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How To Get Your Cancer Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Cancer Man Back Fast

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Cancer men are committed lovers that invest in their relationships and don’t walk away easily. This means that if you did break up, it is often for a reason.

If you want to get back together with a Cancer man, you are going to need to genuinely fix the problem, and also take responsibility for your part in the break-up.

Read on for advice on how exactly you can get him back after a break-up.

Will a Cancer Man Return After a Break-Up?

Cancer men are difficult to win back because they never make a decision lightly. They don’t break yo for no reason, and they don’t change their minds.

Showing them that things have changed can be very challenging. But, at the same time, Cancer men are sensitive and follow their hearts. If you can show him that things are different, he won’t let pride stand in the way.

5 Ways to Get a Cancer Man Back Fast

If you want to get a Cancer man back, you need to resolve the issues that drove you apart. Otherwise, they won’t risk getting hurt a second time.

You need to show him that you have genuinely changed, and remind him how connected the two of you are. Plus, you can recruit some of his friends and family to help you.

1. Offer a genuine apology

To win a Cancer man back, you are going to have to take responsibility for your role in the break-up.

Men born under Cancer are sensitive and unforgiving when it comes to matters of trust or the heart. If you want him to be able to move past whatever happened, you are going to need to take responsibility for your part.

Of course, there are two sides to every argument, and no one is suggesting that you should shoulder all the blame. But, you do need to honestly admit what you did wrong. And you should focus on you and how you felt.

Never fall into the trap of saying “but you did this…” It is the quickest way to get him to stop listening.

Cancer men are sensible and sensitive, they know their role in what happened. But don’t apologize expecting the same in return.

2. Use your words carefully

In order to get a Cancer man back after a break-up, you need to be very careful about the words you use.

While Cancer men might seem strong and easy-going, they are incredibly sensitive. They carry the things that you say around with them like weights.

If you have used your words as weapons in the past, he is carrying wounds that are difficult to heal. And, he is associating that pain with you.

Be kind in your interactions with him. In the tense emotional environment after a break-up, he is reading into everything that you say.

Speak honestly, but remember that this moment is not about winning. It is about finding common ground for the two of you.

3. Recruit advocates

To make a Cancer man want you again, you may need to recruit the assistance of his friends and family.

Cancer men are pack animals, and what their nearest and dearest think is very important. If someone close to them is suggesting that they should reconsider their break-up, they will likely listen.

But this may be easier said than done. Cancer’s friends tend to be naturally protective of their boy. They will want to know that you are worthy of a second chance to take your side. So, make sure you practice similar honesty and sensitivity when speaking with his friends.

If the two of you make a great match, there will be people in his pack willing to tell him that he’s made a mistake.

4. Talk about shared memories

To make a Cancer man want you back, remind him of your shared history. Cancer men tend to have a few long-term relationships over the course of their lives, rather than short ones.

This is because they believe that the history that you create together connects you, and that the connection is for life.

Remind him of the good times. Maybe send him a photo of a particularly good day and tell him what a precious memory it is for you. Tell an “in-joke” that only the two of you will get to remind him that you have the same language.

In this way, you can remind him of how much he has already invested in the relationship, and that he shouldn’t waste it.

5. Show him that you have changed

To get a Cancer man to forgive you, he needs to know that you have changed. Cancer men are wary with their hearts.

If you have already shown him that you cannot be trusted with it, he won’t give you a second chance to hurt him.

You need to show him that you won’t do the same things that hurt him in the past. This may have been arguing, making hurtful comments, breaking his trust, or not trusting him enough.

Whatever is at the core of what drove you apart, you need to show him that you have learned from the past and that the future will be different.

Remember that actions speak louder than words. Make sure that if you say that you have changed, you are proving it, over and over again.

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How Long Does it Take For a Cancer Man to Come Back

Cancer men never do anything without careful consideration, so don’t expect him to make the decision to get back together too quickly. He will need a lot of time to think through the implications of the decision, and to understand what his feelings truly mean to him.

Fortunately, Cancer men don’t move on quickly. They aren’t likely to find someone else to move on with quickly after the relationship.

However, if either you or he does get romantically involved with someone else after the break-up, it will be much harder for the two of you to get back together. Cancer men tend to consider this the point of no return.

After You Win Him Back

If you do get back together with your Cancer man, you then need to take the right steps to keep him. This means genuinely committing to the changes that you promised when wooing him back.

It also means being very careful with your words. Cancer will be more sensitive than ever when he feels vulnerable re-entering the relationship.

A Cancer man will make you work hard to win him back and keep him. But while you are working to please him, make sure that you are getting what you need out of the relationship as well.

Sun Hyun Moon

Friday 24th of December 2021

My ♋ boyfriend of 8 years calling it a separation. I ended up breaking his heart by breaking his trust. For the past couple years, I had tried to get a house of our own and my credit was bad. What does my credit have anything to do with my relationship? His stimulus money. We made a joint account so he could get his money. But we were trying to save to get a house but my bills and lack of job pay didn't help. Therefore, the money was gone quick and my fatal mistake was hiding it all this time because I knew the reaction I'd get would be an unfortunate one. What I should've done is either take his portion out before it disappeared or told him sooner than finding the right time to tell him. Now, the man that loved me and cared for me is gone. By my own doing. And I resent my actions. He will never look at me the same or ever trust me again. And the saddest part, we've known each other longer than we dated. Like 20 years. I am so crushed.


Saturday 29th of August 2020


My cancer wife caused me a loss of trust she unlocked my phone and read it - this has driven a wedge like no other - she refused to acknowledge and denies

I was wrong to start with and put up my hand and worked so hard and succeeded but looking back her Dijons note out tracks mine and all the above apples