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How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Libra Man Is Done With You

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Libra men are some of the most flexible and accommodating partners in the Zodiac. They will do anything to avoid conflict and make things work.

But this means that they won’t always tell you when things aren’t working. He can let things get to the point where they can’t be fixed before you even know that anything is wrong.

This is why, if you are dating a Libra man, you need to be on the lookout for signs that he is not happy within the relationship.

You will notice that he is not as keen to spend time with you. He won’t try and include you in as many of his social activities and will be less inclined to spend time with your friends.

You may also notice an edge to him. He will be more inclined to argue and less inclined to compromise.

This is not a sign that he is finding his feet, but rather than he is walking away.

Read on for more sure signs that a Libra man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Libra Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Stop Actively Including You

People born under Libra are social butterflies. They know how to make friends wherever they go, and they are usually the life of the party.

But they understand that not everyone has the same ease moving through social situations.

If this is something that they recognize in you, they will always help you, introducing you to people and keeping you by their side.

But if he stops doing this, and starts forgetting to include you in his social interactions, this is a sign that he might be done with the relationship. You just aren’t at the front of his mind anymore.

The best thing that you can do is go ahead and be the life of the party all by yourself.

Libras are attracted to socially charismatic people, so it will just increase his attraction to you.

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2. He Won’t Back Down From A Fight

Libras tend to be adverse to conflict and willing to do almost anything to avoid a fight.

They will make great personal compromises to keep their partners happy.

But when a Libra man starts to display a more combative nature, this is not a good sign for a relationship. Everyone has a limit, and this is a sure sign that he has reached his in some way.

Don’t fight with him at this time, it will just make him feel worse about whatever is bothering him.

Instead, show him that you too can compromise, and that the two of you can forge a partnership in which there is no need to argue.

3. He Will Pay More Attention To Other People

Libra men love meeting new people, and they also have a strong desire for everyone they meet to like them. The result, they tend to be flirts.

But they are sensitive enough to understand how this behavior can affect a partner, and they will tone it down in order not to rock the boat.

If they suddenly start to tone it up, it is a sign that they aren’t as tuned into your feelings as they were.

It could be that they just don’t care what you think, or just that it is the last thing on their mind.

Getting mad won’t help. He won’t appreciate the potential for conflict.

Instead, you should do what you can to remind him why you are the most interesting person in the room. Then he will remember why he should be putting his energy into ensuring that you are the one who likes him.

4. He Will Spend Less Time With You

Libra men tend to be the type that like to spend a lot of time with their partner.

They will invite you along to everything from a night out for old college mates to work drinks.

He likes having his partner by his side at all times enjoying the fun and being an integral part of their life.

If they suddenly stop asking if you want to join them on every social outing, this can be a problem. It might be a sign that he’s no longer interested in having you by his side.

If this happens, it is time for you to take the lead. Invite him to be your plus one at whatever you do.

Remind him how much fun the two of you have together. Show him how well equipped you are to take on the world as a couple.

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5. He’ll Stop Asking About Your Friends and Family

When you start dating a Libra man, he tends to adopt all of your friends and family as his own as well.

He loves people, and he is happy to adopt your community into his life.

But he’s been through enough breakups in the past to know that one of the hardest things is that you also separate your friendship circles.

If he is thinking about breaking up with you, he might have already started to think about spending less time with the people he sees as “your friends”. He knows that it will make the break-up easier for him.

Don’t let him get away with this. Talk about your friends and family. Invite him out with them.

Make sure that he sees that whatever he is worried about is not worth breaking apart the world that the two of you have created together.

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Can You Change a Libra Man’s Mind?

When a Libra man commits to a relationship, he commits wholeheartedly.

He is also thick-skinned and accommodating, so it takes a lot for him to decide that things aren’t working.

If you pick up on the signs that he might be worried about the relationship early, and deal with the problems that they reflect, there is a very good chance that he’ll change his mind.

He wants the relationship to work, so you just need to remind him how good the two of you are together.

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