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How To Know When A Scorpio Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Scorpio Man Is Done With You

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Scorpio men are complicated. They are suspicious, they have a sharp tongue, and they like to argue.

They can always seem like they are on the point of breaking up with someone.

But there are other signs to look out for that might tell you that a Scorpio man isn’t just being his difficult self, and is really considering ending things.

His normal difficult behaviors, such as secretiveness, snooping, and a tendency to make jokes at your expense, will go into overdrive and feel like they are on another level.

They will also shut off any access that they may have given you to their emotions, and stop thinking about where you fit in as they plan their future.

Read on for more sure signs that a Scorpio man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Scorpio Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Start Snooping

Scorpio men have a tendency to snoop in their partner’s business at the best of times. But if he is thinking about finishing with you, this might go into overdrive.

If he wants to break up with you, he will want to have a reason to justify his actions and to be able to say that it is your fault.

He will be on the look out for evidence and he won’t have a problem going through your phone and other personal belongings to make his case.

Don’t try and hide things from him at this time, this will just feed his need to find things.

Work to reassure him that he can trust you. This is very important to him, so it might change his mind about ending things.

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2. He Will Get More Secretive

People born under Scorpio have a tendency to be secretive, despite snooping into everyone else’s business.

When they are happy within a relationship, they can start to let their guard down a bit and be more open about what is going on in their lives.

But if he is considering finishing the relationship, this will be one of the first walls that will go back up. He will be even more secretive and closed off than normal.

Don’t push him at this time, let him keep his secrets. Do what you can to show him that you trust him and don’t need to check up on him.

3. He Will Pick On You

Scorpios tend to have a sharp sense of humor. They find the fun in pointing out the flaws of others, as a joke, but always with a grain of truth.

When they realize how hurtful this can be to the people that they care about, they tend to tone it down. Though nasty comments can still sneak out occasionally.

But if Scorpio is cutting close to the bone increasingly often, it usually means that they aren’t trying to hold back any more.

This could mean that they are moving on, so they don’t feel the need to hold back.

Show him that you have thick skin and that he can’t hurt you with his words. And if you have the opportunity, give as good as you get.

Far from being hurt, this tends to be a turn on for Scorpio.

4. They Will Be More Selfish

Scorpio men generally put themselves first. They think about what they need and what they want. They will worry about other people later, if it is convenient.

He has probably learned the hard lesson that to make a relationship work, he needs to put his partner higher up his priority list. So, your needs may enjoy special attention within his world.

But if he begins to ignore your needs increasingly often, take this as a warning that he might be thinking about ending things.

Why should he worry about you when the relationship is as good as over?

Don’t complain, this will just give him an excuse to be upset with you. But you might consider putting your own needs first as well and giving him a taste of his own medicine.

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5. He Won’t Talk About His Feelings

While Scorpio men might seem as hard as nails on the outside, anyone who knows them well knows that they are very much in touch with their emotions.

While they like to keep their emotions under control, they will also talk about them. It is something that they need to do when they have a weight on their shoulders.

They will usually choose to discuss their feelings with a partner that they can trust.

However, if they are beginning to doubt the relationship, expect them to shut you out of all access to their feelings.

Don’t try and push him to open up, he is more likely to view this as an attack than as sharing.

Instead, show him that you aren’t afraid to share your own feelings. But keep things under control, tears will also drive him away.

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Can You Change a Scorpio Man’s Mind?

Scorpio men tend to let themselves get upset about little things, which might make them consider breaking up with you.

But once they have realized that they have overreacted, they will be happy to continue in the relationship.

However, when a Scorpio man feels like they have been seriously betrayed, then they are stubborn and unforgiving, and there is very little that you can do to convince them to give things another try.

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