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How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You

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Capricorn men can be rigid, controlling, and uncompromising. But they also have generous hearts, which is why making a relationship work with them is worth the effort.

If they are thinking about ending a relationship, it might take them a while to reach a decision. They like to consider every piece of evidence and weigh all the options.

When they are deliberating, you have the opportunity to change their minds, if you can spot the signs that he is thinking about finishing things.

A Capricorn man who is thinking of finishing with you will be less likely to want to compromise to spend time with you.

He can also become stingy as he doesn’t want to throw money away on something that isn’t working.

However, he may also do more generous and sweet things for you. But this is him trying to get the upper ground, so that he is in a superior position when it comes to actually breaking up.

Read on for more sure signs that a Capricorn man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Capricorn Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Be Extra Generous

People born under Capricorn tend to be generous souls who like to help other people, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t expect anything in return.

There is nothing that frustrates them more than ingratitude.

If they are thinking about finishing with you, rather than doing less for you, they might start to do more.

This is because they want to put you in their debt and have a reason to complain that they are giving a lot to the relationship, and that you don’t appreciate it.

He wants to be able to justify his decision to end things.

At this time, make sure that you show appropriate gratitude whenever he does anything for you, and maybe do a few more nice things for him as well.

This can help him to realize just how compatible the two of you are.

2. He Will Make Fewer Compromises

People born under Capricorn are creatures of habit. They like to have a plan and stick to it, and don’t really like to make changes to the plan for anyone.

When they are in a happy relationship, they will start to be more flexible.

They are pretty self-aware of this trait and will try and be accommodating for someone who is important to them.

But if he is starting to think that the relationship is coming to an end, he will stop being so accommodating.

Why should he make changes in his life for someone who he is going to finish with?

The best thing that you can do is give him his space. Show him that you can fit into his life of rules and schedule.

This can help him to see the relationship in a fresh and positive light.

3. He Will Complain About Your Presence

Capricorn men value their time, and when they choose to spend time with you, he expects the two of you to focus on being together.

There is nothing he hates more than someone who takes a phone call over the dinner table, or is constantly checking messages during quality time together.

While you have probably picked up on loud sighs about this behavior until now, if he is thinking about ending the relationship, he might start to actively complain.

He is likely to say that you spend too much time on your phone, and even get up and walk away if you take a phone call while the two of you are together.

This is part genuine frustration. He is “wasting” his time with you and you don’t have the decency to give him some attention. It is also setting up an excuse for ending things.

If you notice him getting more agitated about this, be careful to put the phone away. Put your effort into showing him that you are present and invested in the relationship.

4. He Will Become Very Cheap

You can describe most Capricorns as thrifty. They aren’t the type of person who will avoid paying their portion of the bill, but they also aren’t extravagant.

They use things until they are in dire need of replacement and he prefers to go to cheap and cheerful restaurants than the latest Michelin star spot.

You have probably already noticed that he is a cheap date, but if he is thinking of finishing with you, he might be downright stingy.

He doesn’t want to invest his money in something that isn’t going anywhere.

Whatever you do, don’t complain, this will just get his back up. Offer to go halves to show him that you are willing to pull your weight.

But don’t go ordering the most expensive thing on the menu just because you are paying. He respects someone who shares his thrifty mentality.

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5. He Will Order You About

Capricorn men like to be in control, and they can be downright bossy. You can always spot when your boss is a Capricorn as he will want to micromanage you.

When he is in a happy relationship, he will try and keep this in check.

While he might have a tendency to boss, he won’t get upset when you kindly refuse and do your own thing.

But if he is no longer happy in the partnership, he won’t be so relaxed when things don’t go his way.

He is much more likely to bark orders at you, and to accuse you of being unreasonable when you don’t want to do things his way.

While you shouldn’t give in to his bullying behavior, also don’t use it to pick a fight. The best thing you can do is give him some space until his head of steam blows over.

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Can You Change a Capricorn Man’s Mind?

Capricorn men never make decisions lightly, they always deliberate based on the evidence.

So, when they are in the deliberating phase, you have plenty of opportunities to change the input, and get them to change their mind.

But once they have made a decision, they are decisive to the point of stubbornness. They will stick to a choice on principal.

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