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How To Get Your Capricorn Man Back Fast

Capricorn men tend to be serious and committed types, which means that they don’t break up on a whim. If they break up with you, they usually have a good reason.

To win back a Capricorn man, you are going to have to genuinely resolve any underlying problems.

Read on for advice on exactly what to do to get your Capricorn man back fast.  

Will a Capricorn Man Return After a Break-Up?

Capricorn men are stubborn, and they deliberate over decisions. This means that when they make a decision, they usually stick to it. So, there is no easy way to get a Capricorn man back. The only way to do it is to genuinely repair whatever was wrong in your relationship.

But, if you do manage to make the necessary changes, Capricorn men are romantic and committed souls that will want to give it another try.

5 Ways to Get a Capricorn Man Back Fast

Getting a Capricorn man means identifying the real problem and take active steps to show him that things have changed. This may require a formal conversation or apology, as Capricorn doesn’t like grey areas or uncertainty.

You then need to give your Capricorn man space to work through things on his own. He cannot be pushed or rushed.

1. Issue a formal apology

To win a Capricorn man back after an argument, you may have to issue a formal apology. Capricorn men don’t deal well with grey areas, and it will be difficult for them to move forward when they feel like certain things are unresolved.

If it is appropriate to do so, issue a formal apology, in which you commit to making important changes. If he apologizes to you as well, agree to put the issue behind you and not bring it up again.

You will need to stick to that promise, or you may find yourself in an argument that is worse than the original.

When you make things official, Capricorn men find it easier to compartmentalize things and move forward.

2. Show him that you have changed

To make a Capricorn man want to get back together, show him that you have changed.

Capricorn are very steadfast in their feelings, so if they have broken up with you, it was probably because they believed that something fundamental in your relationship was not working. You need to show him that it can be fixed.

Were you falling into destructive patterns of behavior that resulted in fights or other types of animosity? Were the same issues causing problems between the two of you over and over again?

You need to show him that you can find genuine, long-term solutions to these problems, and therefore that the relationship can work.

Often the first step in this process is to identify what is happening with you that makes certain things a trigger. You can then look for ways to modify your behavior.

3. Give him space

To encourage a Capricorn man to want to return to a relationship, you are going to need to give him time and space. These men are not impulsive and they do not move quickly. They like to take the time to think over every detail.

If you push too hard, he is less likely to see certain details in a favorable light.

Nothing can make a Capricorn man do something that he doesn’t want to do, and the more your press, the more likely he is to rebel. Be honest and open with your feelings and with what you want, but then leave the ball in his court.

This can be challenging, but Capricorn men also aren’t the type to leave one relationship and jump into another. If the relationship is worth it, you have the time.

4. Don’t play hard to get

To make a Capricorn man desire you again, don’t be tempted to play hard to get. Capricorn men value loyalty, integrity, and fidelity. If he suspects that you are interested in someone else, or playing the field, he won’t believe that your desire to get back together is genuine.

The same can be true if you are always too busy to meet up with him. While he doesn’t expect you to be sat by the phone waiting for him to call, he will believe that if getting back together with him is important to you, then spending time together is also a priority.

Make it clear to him that he is the one and only man that you are interested in, and that working things out matters to you.

5. Show him that your worlds align

To win back a Capricorn man’s heart, show him that your worlds align. While Capricorn men know how to follow their hearts, they also take a pragmatic approach to life.

They know that a relationship takes more than just attraction, and that you need to be on the same page when it comes to the important things.

Let him that you two are truly compatible by pursuing some of the things that the two of you talked about. If you both talked about getting in shape, learning a language, or taking a course, go ahead and do those things for yourself.

Not only will this show him that the things that are important to him are also important to you, but that you have the drive to pursue them with or without his support.

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How Long Does it Take For a Capricorn Man to Come Back

If you want to get back together with a Capricorn man, expect it to take some time. Men born under this sign are not impulsive, and they like to think through every option and possibility.

He might also just want to spend time on his own to give his feelings about being in a relationship with your perspective.

While it can be difficult, you need to stay patient and committed during this time. For Capricorn, if one of you starts to see someone else, it is usually a point of no return as far as your relationship is concerned.

After You Win Him Back

If you do win back your Capricorn man, that is only half the battle. It is then about building a strong relationship that works.

With Capricorn, this usually means working together towards shared goals.

So, whatever you do, don’t get complacent. This is when the hard work begins.

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