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How to Get a Cancer Man to Chase You

How to Get a Cancer Man to Chase You

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Getting a Cancer man to chase you is no easy feat. He takes relationships very seriously, and he will not chase after anyone lightly.

A Cancer man is not looking for a casual date or a fling. He is looking for a potential partner for life.

Yet, even if he finds someone who may be “the One,” his natural shyness may prevent him from going after her. These things can make it hard to get to know him.

Read on to learn how to get a Cancer man to chase you. We will also talk about how to get him to chase you again.

What Does a Cancer Man Want?

Relationships can be complicated. If you want to know how to get a Cancer man to chase you, it is helpful to understand what he finds attractive and what he is looking for in a potential partner. For most signs, these are different considerations.

In the case of a Cancer man, however, the traits that he finds attractive and the traits he wants in a partner are similar.

What does a Cancer man find attractive?

What does a Cancer man find attractive - A strong woman

The greatest desire of a Cancer man is to have a deep connection with his family. 

From the moment that you start dating a Cancer man, he will be evaluating you and your relationship to see whether it has the potential to become permanent.

If you want to keep a Cancer man wanting you, it will be important for him to see that your relationship has long-term potential.

What Does a Cancer man Want in a Partner?

A Cancer man is naturally a little shy. He may have a tough exterior, but he is sensitive inside and does not want to risk rejection. Yet, he is attracted to strong women.

This means that if you want him to chase you, you must strike a balance between showing your strength and being approachable.

10 Ways to Get a Cancer Man To Chase You

To get a Cancer man to chase you, demonstrate that you will be just as loyal, devoted, and loving as he is. A Cancer man wants a partner who takes relationships as seriously as he does.

He appreciates intensity and loyalty, and he does not mind a woman who struggles with difficult emotions.

Indeed, such difficult emotions invoke his nurturing side and his desire to care for someone. A Cancer man also wants someone who will take a relationship just as seriously as he will.

1. Be confident and humble at the same time

In your efforts to get a Cancer man to want you, your confidence will be the key to attracting him. It will be your humility, however, that will make you approachable.

Confidence and humility may seem like they are opposite traits, but they really are not. Indeed, they often go together. It takes someone who is sure of herself to be able to know and accept her flaws and shortcomings with ease and grace.

One of the ways that you can achieve this balance is to learn to take an honest look at your strengths and flaws.

Everyone has both, and a wise person will be able to acknowledge her virtues without becoming egotistical and accept her shortcomings without becoming discouraged.

2. Tell him your story

As we mention in our Cancer man guide, he wants to know who you are. He wants to know where you came from and everything about you. Be honest with him. Do not be afraid to tell him the difficult parts of your life or even the things that you are ashamed of.

A Cancer man wants someone that he can care for, and your struggles will make you all the more attractive to him. In turn, listen to his story with a kind and sympathetic ear. He will appreciate someone who shows concern for him as well.

3. Show your attraction for him

Getting a Cancer Man to Chase You - Show your attraction for him

The nature of a Cancer man is such that women often put him in the “friend zone.” There are many women who go for the “bad boy” type, which is not a Cancer man.

Many Cancer men find themselves in the unenviable position of being the best friend and confessor for women who will not date them.

To add insult to injury, after rejecting their kind and gentle Cancer “friend,” these women often go after men who treat them terribly.

So, if you are truly attracted to a Cancer man, let him know this in no uncertain terms. Do not play coy or “hard to get.” This will give him the confidence to go after you without fear of rejection.

4. Ask him about his family and tell him about yours

In determining whether a relationship has long-term potential, a Cancer man will want to know how you will fit into his family and how he will fit into yours.

Some zodiac signs will be comfortable moving forward with a relationship without family approval, but a Cancer man generally will not be.

So, do your best to get along with his family, even if you do not care for them. For better or worse, they will come along with your Cancer man.

5. Talk about plans for the future

If a Cancer man is going to open his heart and invest his emotions in your relationship, he wants to know that you take it seriously.

One of the ways that you can show that you are taking things seriously is by talking about and planning for your future together.

Talk about things like starting a household and your thoughts about children. You may also want to talk about your hopes and dreams when it comes to your career.

When discussing plans for the future, be practical and realistic. He is not naturally pragmatic, so he appreciates that quality in a partner.

6. Help him in practical ways

An emotionally healthy Cancer man is always doing things for other people. This is a part of his nature, and if he is not, his more negative traits will surface.

Yet, if other people do not reciprocate his kind and generous nature, he can become depleted and get bitter.

If you love a Cancer man, it is tempting to counsel him to focus more on himself and his needs. Yet, that is generally bad advice for this sign. A better approach would be for you to be sure to do nice things for him.

Even though a Cancer man does need emotional support, practical support is really better for him. It is very easy for him to fall into a bout of self-pity, which is particularly dangerous for this sign.

Doing practical things like cooking for him, cleaning his house, cheering him on with his goals are much safer ways for you to show how much you care.

7. Give him gifts

Getting a Cancer man to keep chasing you is largely a matter of reassuring him that you really do love him and care about him.

One of the ways that you can do this is to give him little gifts from time to time. They do not have to be large or expensive. The important thing is that he knows that you are thinking of him.

If you need gift ideas, you may want to read: Best Cancer Man Gifts

Of course, you want to remember to give him gifts on special occasions like his birthday, Valentine’s Day, and your anniversary.

On the other hand, gifts given for no other reason than you are thinking of him are even better.

How to Get a Cancer Man To Chase You Again

A common Cancer trait is how stable they are when it comes to relationships. He will rarely initiate any form of separation, and if he is given the opportunity, he will remain devoted to you for life.

This means that if you feel like he is no longer chasing you, there is probably something wrong.

It could mean that there is something wrong in the relationship, or it could mean that there is something going on with him that does not have anything to do with you or the relationship.

1. Check to see if he is angry with you or hurt by something you have done

A Cancer man is sensitive. He has deep emotions, and his feelings can be easily hurt. On the other hand, he does not always show his feelings or tell you if something is wrong.

When he is hurt or angry, his first instinct is to crawl into his shell. Once he does this, he could stay there for a very long time before you even notice something is wrong. Unfortunately, the longer he is in his shell, the more upset and angry he will become.

This can be quite difficult for you as his partner. If you ask him if something is wrong, he will probably deny it.

Indeed, he is even more likely to deny if it is true. Strangely enough, this is your key to discovering what is going on.

If he is not upset or angry with you, he will respond to your question in a normal way. He will wonder why you think something is wrong, and he will talk honestly with you about how he is doing.

If he is upset with you, however, he will become defensive when questioned. He may even snap at you or say something mean. If this happens, unless you want to get into a big fight, it is best to not push him.

Instead, try to think about what you might have done and slowly tease it out of him over time. Don’t be surprised if it is something that you did days, weeks, or even months ago. A Cancer man can hold a grudge for a very long time.

2. Examine your own feelings

One of the reasons you may feel like your Cancer man is no longer chasing you is that it is you that have lost some of your passion for him. If this is the case, it is not the end of the world or even the end of your relationship.

In a long-term relationship, passionate feelings ebb and flow. It is normal to feel lackluster about your partner from time to time.

If that is how you are feeling, stop and take the time to think about the things that you love about your Cancer man. You may even want to tell him these things from time to time.

As your own feelings change, it is very likely that he will become more amorous and loving towards you.

A Cancer man is often a bit psychic, and your feelings will have an impact on him whether you tell them to him or not.

3. Give him some space

Most Cancer men are by nature introverts. He wants to be close to you, but he does not always want to interact. This is particularly the case if he has a job that involves heavy contact with people.

He may need some time to withdraw and read a book or watch television. Once he has had a break from social contact, his energy may return, and he will start chasing you all over again.

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