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Leah Goldberg

Leah Goldberg

Leah has been fascinated with the stars since she was 13, when she picked up her first Astrology book! From there, she read everything she could on the subject so she could master it.

She studied English and Communications in University, and pursued her career as a writer, and became Glamour Magazine’s Horoscope Columnist for 7 years. At the same time, she was a qualified Educational teacher who taught English to many children around the world.

Entering the world of hi-tech for a few years, Leah mastered the art of editing content, making sure her writing and others was at an excellent level.

Leah has studied Modern Astrology, Traditional Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology for many years. She has been a student of Maurice Fernandez for many years (Evolutionary Astrology), and has attended many of his workshops across the world.

She has read the charts of many people, and has been on radio to talk about relationship astrology. She also gives a lot of relationship and career astrology guidance. Leah has helped women around the world understand the Zodiac signs of the men that they are so in love with.

Tarot Cards are also a fascination of Leah’s and she has been reading spreads for over 20 years.

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