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How to Keep an Aries Man Interested

How to Keep an Aries Man Interested

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Worried that your Aries man’s interest in you is fading? Relationships with an Aries man tend to go from being hot with passion to hot with temper at the drop of a hat.

It is not uncommon to find yourself fighting with your Aries man. This is not a sign of doom for your love, he thrives off this kind of energy.

But if you are keen to get an Aries man interested again, there are a few things that you can do;

Why Do Aries Men Go Hot and Cold?

The reason why Aries men go hot and cold is that they are all about themselves. They are all about what they want and what they feel, and they are terrible at reading other people.

This means that they are always driven by what they feel in the moment, which could be the desire for closeness or the need for independence, without really considering how his needs of actions affect the other person.

So, when an Aries man goes hot and cold, it does not necessarily reflect how he feels about the other person, but rather, how he is feeling within himself in the moment.

Aries men are often like toddlers, going from a tantrum to ecstatic joy in a moment.

5 Ways to Keep an Aries Man Interested

To keep an Aries man interested, you need to let him impress you. Give him space to achieve his goals, set goals for him within the relationship, and show your admiration for everything that he achieves.

But, at the same time, you need to show him that you are just as ambitious, successful, and independent. While some Aries men might not know it themselves, they want a strong partner that can give them a run for their money.

1. Let Him Reveal His Strengths

To love an Aries man, you need to let him show off a bit and massage his ego. Aries men are ambitious and tend to be overachievers. They are proud of their accomplishments and want to share them and be recognized for them.

If he plays regularly on an amateur football team, don’t tell him that it is not for you and that you will meet him after. Go along, cheerlead, and show your knowledge of the game by commenting on complex plays. And don’t forget to tell him how well he performed as an individual player.

2. Show Your Passions and Achievements

To make an Aries man want you, you should also show off a little, as Aries men are also inspired by the passions and successes of others. So, show him yours.

Don’t be overly modest, and don’t hold back from telling him something because you think he might get jealous.

Yes, he might initially find it difficult to accept that your big pay rise means that you now earn more than him. But he also finds that kind of success attractive and intoxicating.

There is no better way to make an Aires man want you than to be successful and independent.

3. Give Him Something to Work For

To keep an Aries man happy within a relationship, you need to give him work to do.

Aries men thrive when they are working towards a goal, and this is true in every aspect of their lives, including love. So, once he has won your affection, give him a new goal to work towards.

This does not mean playing hard to get so that he can win your heart over and over again, he won’t like that. Set him the challenge of planning your first holiday together, organizing a dinner where the two sets of parents meet, or choosing your first pet.

You can handle an Aries man by constantly giving him meaningful “work” to do within your relationship to make it better.

4. Listen and Talk

To keep an Aries man, you need to listen to what he tells you. Aries men don’t play games, and they will tell you what they need. If they want to start working out together, or if they want more space, they will mention it.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring these things. If he mentions it, it is because it is important. Think seriously about if and how you can provide it.

To love an Aries man you should also be open and clear with what you need.

Aries are not good at reading subtle hints. If you leave him to guess, he will probably disappoint you. And Aries won’t feel happy in his relationship if he feels like he is failing at it.

5. Give Him Independence

To hold onto an Aries man, you need to give him space.

When you meet him, he is probably on the path to some grand goal. While he will want to make space for you in his life, most Aries men are unprepared to give up on the things that are important to them.

Don’t expect him to cut his work hours, cancel his gym membership, or stop meeting his friends every Friday night. Give him the space to do those things, and be genuinely interested when he wants to talk about it later.

You should also actively pursue your own independent interests. Aries men want a partner who has a full life beyond the relationship, just like they do.

What Aries Men Dislike

There are a few common tactics that many people use in relationships that might have the effect of driving Aries away. Try to avoid these traps.

1. Don’t Play Hard to Get

Aries has a healthy ego and won’t tend to chase someone who they think is not interested in them.

If the other person isn’t interested, Aries men will decide that it is their loss and move on. Pretending not to be interested is not the way to deal with an Aries man.

2. Don’t Invest Everything in the Relationship

We all have friends who disappear when they start a new relationship, as they just want to do everything with their partner. Aries is not that type of person, and probably won’t respect it in a partner. This is no way to attract an Aries man.

3. Don’t Always Let Him Win

In new relationships, it can be tempting to agree with your partner on everything and always let them have their own way. While controlling Aries might like that at first, it will quickly become tedious.

Ruled by the God of war, Aries likes some healthy conflict, such as debate on a contentious issue, or being told he’ll need to wait.

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Keeping an Aries Man Hooked

It is not difficult to keep an Aries man hooked because they are very open with their feelings and tell you exactly what they need and what they feel.

The key to making things work with Aries is to continue to be the strong and independent person that attracted the Aries man in the first place. There is nothing that they admire more in a partner.