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How to Keep a Cancer Man Interested

How to Keep a Cancer Man Interested

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A Cancer man can make you feel very special. But you can also sometimes feel like you are competing for his interest and affection with his community of family and friends.

So, how can you be sure that his interest in you is a genuine love connection and exclusive?

Winning and keeping a Cancer man interested often means winning over his entire tribe, but the reward is a generous and affectionate partner.

If you have your eyes set on attracting and keeping a Cancer man, there are a few things that you can do.

5 Ways to Keep a Cancer Man Interested

The best way to keep a Cancer man interested is not to be reticent. He is enticed by someone who is open and generous with their feelings, and who loves to laugh and see the lighter side of life.

He then becomes connected with someone who makes connections within his world. Get to know his nearest and dearest, and share yours with him as well. He really is looking for more of an alliance than a paring.

1. Get to Know His Friends and Family

To make a Cancer man want you more, get to known his friends and family. He is looking for someone who fits into their full social world. They want someone who can have a laugh with their mates and is friends with his mother.

Therefore, when you are dating a Cancer, don’t just invest in him, invest in his pack as well.

You can start by showing an interest in the people he talks about, and remembering who he knows from where and which stories have been about them.

When you finally meet in person, turn your charms on them to win them over. He will love hearing his friends rave about you after a night out together.

2. Introduce Him to Your Nearest and Dearest

To keep a Cancer man hooked, invite him to be close to your nearest and dearest. Cancer men also believe that you can learn a lot about a person from the people that they are close to. He will appreciate seeing you through the eyes of your friends and family.

Also, Cancer men are naturally suspicious by nature. Considering how close he is with his friends and family, if he doesn’t start meeting yours soon, he might start to be suspicious and wonder why.

Also, don’t worry if he starts talking to some of your best friends more often than you do. That is just his way.

3. Let Him Be the Organizer

To handle a Cancer man, let him be in charge. Nothing makes a Cancer man happier than making other people happy. When he organizes a party, it is all about seeing other people enjoy themselves, even if it means that he has to slave the night away.

To deal with a Cancer man, let him organize fun dates for you, and show your appreciation by having a thoroughly good time. He wants to see a smile on your face so oblige.

If he plans something that is a bit out of your comfort zone, give it a go. You might enjoy it more than you imagined.

4. Laugh A Lot

To attract a Cancer man, don’t be afraid to laugh. They think that life should be fun and that you should spend your time with the people that you enjoy.

Nothing will make a Cancer man want you more than ensuring the time you spend together is enjoyable.

Few things are as attractive to a Cancer man than a good sense of humor, so show him yours. Even if you make quirky jokes that no one else seems to get, you can bet that a Cancer man is more likely to appreciate them than most.

In general, just show him your lighter side and that you can relax and see the funnier side of situations.

5. Be Emotionally Open and Honest

While Cancer men don’t like to show it, they tend to be highly emotional and feel things deeply. But, since their emotions run so close to the surface, they are also easily hurt. So be careful what you say.

A barbed comment said in the moment can linger in Cancer’s heart.

Loving a Cancer man means being open and giving with your own emotions. Tell Cancer how you feel regularly, even if they are not so open in return.

If they have feelings for you, they will want to know that it is reciprocated. If they feel that it is one-sided, they might back away in order to protect themselves.

What Cancer Men Dislike

Cancer men are open and loving people, and they are easy to get along with. But they are more complex than they might appear.

They are secretive, suspicious, and emotional, so they are easily hurt. Handling a Cancer man means avoiding these pitfalls.

1. Don’t Pry

Cancer men, while they are open and giving, have parts of their lives that they like to keep to themselves. If they aren’t sharing something with you, they won’t appreciate you snooping.

While they will like it when you are friends with his mates, don’t use this as an opportunity to learn his secrets.

2. Don’t Be Secretive

While it may seem hypocritical since Cancer is so secretive themselves, it is best not to be overly secretive with Cancer.

They have suspicious minds, so if something does not make sense, they often assume the worst. It is best to just be honest. They can also be unforgiving if they catch you in a lie.

3. Don’t Use Words as Weapons

It is surprising how often human beings say hurtful things to the people we care about the most, just to get a reaction.

However, be wary of doing this with Cancer. While they might look like they are laughing it off, those born under Cancer are more likely to hold onto these wounds and let them fester.

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Keeping a Cancer Man Hooked

To get a Cancer man interested again, don’t be reticent and let your two worlds combine.

Cancer men are looking for someone who fits into their world and gets on just as well with their nearest and dearest as they do with them.

Besides, this means that you not only gain a partner, but lots of new friends, all of which are likely to be excellent if Cancer has chosen to be close to them.