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How to Know When an Aries Man Is Done With You

How to Know When an Aries Man Is Done With You

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You think that you have won the battle once you win the heart of your Aries man, but holding onto it is also a struggle.

Ambitious and always looking forward, they won’t hang around if they think they want something different.

Aries men don’t believe in hiding their feelings, so it is not difficult to read when they have decided that they are finished with you.

You will realize that he has lost interest in you because he stops asking you questions and arguing with you about the little things.

You might also start to feel shut out of his life as he is less inclined to discuss the things that matter to him with you.

Read on for the five biggest signs that an Aries man is finished with you.

5 Signs an Aries Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Be Critical Of You

Aries men tend not to have a filter. They say what they think, and they don’t really believe in hiding or sugar-coating things.

So, if he has a problem with you, he is likely to come out and tell you.

He will tell you that he didn’t like something that happened the other day, he might comment that you are letting yourself go, or he could complain that he finds it boring to spend time with you.

He is likely to be blunt, but he is unlikely to be emotional, so it may not be immediately obvious to you that this is a sign that he is done.

The worst thing that you can do is just take it on the chin, as he will think that this is a sign of weakness.

You can tell him exactly why he is wrong if he is being unfair.

2. He Will Stop Arguing With You

Aries men find it hard to let things drop. Consequently, they often argue in an intense but good-natured way with their partners.

So, when he starts to let things that you know bother him drop, this is a sign that he is considering finishing the relationship.

If he’s already mentally turning his back on the relationship, he no longer needs to come to terms with you on these points. He will let them slide because they just aren’t important to him anymore.

So, while you might think that him calming down is him settling in, when it comes to argumentative Aries, that just isn’t the case. If he stops arguing, it is because his heart isn’t in it.

If you notice this happening, you might consider picking a fight with him.

Nothing gets his libido flowing like a good argument, and he will take it as a sign that you care.

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3. He Will Stop Telling You About Himself

Aries men are very self-involved. They are always thinking about their aims and ambitions, and their favorite topic of conversation also tends to be them.

So, if they seem to lose the urge to start talking about themselves, this is not a good sign.

They want a partner who will support them in their battle to get to the top of whatever their goal is.

So, while they don’t want to do everything with their partner, they will want to discuss everything with them.

But if they are finished with you, they may no longer see the point, and will prefer to discuss these things with friends.

You can ask them questions to try and get them talking. This can help show them that you are supportive of them, and might encourage them to rethink ending the relationship.

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4. He Will Stop Asking Questions

An Aries man wants a partner with their own independent and interesting life, and who is busy chasing their own dreams and ambitions.

They want a partner who supports them on their way to the top. But they also intend to be there to help their partner to succeed as well.

For this reason, when an Aries man is invested in a relationship, he will be curious about you. He will want to know what you have been doing, and what you are working on at the moment.

If he seems less interested in those things, and more interested in discussing the latest viral TV program than you, it is a sure sign that he has lost interest in you.

You can try and get his interest by telling him about interesting things that are happening in your life.

But be careful not to look like you are begging for attention.

5. He Won’t Get Possessive

While Aries men are confident enough not to get jealous when other men show you attention, he can be possessive.

He likes to show others that he has won the competition for your heart. So, if he stops paying attention when someone flirts with you, alarm bells should be ringing.

If you have decided that you aren’t worth his time, he won’t be interested in showing his “possession” of you.

Again, you might mistake this for a sign of him maturing in the relationship. But it is more likely that he has lost interest.

Whatever you do, don’t try to make him jealous as a response. If he thinks that you are interested in someone else, it will just make it that much easier for him to move on.

Can You Change an Aries Man’s Mind?

Aries men know their own minds and know what they want. If they decide that they are done with you, there is not much you can do.

But they are also straightforward, so they aren’t likely to hang around and wait to break up with you.

So, if they are playing games, then they are undecided (see the signs that he is testing you).

This means that you have the opportunity to show them that it would be a mistake to walk away.

Read on to find out about dealing with an Aries man break-up.


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