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10 Capricorn Personality Traits & Characteristics

10 Capricorn Personality Traits & Characteristics

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Capricorn’s ambitious and self-disciplined personality traits are a combination that usually results in success.

They are able to prioritize and say no to temptations today in order to get the things that they want in the future.

People born under Capricorn characteristically tend to crave stability and pursue things such as a stable job that pays well and a house that will grow in value.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t invest in the occasional luxury.

But overall Capricorn are frugal in the way that they live their lives and don’t believe in waste. They believe that there is enough for all of us if we all learn to take only what we need.

They are incredibly generous when it comes to helping others, but also like to feel appreciated.

Capricorn Personality & Character Traits

1. Reliable and trustworthy

Capricorn personalities are as good as their word. If they say they are going to do something, it gets done. They take all the responsibilities that they take on very seriously.

Some people might call reliable Capricorn stubborn, as they will persevere with something long after it has ceased to be useful and meaningful.

Sometimes they just don’t know when to let go.

They say, when you want something done, ask a busy person. Equally, ask a Capricorn.

2. Ambitious

People born under Capricorn don’t tend to have flashy dreams, but they do tend to be ambitious.

They know that they have what it takes to succeed in life, and they intend to succeed.

They tend to set realistic goals, such as getting a promotion in their chosen field, paying off their mortgage early, or saving up enough to get that car that they have had their eye on.

But just because they aren’t imagining themselves as a superstar doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate recognition.

They believe that hard work should be rewarded.

3. Disciplined and self-controlled

Unlike many people, a Capricorn’s personality traits mean that they never have a problem sticking to a diet or a new habit.

Typical of Capricorn men, they have the kind of will that others envy.

They understand the importance of making sacrifices today in order to gain the things that they want in the future.

These were the children that passed the infamous marshmallow delayed gratification test.

They also tend to be good savers that have an emergency fund tucked away, not that they would ever tell anyone about it.

4. Craves stability

Some people might call Capricorn superficial, but in reality, they simply crave stability.

They know that a good job, a stable income, and investing in a home will pay off in the future.

This doesn’t mean that Capricorn is not adventurous. They recognize the freedom that this kind of stability can grant.

You can afford to take bigger risks when you have a safety net beneath you.

They can sometimes be a little materialistic, and do appreciate the status of success that is reflected in nice clothes and a great car.

5. Self-Critical

Capricorn tend to be their own hardest critics. They hold themselves to a very high standard and can be unforgiving when they don’t manage to live up to it.

But when Capricorn finds themselves wanting, it is never a reason to give up or quit.

They know that they are capable of bettering themselves and will use any minor failures or setbacks as motivation to work harder and do better.

Capricorns tend to be relentless self-improvers, and they tend to think that there is nothing that they can’t learn or accomplish with enough work.

6. Generous

Despite being seemingly materialistic, Capricorn is extremely generous. They are always the first person to offer help when they see that it is needed. There is no need to ask.

But on the flip side, Capricorn would never ask for help themselves. They hold themselves to a higher standard and believe that needing help is a sign of weakness.

They can struggle to show appropriate levels of gratitude when help is offered unbidden, as they simply find it embarrassing and difficult to accept.

7. Thoughtful

People born under the sign of Capricorn are extremely thoughtful.

They rarely do anything on a whim, and always like to think through all of their options before making a decision.

They also spend a lot of time thinking about the people close to them and what they might like or need.

Capricorn are the type of people who always come up with the perfect gift, especially Capricorn women, which they probably bought six months before because they knew that the person would love it in the right moment.

8. Puts themselves first

But while Capricorn are thoughtful and generous, they put themselves first.

Their eyes are firmly on their own ambitions, and they won’t really let anyone interfere with them reaching their goals.

While they are considerate and thoughtful, they struggle to make genuine compromises for other people.

Sure, they might switch sides of the best with you, but don’t expect them to take time out from their own dreams in order to support your career.

They are single-minded in their pursuit of their ambitions.

9. Admiration

While Capricorn is generous and giving, and they work hard for themselves and not for the sake of appearances or praise, they do like to be recognized for their work.

They can get quite upset when they feel like someone does not show an appropriate level or gratitude for their help, or when their hard work in the office is overlooked.

While they would never say anything, the resentment has a way of festering.

10. Frugal

Capricorn tend to be frugal and can’t stand wastefulness. They believe that you should only take as much as you need.

Related to this, they are often environmental activists, or at least the type of person that suggests we all go meat-free a few days a week.

Their level of self-control means that it is easy for them to say no to things, and they don’t always understand why other people have such difficulties.

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anna delany

Tuesday 13th of April 2021

well... im a Capricorn alright every single one of their traits fit into me perfectly i do fin this website very help full because its really get into you star sigh some website don't give you all the information

Kaylen Gibson

Thursday 23rd of February 2023

@anna delany, Lol Me too I'm a cap aswell and this get's me