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Dealing With a Libra Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Libra Man Break-Up

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Libra men are ruled by Venus and are generally very calm in nature. They love and attract beauty, and are often very handsome themselves.

These men view things very rationally, and if they’re breaking up with you, they’re doing so because they have given it a lot of thought.

Everything needs to be balanced when Libra looks at things. They will always weigh the positives against the negatives – that’s why they are represented by the scale.

Libra men are also never impulsive; they will never just break up with you.

During a break up with a Libra man, you won’t hear too much from him, as he’ll be busy socializing with friends. However, over time, he may miss you and contact you when you least expect it!

Here in this article is everything you need to know about Libra men and break-ups!

How Do Libra Break Up?

A Libra man will break up with you in person usually. They will invite you over to their place, in a safe environment, may even cook you dinner, and then explain to you that it’s not working out for them. They’ll do this gently, and will be kind about it.

If the two of you are just in the relationship for fun, he’ll send over a quick text to get it over and done with.

He really doesn’t like drama – he’s an Air sign and really can’t handle too much emotional weight, unless he has personal planets in Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces.  

How to Know When a Libra Man is Done with You

You’ll know that it’s over with you when he stops putting too much effort in his appearance when he’s with you.

He’ll stop wearing his most expensive cologne, and won’t wear his favorite shirts. He will never look terrible, he is Libra after all, but won’t care so much.

A Libra man will also spend a lot of time socializing with his friends without you. He’ll go out for a “boys night out” a little bit too often, and will stop messaging and communicating with you so much. He will want to be left alone.

He’s ruled by Venus, and Venus loves beauty and sensuality, so when he stops giving you compliments, buying you flowers, or making love to you, you’ll know something is up!

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Will a Libra Man Come Back?

Libra men only come back in their own time. It’s a decision they alone can make.

After a break up they will take their time doing their own thing again, but may miss you terribly.

Libra is a sign that’s all about partnerships, and that’s why Libras don’t stay single for long.

If your Libra man had a deep love for you, he will come back – but it will be slowly. He’ll start texting you, and then may start calling you.

Once he has the go-ahead, he’ll then start seeing you, and will ask you to be his girlfriend again.

Libra men are usually very attractive, and have a lot of admirers.

It’s best not to contact him too much after a break up, as this will only flatter him along with the other women that flirt with him. Text him every 10 days and see what happens – but never chase this man!

Do Libra Miss Their Ex?

Libra have to be in a relationship. They rule the 7th house of the Zodiac wheel, which is all about love, relationships and marriage.

They honestly feel very empty if they don’t have a loving partner by their side. If you disappear from their lives, they will start missing you.

Honestly, if they loved you, they really adored you, and now that you’re gone, they will feel the need to replace the void in their heart that was created by the break-up. They definitely will miss you, and may contact you when you least expect it!

How Do Libra Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Libra men deal with break-ups by concentrating on their looks, and making sure their environment is balanced, so that everything around them looks pleasant and beautiful. Their egos have just taken a hit so they’ll hit the gym pretty soon.

They’ll also want to be around friends who make them laugh. Libra rules the 7th house of relationships, so they constantly need company around them. They will also dig into good food that puts them in a good mood.

When you’re not making love to each other any more, going to boutique hotels for brunch, and decorating your home together, he will: 

  1. Socialize with Friends

Libra men will always have a TON of friends, both male and female, as they’re just so pleasant to be around. Libras are hardly ever aggressive or confrontational (leave that to their opposites – Aries), and people just love their company.

They’ll be out drinking, dancing, and having a lot of fun, even if they feel a bit sad on the inside, no-one will know.

2. Flirt

Libra men feel empty without love, and flirting is important to them, to make them feel lovable again.

It’s not so much about having sex, but the ability for other women to find them attractive. They need the high of feeling sexy and wanted.

3. Shop

Libras love shopping and buying the best clothes and cologne. After a break up they may just splurge on a ton of jeans and sexy tops that show off their sculpted muscles.

Libras get a high from shopping, that not many other things give them.

4. Up Their Look

After a break-up, Libra men will want to look sexier than ever.

They’ll go to the barber and change their look so that they look really stylish and sexy. They will probably book regular appointments so that they always look on top of their game!

5. Get Massages

Libra men love anything sensual, not as much as Taurus (who is ruled by Venus as well), but sensual nonetheless.

They will love getting massages after a break-up just so that they can experience touch, and feel loved and taken care of during those moments.

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Without a doubt, you had a wonderful and pleasant relationship with your Libra man, and may feel lonely and blue without him.

If you do get back together, wonderful! If not, remember there are many men around you that would love to be by your side!

The most important thing is to do things that make you really happy and fill you up from the inside.

The best thing to do is get in touch with the real you, and connect with all your friends again! With all the joy you are attracting into your life, you will attract love again in no time!