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Signs a Scorpio Man is Testing You

Signs a Scorpio Man is Testing You

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Scorpio men have a naturally suspicious nature, so they are more likely than most to play games that test the loyalty of their partner.

They have a tendency to read more into things that are there, so even the smallest things might cause them to start doubting and start asking questions.

Scorpio men often play games in relationships, usually to test whether you are being entirely honest with him.

He might try and catch you out in a lie. And for him, omitting to say something is as good as being dishonest.

While he is not actively testing you, his sharp tongue and cutting wit may often feel like a test.

He will be worried if you get upset easily, as he wants someone who can handle his often spiky personality.

Read for more details of the games Scorpio men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways A Scorpio Man Tests You

1. He Will Test Your Honesty

Scorpio men are snoops. They have a need to know everything, and they also tend to get suspicious when they feel like people are hiding things from them.

So, if he suspects that you aren’t telling him everything, be prepared for him to start testing your honesty.

This might involve using information that he does know to try and catch you out on a lie, or showing up unexpectedly to see if you are doing what you said you would be doing.

It is also not below a Scorpio to have a snoop around your phone.

They don’t feel like it is crossing the line, though they would be appalled if you did the same thing.

The only way to pass this kind of test is to be honest, and try not to omit information that you know he would be interested in. He sees this as being little better than a lie.

2. He Will Test Your Trust

While a Scorpio man might want to know where you are and what you are doing all the time, he also prizes his personal space.

He wants a partner that trusts him enough to let him go off and do his own thing without feeling the need to check up on him or pry.

A Scorpio man might test how much you trust him by going off-grid and not responding to calls or texts.

He wants to see whether you can accept that he is occupied elsewhere and will get back to you when he is ready.

He might also be deliberately vague about things, and respond aggressively if you try to push him on things that he doesn’t want to talk about.

3. He Will Test How Thick Your Skin Is

People born under Scorpio tend to have a sharp tongue. They are the type of people who will say something hurtful and brush it off as being the truth.

But they will also expect that you don’t overreact to what he sees as legitimate comments.

If he suspects you of being overly sensitive, he might try and push your buttons to see exactly how much you can take.

The best response to this is to give as good as you get. A witty response will appear to a Scorpio man’s heart.

4. He Will Want To See How You Argue

Scorpios are very firm in their opinions, and they also like to tell other people what they think and why they are right.

They don’t mind if not everyone agrees with them, as they quite enjoy a good argument.

But they prefer their arguments to be intellectual rather than emotional.

They want to debate the points, they don’t want someone to get upset because of something that they have said.

For this reason, they might pick the occasional argument with you to see if you have what it takes to keep up with them.

Remember that in his view you are talking about the topic, and it is not about your relationship.

Argue your corner and hold firm, and afterward, show him that you aren’t upset about anything that might have been said.

5. He Will Test If You Can Handle Things On Your Own

Scorpio men don’t want a partner that they need to handhold through life. They want an independent partner who can look after themselves.

If they suspect that you have become a little too dependent and needy in the relationships, they might try and see just how much you can handle on your own.

This might mean leaving you in charge of a major home improvement project, which would be out of character for these control freaks.

But they want to see that you can step up and meet the challenge, rather than shying away and relying on them to pick up the pieces.

Enjoy the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat when this happens, as it won’t happen often with a Scorpio man.

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When A Scorpio Man Tests You

Scorpio men are suspicious by nature, so they are the type of people who will constantly test their partner to check that they are being honest and that they are up to the task of being their other half.

You can often tell when a Scorpio man is playing games as he will be snooping, and will often behave in a way that is out of character, such as softening his normally controlling nature.

Just remember, that as much as Scorpio would like it to be different, he’s not the one calling all the shots, so go ahead and play the leader.

Just make sure that you are always honest and open with him, as there is nothing he resents more than dishonesty and secrecy.

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