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Dealing With a Scorpio Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Scorpio Man Break-Up

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Scorpio men are extremely magnetic and sexy! They ooze sex appeal and Scorpio rules the 8th house of the Zodiac, which is all about transformation. Transformation occurs when you experience sexual release, and that’s why Scorpio is said to rule sex.

If a Scorpio man is breaking up with you, and you had a very deep connection, it will be extremely painful for him. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which is the planet of destruction, and trust me, if he loved you deeply, his heart is really breaking.

A Scorpio break-up literally stings, like the scorpion that the sign is connected to, with its sharp tail and stinger. Over time though, things will get better!

Here’s all you need to know about Scorpio men and break-ups!

How Do Scorpio Break Up?

They will sit you down in private, and will have a heart to heart as they explain why the relationship is not working for them.

If you’re involved in a no-strings-attached relationship (as can happen a lot with Scorpios), they may just call you, or send a text over the phone. It may hurt, but at least there wasn’t a deeply emotional connection.

How to Know When a Scorpio Man is Done with You?

You’ll know when a Scorpio is done with you. Scorpios can be pretty mean when they want to be, and if they’re no longer interested in you, they may just ignore you, or even humiliate you in front of others.

There’ll also be very little communication. Scorpio destroys many things, and if he’s made up his mind about you, that’s it!

If you do text him, he may only send messages back after a few hours, or days, which can be torturous.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – and when Scorpio comes into your life, there is often a huge transformation that occurs within you, that’s why it hurts so much when he no longer pays attention to you.

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Will a Scorpio Man Come Back?

A Scorpio may get back together with his ex. It may happen if you and your Scorpio man dated for many years, and had a very deep connection.

This is especially certain if he has personal planets in Cancer. A Moon in Cancer Scorpio, cannot let go easily!

He won’t come back straight away though. This man will need to go through the pain, and cry his heart out to process the loss that has just occurred in his life.

If time goes on, and he doesn’t connect deeply with another woman, he may just start contacting you again.

It’s really important not to chase a Scorpio man after a break-up, as he needs his alone time. If you keep on messaging and calling him, it could make things worse, as he may just completely burn the relationship. Wait a while before messaging him again.

Do Scorpio Miss Their Ex?

Scorpio will miss their ex, as they’re exceptionally “feeling”, sensitive and emotional Water signs that are VERY deep. Their lives can feel like its totally falling apart in front of them when they lose something that matters a lot to them.

Scorpio has an uncanny ability that transcends metaphysics. If he’s thinking of you, and you have a deep enough connection to him, you’ll pick it up.

What usually happens, is if you can’t stop thinking about him, it’s often because he can’t stop thinking about you.

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How Do Scorpio Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Scorpio men deal with break-ups by getting really deep and in touch with their emotions, sometimes going to dark places within their souls. Straight after a break up, they’ll either want to be alone, or will try to numb the pain. 

When a Scorpio man gives his heart away, he gives a big part of who he is to the woman he loves. It takes a Scorpio a man a very long time to say, “I love you,” and when this love is broken, it can shatter him into a million pieces.

Since you’re no longer making earth-shattering love, whispering sweet-nothings into each other’s ears, and enjoying jacuzzis together, he will:

1. Hide Away from the World

Scorpio is a sign that really needs their solitude at times. If they’re going through a rough break-up, they need to get in touch with their feelings, away from people.

Breaking up from a very meaningful relationship will make them stay indoors to do their own thing for a while. They may even cry silently.

2. Have Sex

Sometimes, the only way Scorpio men truly feel alive, is when they’re having sex. It’s something they excel at, and something they feel in charge of.

Every sexual release they have will bring them closer to healing themselves.

3. Go to Rock Clubs

Rock clubs are very different to dance clubs. They play rock music, and the vibe is a bit darker, with an older crowd.

By going to these clubs, they can hide away in the dark corners, appreciate the music on their own, and watch people as they go by.

4. Go to the Beach

The ocean is very therapeutic for Scorpios. They’re a Water sign, and the ocean really pulls them in. They can’t help but be in a trance around the ocean, wanting to swim in deep, and be carried by the waves.

However, they won’t go when the beach is full. They’ll either go early in the morning, later towards dusk, or go anytime of day to a beach that is more secluded.

5. Play Music

Many Scorpios will often turn to music to soothe their wary souls, and broken hearts. Often, they will have a guitar (acoustic), which they have mastered.

They will play endlessly, as it calms them down. Some may sing, but it’s the rhythm and sound of the guitar strings that really relaxes them.

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When you had a loving relationship with a Scorpio man, it was emotional, deeply sexual, loving and, at times, very difficult.

If he returns to you, and you have a go at it again, great! If not, just remember that there are so many guys out there waiting to date you!

After a break-up, your heart will be sore. The best thing to combat this is to hang out with your closest girlfriends – those that know you best.

Get in touch with yourself again, learn to love yourself, and enjoy all the special things in life that make you happy.

You will attract love again, and it will be special, because you’re loving yourself first!


Thursday 23rd of September 2021

In undergrad at 21 I met my scorpio lover online under weird circumstances. As I’m a Scorpio too we had an instant attraction and did I mention how fine he is too? Anyhow he’s Dominican from out east and I live in the midwest, so our cultural differences made things more interesting learning about the island and its ways. We chatted via phone and video for 3 months and I decided to go see him as he lives in the big city. Once we met we made eye contact and time stood still for us. As soon as he entered the threshold he was all over me and we made live 7 times that day. We’ve been on and off for the last 4 years in a toxic long distance situation but there was alway true love between us. I found out he cheated when a girl answered his phone claiming they were in the middle of sex. I screamed and cried for hours I had never been so infuriated and heartbroken, I was inconsolable. As a true Scorpio I got revenge and slandered him on him online and now he has excommunicated himself from me. Yeah I was wrong to stoop that low but I was hurt and hundreds of miles away with no way of physically seeing him so I did what made me feel “better” at the time. A year later I’m currently with someone else who is great and everything a women deserves. But,I cant lie and I think about my past love every morning when I wake up and before I go to bed at night. Replaying our memories and the moments we shared. Remember how he’d stare at me and call me “morena,” then tell how much he adores me. My heart hurts just thinking about him. I try not to think about him but I can’t help but to and this article gave me hope he’s thinking about me too…