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Dealing With a Capricorn Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Capricorn Man Break-Up

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Capricorn men are very serious indeed. They’re practical, hold a lot of authority, and are often quite wise. If a Capricorn man is breaking up with you, he has thought it through carefully, weighing the pros and cons.

This man doesn’t take things lightly, including emotions of the heart. Breaking up with you is never an instant decision with him.

However, you’ll know when he’s about to break up with you – there are certain signs. All will be revealed as we discuss everything about Capricorn men and break-ups!

How Do Capricorn Break Up?

A Capricorn man will sit you down (while he most probably stands), and will treat the discussion like a business meeting. He won’t beat around the bushes, and will explain to you swiftly why the relationship no longer serves him.

Capricorns don’t really have many one-night stand relationships. If you happen to be casually dating, he may just give you a call while you’re home alone, and will explain that the relationship isn’t working for him and he has to leave it.

How to Know When a Capricorn Man is Done with You

When a Capricorn man is done with you, he may show very little interest in you, and will ignore you when you’re around him.

He’ll also suddenly stay at work many nights in a row putting in overtime (Capricorns are the most ambitious sign in the Zodiac).

He really won’t put effort into calling or messaging you first, and he’ll lose his interest in having sex with you. I know it may hurt, but Capricorn men can sometimes be really cold emotionally.

He’s ruled by Saturn, which is all about restriction. Sometimes it can be scary, and disappointing, when a Capricorn man pulls away from you!

See signs a Capricorn man may be finished with you.

Will a Capricorn Man Come Back?

There have been many instances where Capricorn men go back to their ex. They don’t have fleeting emotions, and if they’re in love with a woman, they will return with a bouquet of red roses and an apology.

He will hardly ever return to relationships that were casual, unless he starts missing the sex, which may happen. Capricorns are very sexual, and are aroused easily, in a controlled way.

He may pick up the phone and rekindle the sexual romance, but it won’t last long.

Capricorn men are extremely practical, and are able to separate the mind and the heart quite easily – from the outside at least.

After a break up, cool it for some time, and don’t contact him. He may just start contacting you again. Never chase him though as he’ll lose respect for you!

Do Capricorn Miss Their Ex?

Capricorns miss their ex deeply, especially if they once loved them.

You see, Capricorn is so caught up with climbing the corporate ladder, that he doesn’t have time for anything else. Often when he comes home, it will be alone and empty.

Nothing makes a Capricorn happier (besides career success) than a strong woman to be there for him when he sometimes falls, and offers him the love he so deeply craves.

Nobody is allowed to see his vulnerable side – only the woman he loves.

How Do Capricorn Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Capricorn men typically deal with break-ups by being extra productive, structured and organized. They will spend time rearranging their work schedules, creating vision boards, listening to podcasts of “how to up your game,” and may even hit the gym.

These men don’t like break-ups because it destroys their sense of control regarding what to expect next.

Capricorn men don’t like surprises or changes that dramatically affect their super-ambitious lives.

Now that he doesn’t talk to you at lunchtime anymore, or enjoy an evening meal at a fancy restaurant, he will do certain things to heal his heart after a break-up: 

  1. Work Extra Hours

Nothing makes a Capricorn happier than work. It’s a place where he can measure his success, and slowly (but surely) climb the career ladder.

It’s also a place where he can get his mind off romance. He’ll definitely put in a lot of extra hours after a break-up!

2. Drink & Cry (Silently)

If a Capricorn man was deeply in love, and misses his ex, he may cry silently with a bottle of Jack Daniels by his side and a cigar in his hand.

He will feel the pain internally. The “trauma” of losing you needs to be internalized and processed, and this is how he’ll do it.

3. Spend Time with Family

It may not be obvious, but Capricorn men really want to be family men, as patriarchs of the family.

After a break-up, they will want to spend time with their own family, so that they can gain affection. They need that, as they may feel so empty inside.

4. Purchase Something Big

It may be a Rolex watch, or even the latest Bentley, but a Capricorn man will feel much better after buying something big that screams how powerful he is.

Mind you, it’s not necessarily just showing off his money, but rather how successful he is (as he’ll feel so unsuccessful in love).

5. Hang Out With Friends

Capricorn men choose friends wisely, and often the friends they have are connections from business dealings.

He’ll most probably hang out in cigar lounges and VIP clubs with close friends where they can discuss business and have casual fun.

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If your romance with a successful and strong-minded Capricorn is over, it’s going to be OK – he may even return. No doubt, if you dated a Capricorn, he was attracted to your strength and beauty.

However, if things don’t work out for the two of you again, know that there’s an endless ocean of new romances awaiting you!

Meanwhile, fill up your time hanging out with positive people that lift your spirits, and take up that cooking, or art course you always wanted to do.

Do all the things that make you happy, and you’ll attract warm and beautiful new relationships that turn into love in no time!