may retreat into his shell which will increase the distance between you, and it will be hard to get him back out again.

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Getting a Cancer Man to Miss You

More than any other sign, wondering about how to get a Cancer man to miss you is a warning sign of great magnitude that there is trouble in your relationship.

He is usually quite attentive and loving to a partner, and so if he does not show obvious signs of missing you when you are gone, something is almost certainly wrong.

This article has discussed ideas about what that could be and how to mend the relationship if there is trouble.

Do you have a Cancer man in your life? If so, let us know what you think? Please comment below.


Tuesday 13th of October 2020

I started dating a cancerian and he started going cold on me, he explained that he was a bit overwhelmed with work and moving house and he might not get the chance to reply to my messages on the odd occasion. After a few days the messages were getting less and less and I got a bit angry and upset thinking he wasn't interested in getting to know me anymore and I sent him a message 'thinking he was either keeping his options open, seeing someone else or there wasn't a connection there for him or whatever the reason is, it's pretty shitty to ghost someone or take them for granted when I thought you were interested in getting to know me'. He replied explaining he was really busy and I definitely wasn't the woman for him. I felt like an idiot as I didn't think I was going to hear back from him and I apologised and tried explaining that I thought he was just brushing me off and it was a lack of miss communication between us. I'm now just waiting hoping I hear back from him again but Im worried I've really hurt him and I'm not going to hear from him again. Do I just give him time and maybe send a message at the end of the week saying did you receive my messages and would you like to catch up or I have burnt his bridges?


Sunday 22nd of March 2020

Hi I am 21 July born and my man is cancer and I don’t know sometimes I feel like I am nothing to him and we start fighting like anything which makes me crazy and we lost communication, I don’t want to loose him, please help what can I do in such situations.


Wednesday 4th of March 2020

Hi Sara , am a cancer man. The answer to ur question is ur cancer man is trying to do u a favour by not showing u that he is upset about somthing. He has actually take the burden and salvage the emotional bond with you - acting nice and in a good voice wen u call so as not to give u wrong impressions but deep inside there is an emotional chaos. Figure it out what u dd wrong or just confess to him honestly and sincerely that u know that he is hurt and ur sorry , that u need his affection back and there is no one that has loved u like him and u dont want to loose him ,that ur ready to let everything go for him, that he is the one u love and irreplaceable, confess that face to face to him , u might add a little hug while lookin him straight on his face while being emotional and empathetic. Just be sincere coz we can detect wen things are fake. That should work. Am a cancer and i know. Wen i want to salvage people out, i retreat my affection but acting nice over the phone or wen talkin. Wats bothering me more is wen they cant figure it out that they dd something wrong. I tried to date a LEO woman and we never reached anywhere. They cant pick emotional signal because they are fire sign. Sara cancers are very very loving. So never give up on him just figure out whats wrong and go talk to him.


Sunday 1st of March 2020

Hi,my cancer man is very NYC and loving person but from few weeks he is not replying on my msgs.If I call he talks in good way but by himself no talks no rply .This confuses me alot that what he wants even I don't say anything to him no fight nothing so what's the.reason of ignoring me.