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How to Keep a Gemini Man Interested

How to Keep a Gemini Man Interested

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Relationships with a Gemini man can start out intense, as all of his interest is squarely focused on you.

But Gemini men have a short attention span, and it can soon feel like you have lost their attention and it is gone in another direction.

It is by no means impossible to hold onto a Gemini man, you just need to know how to keep his attention and interest in the long term.

Try these tips and tricks to attract a Gemini man and build a relationship that will last.

5 Ways to Keep a Gemini Man Interested

The best way to keep a Gemini man interested is to make sure that you are always doing something new and interesting. Reveal new elements of yourself over time, and always plan new and exciting things that you can do together.

Gemini men tend to be looking for a relationship in which there is never a dull moment. They want the conversations and laughs to flow, and each day to bring a new surprise.

1. Make Conversation

To attract a Gemini man and keep him hooked, be prepared to talk and listen. There is nothing that he appreciates more than good conversation.

Not only do Gemini not do well with awkward silences but they also think that always having something to talk about is a sign of compatibility.

Not every conversation with Gemini needs to be deep and meaningful. He enjoys gossiping and talking about films just as much as he loves dissecting the universe. Make a Gemini man want you by discussing everything under the sun.

2. Reveal Things Over Time

To keep a Gemini man interested, you need to time in fully revealing yourself.

While you want to be open and forthcoming with Gemini, it is also a good idea to hold some things back.

Gemini tend to crave newness all the time to hold their attention and keep them interested. So, showing them new things about yourself is a great way to keep their attention.

Take your time. Introduce them to your best friends individually, and don’t always reveal your favorite past times and hobbies until you are ready to invite them along. They will love peeling back the layers and discovering a bit more about you each passing day.

3. Find New Things To Do

When managing a Gemini man, remember that they have a short attention span, and that they are always looking for something new to do.

So, make sure that you have new things to do together. Find new and interesting places to go on dates, and always lookout for new activities that you can do together.

Gemini men tend to move on from one partner to the next when they feel like things are getting stale and “samey”.

This rarely has anything to do with the partner, and more to do with the routine. So, try and make sure that there is always something new and different on the table.

4. Be Independent

To impress a Gemini man, be independent. They want a partner who always brings something new and interesting to the table.

That means a partner who has their own full, rich life. They have their own friends to invite to the party, their own funny work stories, and their own world experiences to share.

When you start dating a Gemini man, don’t try to become connected at the hip. Invest in yourself and the things that you love, which will probably also be the things that Gemini loved about you in the first place.

The best way to love a Gemini man is to always bring new stimuli to the table.

5. Give Him Space

Loving a Gemini man often means giving him space. Gemini men are spontaneous, gregarious, and have a lot of interests. They need a lot of freedom to follow their nose to whatever is exciting them.

This can sometimes mean spending a lot of time with other people, as they often get very close to new people when they first meet them.

Gemini men thrive off newness and change, and they also have a deep desire to be free.

If they feel like the energy of their relationship is stifling them from doing that, they may well start to see their partner as more of a burden than a pleasure.

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What Gemini Men Dislike

While Gemini men are loving and caring, they aren’t always the easiest person to get along with as a partner. It often requires accepting some difficult personality traits.

1. Don’t Nag

There is no denying that Gemini men are frustrating. They tend to be forgetful, and never get around to doing the things that they say. But nagging and reprimanding them won’t change their nature, or make them feel good.

Gemini believes that relationships are meant to lift you up, and they won’t hang around if they feel constantly put down.

2. Don’t Expect Consistency

Gemini men aren’t the type to have a regular routine. They find doing the same thing day in, day out, frustrating, and they generally decide to do things on the spur of the moment.

So don’t expect a regular date night, or for him to remember (and show up to) plans made weeks in advance.

3. Don’t Get Jealous

Gemini men are gregarious, outgoing, and let’s admit it, flirts. They enjoy meeting new people, and they enjoy the attention of admirers.

Gemini are sensitive souls and aren’t the type to be dishonest, and therefore cheat, but their behavior can still be difficult for others to accept.

But, if they are constantly confronted with jealous accusations (however legitimate), they will feel like their partner is trying to change them, and that is not something that they are usually willing to accept.

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Keeping a Gemini Man Hooked

The best way to keep a Gemini man hooked is to be the fascinating person that you are. Gemini men are looking for someone that they find fascinating and can provide them with the constant stimulus that they need to feel energized.

While Geminis are open and loving souls, they are not always easy partners. They are unreliable and need their own space. But, while Gemini is adaptable, they don’t like to be controlled.

Accept him for who he is, and choose to trust. He will probably earn it.