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How to Keep a Libra Man Interested

How to Keep a Libra Man Interested

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Libra men are caring and generous, so when he is interested in you few people can make you feel more special.

But, sensitive and adverse to conflict, they also have a tendency to run when the going gets tough.

So, how do you get a Libra man to risk the harder side of relationships in order to get the very worthwhile pay off.

There are a few things that you can do to catch his interest, and manage him while you are getting to know one another.

5 Ways to Keep a Libra Man Interested

To keep a Libra man interested, all you really need to do is spend a lot of time together. He is the type to feel deeper and more connected the more time you spend together.

However, don’t just spend time with him, spend time with his friends as well. His friends are his family and he respects their opinions. Show them what a great person you are as well.

Make a Libra man want you by letting him deep into your world. Talk about your life, introduce him to your friends, and let him be an active participant in every aspect of your life.

1. Do Things Together

To keep a Libra man, make a lot of time to spend with him. Libra men tend to be looking for a partner that they can pretty much do everything with.

They want someone with whom they don’t really need to make plans, as the plan is to do things together. So, make yourself available to do a lot of things together.

Whether it is cooking dinner at home and watching Netflix, or going out for a drink after work, they want your company.

Libra men tend to be the type of partners that want to start “living in one another’s pockets” pretty quickly. So, make space for him in your world.

2. Dress Him Up

To engage with a Libra man, don’t be afraid to dress him up. While most men hate the idea of a partner that tries to change them, adaptable Libra loves to reinvent themselves based on the people that they admire and to please the people they love.

Why not indulge this a little. A fun shopping outing where you convince him to buy a new jacket or try some new shoes will help him see how he can grow with you.

Of course, don’t take things too far. Convincing them to try a few new things that they might like is one thing, trying to transform them into a completely different person is another.

When handling a Libra man, figure out what is core to who they are and what they are happy to play with.

3. Get to Know His Friends

When loving a Libra man, get to know his friends. Libra men are pack people. They are outgoing, engaging, and generous people, so they make friends easily.

They also probably have a core of really good friends who are like family and speaks to and spends time with regularly. What this pack thinks of you will be important to a Libra man.

To get a Libra man hooked, don’t just turn your personal charm on your Libra man, but on his friends as well. They will want to see that you are fun, independent, and most importantly, have genuine affection for their friend.

Friends of a Libra man often feel protective of him. He can be overly trusting, so they are always on the lookout for him.

4. Let Him Be the Connector

When managing a Libra man, let him play his natural role of connector.

Libra men have an underlying desire to always be at the center of everything. This does not mean that they always have to be the center of attention, but they do like to be at the center of the conversation.

They like to be the person who knows everything and the person that other people confide in.

Show him that he can continue to occupy this space within your world by indulging in a bit of old fashioned gossip. Tell him about your friends, your work colleagues, your funny family feuds.

This will show him that you trust him, and he will start to see your world as your own. Few men will be as happy to hear about your day as Libra.

5. Be Gregarious

To make a Libra man want you, be outgoing and gregarious. There are few things that Libra men find more attractive than a partner who has that same ability to get along with anyone.

They want someone who is easy going with their friends and acquaintances, but also empathetic to their feelings and needs.

A Libra man will be attracted to that person who does their best to make everyone feel welcome and happy in a group, and that person who jumps to the defense of someone who is not there to defend themselves.

Make a Libra man want you by showing him that you care for people as much as he does.

What Libra Men Dislike

While Libra men are among the most easy-going in the zodiac, there are a few things that can drive a Libra man away faster than they arrived.

1. Don’t Play Hard to Get

Libra men tend to fall quick and hard, and want to go from zero to one hundred in no time at all. While they will understand if you need to slow things down a little, they won’t understand if you play hard to get.

Libra men are open and always meeting new people. If they think you aren’t interested, they may well just find someone new.

2. Don’t Criticize

Libra men have a strong sense of justice and don’t like to see other people put down or put upon. So, don’t make the mistake of treating someone badly in front of a Libra man.

Tip your waiter and treat the shop assistant with respect, and never make fun of someone who is in a truly challenging situation.

3. Don’t Pick Fights

Libra men don’t enjoy conflict, and will make significant compromises to keep other people happy. They find conflict difficult to deal with.

So, if their partner constantly bickers with them, even if it is not that serious, it can put a weight around Libra’s neck that is difficult for them to carry.

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Keeping a Libra Man Interested

Libra men are loving, generous souls, and once they have found love, they invest in it. For this reason, it is not hard to keep a Libra man. But keep your relationship a happy one by spending a lot of time together and discussing everything.

Most Libra men are looking for a generous soul that is caring and compassionate. He sees the way you treat others as a reflection of the way you will treat him. So, to keep a Libra man interested, just continue to be your kind and compassionate self.