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How to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested

How to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested

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Scorpio men seem to pivot between being caring and affectionate to sharp-tongued and cruel. For this reason, it can tough work keeping a Scorpio man interested in you.

Scorpio’s harsh interior is mostly just to protect the truly beautiful but vulnerable human being underneath.

Catch his interests and get past his defences with these essential tips and tricks for loving a Scorpio man.

5 Ways to Keep a Scorpio Man Interested

To keep a Scorpio man interested, you need to demonstrate your loyalty and be an emotional anchor for him. He wants a committed partner he can rely on and enjoy the simple things in life with. 

But while he craves safety, he is also jealous and covetous, and he is attracted to brilliant stars.

He wants a partner on his arm that he can be proud of, and who is just as successful and as sure of themselves as he is.

1. Be Clear About Your Feelings

To handle a Scorpio man, be crystal clear about your feelings. They tend to move slowly and hold back until they are sure about the feelings of their partner.

This is because they don’t want to get hurt or be made a fool of. They will not put themselves out there if they are in any doubt that the other person won’t reciprocate their feelings.

When managing a Scorpio man, be clear and honest about your feelings, and don’t be afraid to tell a Scorpio man how much they mean to you.

While they might seem as hard as nails on the outside, they are sensitive and emotional souls. They like to hear you talk about your feelings.

2. Show Him He Can Trust You

To keep a Scorpio man, you need to show him that he can trust you. Scorpio men tend to be highly suspicious.

Life has taught them that not everyone can be trusted, and they tend to be on the lookout for signs that the other person may be being less than honest.

Make sure you are always truthful with Scorpio, if they catch you in a lie, even a small one, they can be very unforgiving.

There are other little things that you can do to earn his trust. Don’t be cagey if he looks over your shoulder at your telephone screen, and invite him to get to know your male friends so he has no reason to be suspicious.

But, avoid leaving a journal anywhere that Scorpio might see it, they may not be able to resist breaching your privacy.

3. Give Him Space

When loving a Scorpio man, make sure you give him space. Men born under Scorpio tend to be loners, and they need to spend quite a bit of time “doing their own thing”.

They find it draining to always be sharing their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with other people. So, give him the space he needs, and let him decide what to share with you and when.

In contrast to Scorpio’s own nosy behavior, they can also be secretive.

If you ask Scorpio about something and he clearly doesn’t want to talk about it, let it be. He won’t like it if you push too hard. He will share with you when he is ready.

4. Let Him Be the Organizer

To keep your Scorpio man hooked, let him be in control, because Scorpio men are control freaks! They like to have everything their way, and they can be quite childish when they don’t get it.

Avoid conflict with Scorpio by letting him take the reigns. Let him choose the restaurant and plan your weekend away. He’ll be happier knowing exactly what to expect.

But that doesn’t mean that you should let opinionated Scorpio win all the time.

He tends to have fixed ideas on everything, and may get quite red in the face when you disagree with him, but he actually finds someone with their own firm opinions very attractive. Just be careful to pick your battles.

5. Work on Yourself

To make a Scorpio man want you, work on being the best possible version of you. Scorpio men are ambitious and competitive, and constantly trying to improve and reinvent themselves.

Whether it is pumping up their muscles or learning a new language, they always have a project on the go. Scorpio men want a partner with that same level of ambition.

If you are constantly working on yourself and evolving, Scorpio will always have a reason to respect and admire you. This is the fastest way to make a Scorpio man to want you, as they tend to want what is coveted, and that should be you!

However, don’t try to make yourself desirable by showing him that other people want you, he may withdraw from the game.

What Scorpio Men Dislike

While Scorpio men are tender and caring, they do have a difficult personality, which means that it can be easy to get on the wrong side of him.

This is why you need to be careful when dealing with a Scorpio man.

1. Don’t Play Hard to Get

Scorpio men have a deep fear of getting hurt and of being made to look the fool.

If you play games with him, or make him think that you have a better offer elsewhere, he is likely to cut his losses and move on, all in the name of protecting themselves.

2. Don’t Move to Fast

Scorpio men need time to learn how to trust another person and let them into their lives. So, don’t try and make things move to fast. For example, don’t leave a few bits and bobs like a toothbrush and a change of underwear at his house until he has invited you to.

3. Don’t Be Dishonest

The one thing that Scorpio men dislike above all others is dishonesty. They hate to feel like they are being betrayed, and they also don’t like to be made to look stupid or like they didn’t know something.

Even a white lie can start to break down any trust that you have developed with Scorpio.

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Keeping a Scorpio Man Hooked

Scorpio men can seem hard on the outside, and often have difficult personalities, but underneath they are highly emotional and caring, and they are very dedicated and loving partners.

The key to making it work with Scorpio is to develop trust, as there are few things that Scorpio values more.

Scorpio can be a jealous soul, something to be wary of in a relationship, but also something that drives Scorpio.

He can be the type of person who craves someone because others desire them. So, to attract a Scorpio man, be your best and most desirable self.