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How To Get Your Libra Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Libra Man Back Fast

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Libra men believe in the idea of soul mates and are committed. They don’t break-up at the drop of a hat and are generally willing to make sacrifices to make things work. If they break up with you, they must think the relationship is truly broken.

So, if you want to win your Libra man back, you need to show him that the two of you are meant to be, and that there is nothing about the two of your together that can’t be fixed.

Read on for advice on how to show your Libra man that the two of you are meant to be.

Will a Libra Man Return After a Break-Up?

A Libra man doesn’t walk away from relationships easily, so if you broke-up, he probably has good reasons.

But Libra men also desperately want their relationships to work. So, if there is a chance that they can fix things, they will want to try.

5 Ways to Get a Libra Man Back Fast

If you want to get back together with a Libra man, you need to show him that the two of you are meant to be. This means showing him that you are an integral part of his world, community, and history.

But you also need to show him that you are capable of a fun and joyful relationship, and that you can resolve issues without fighting and Libra hates conflict.

1. Talk, but don’t fight

To get a Libra man back after a break-up, you are going to have to talk about whatever drove the two of your apart.

You will probably have to initiate the conversation if you want it to happen. When you do, make sure it is a conversation, and that it does not degenerate into a fight.

Libra men hate fighting and will do almost anything to avoid conflict. If you start fighting with him, he will just shut down. Avoid fighting by avoiding blame.

Rather than trying to figure out who did what, talk about what you can both do differently in the future.

If you show him that you are the kind of person who knows how to resolve conflict without fighting, he might reconsider your relationship.

2. Suggest conditions

To win back your Libra man’s heart, consider getting back together on certain conditions.

Your Libra man might be tempted to get back together, but he might also be wary that the same problems will emerge again. He won’t want to go through the pain of a break-up all over again.

Relieve this stress by putting conditions on your reunion. Give yourselves an “easy-out” clause if one of you fails to live up to the new terms of the relationship and falls back into bad habits.

While in reality, these “easy-out” clauses are never easy, it can help him see trying again as less risky than he imagines.

3. Plan an exciting activity together

To make your Libra man want you again, plan a fun activity for you to do together.

Shared experiences are often a source of bonding, and it will also remind Libra of all the good times and fun that you have already had together.

If you aren’t in a place where you can just plan things to do together, you can risk telling him a little white lie.

Tell him you bought the tickets before you broke up and forgot about them. Or tell him that the friend you were going to go with canceled, and that you just know he will love it.

Remember that the experience is meant to be fun, so don’t spend the precious time you have together squabbling over old wounds.

4. Find advocates

To get a Libra man back in your life, it can be useful to recruit some of his friends as advocates on your behalf.

Libra men care a lot about what the important people in their lives think. If his nearest and dearest are telling him that you guys made a great couple and he should reconsider, this will penetrate his thoughts.

But be warned, the friends of Libra men tend to be very protective, and you won’t be able to win them over if they think you hurt him or that you aren’t good for him.

Convincing them that your Libra man should take your back might be as challenging as convincing your Libra man directly.

But if he does have friends in your camp, don’t be afraid to ask them to talk to him on your behalf.

5. Be happy

To make a Libra man fall for you all over again, you need to show him how happy you are in life, with or without him.

Libra men believe that life is to be enjoyed, and they are attracted to people who seem to have the same perspective. They want someone with a natural joy, who can bring that sunshine into their world.

So, while you are apart from your Libra man, take some time to invest in your own happiness. Spend time with friends, do things you have always wanted to do, and invest in new skills and talents.

You might be surprised just how well happiness attracts love.

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How Long Does it Take For a Libra Man to Come Back

Libra men are impulsive and they follow their hearts, so if they want to get back together, they won’t delay.

You will probably need to make the first move in reinitiating things. But if that is what he wants too, he will come back immediately.

However, he may believe that the relationship is broken to the point of no return. Then, prepare to play the long game to convince him.

You may need to go through a considerable period of being friends to show him that he still wants to be more than that.

After You Win Him Back

If you do manage to win back your Libra man, your work has only just begun. In order to keep him, you need to establish a healthy and happy relationship.

With a Libra man, this means keeping your temper under control, and establishing healthy ways to deal with disagreements.

It also means having as much fun as possible and finding joy within one another. But that shouldn’t be so hard, that is what relationships are all about after all.


Saturday 24th of October 2020

"...while you are apart from your Libra man, take some time to invest in your own happiness. Spend time with friends, do things you have always wanted to do, and invest in new skills and talents. You might be surprised just how well happiness attracts love."

This will result in the Libra man writing you off entirely. As a "soul mate", the Libra man wants to know that you were unhappy without them. I learned this first hand from a Libra's Libra man.


Monday 12th of April 2021

@Sandie, how did he react to saying you missed him? My Libra ex broke up with me a little over a week ago and I’ve been dying to reach out, although I feel it hasn’t been enough time. I know I can’t wait too long, so I think a week of no contact would be beneficial in my case. I just can’t think of the right way to reach out once I do. Help! What did you say and how did he react ?


Tuesday 19th of January 2021

Hi Michelle I’ve read what was said in the post above and what you have put,my Libra ex wasn’t straight forward 2 failed marriages on his own for the last 20 years and no girlfriends at all in that time untill me 7 months things went wrong over night and covid hasn’t helped, we parted as friends I want him bac so told him I miss him just now make or break we will see x