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Signs an Aries Man is Testing You

Signs an Aries Man is Testing You

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When it comes to relationships, most people have a tendency to test one another.

We want to know if they are a good match and if we can trust the other person. Aries men are no different.

While confident Aries usually prefer direct conversation and confrontation, they do know that not everything can be resolved in this way. So, an Aries man will sometimes play games with you.

An Aries man might play games with you to see whether you are capable of matching him in the war that is life.

He will throw you in the deep end and push you outside of your comfort zone to see how you respond.

He will also test whether you trust him enough to give him his independence, and whether you have the loyalty to be his partner in crime.

Tactical Aries will try and push your buttons to see whether you turn on him or try to change him.

Read on for more details about the games that Aries men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways An Aries Man Tests You

1. He Will Test Your Trust

Aries are independent souls, and they don’t like anyone telling them what they can or can’t do.

One of their biggest fears in relationships is someone that will try and control them and tie them down.

He will want to know that you trust him and that you have the confidence in your relationship to let him be himself and do his own thing.

So, expect him to not always tell you where he is, to deliberately make plans without you, and to spend time sharing his stories (about himself) with other women.

This might feel like he is pushing you away and that he is trying to play the field. But he just wants to be sure that you are willing to let him live his life, and won’t start trying to change him.

2. He Will Argue With You

Aries men think that they are always right, and they will push an argument to get their point across.

While they don’t necessarily like it when you disagree with them, they also don’t respect people who give up on an argument.

While it is mostly subconscious, sometimes they will push an argument further than even they want to in order to see how you will respond.

They want to see you holding your ground. They also want to see you controlling your emotions.

Aries men are turned off by tears.

3. He Will Check That You’ve Been Listening

Aries men are all about themselves. They spend pretty much all their time thinking about their ambitions and what they want.

They want a partner who thinks about them too, and supports them on their course to the top.

For this reason, they may check that you have been paying attention, often asking you things that they have already told you about themselves to check if you remember.

Don’t fall into the trap of letting them tell you again, thinking that they just want the opportunity to talk about themselves.

Confirm that you do remember, and create an opportunity for them to go deeper into the topic if they want to.

4. He Will Test Your Metal

Aries men are confident in themselves and believe in attacking life head-on. They want a partner with the fortitude and ambition of character to do the same.

For this reason, he can have a tendency to do things that push you to the edge, just to see how you react.

Perhaps he will ask you to join a game of basketball or soccer with the guys, and then cover you ruthlessly and mock your abilities.

He wants to know that you don’t expect him to give you an easy time, and that you are willing to see things through to the end, even when they are very difficult.

In a similar vein, he might ask you difficult and confronting questions in front of a group of people, just to see how you respond.

5. He Will Check If You Are Busy

Aries men want a partner who has their own busy and fulfilling life, while still having time to support them in all their endeavors.

They might do things to check that you are active and busy, and not sitting at home waiting for him to call.

This might include calling you while he's out with his mates on a Friday night, or trying to make last minute plans on a Saturday.

Don’t cancel your plans every time he calls and wants to do something.

He wants to know that you have other things and people in your life that are important to you, and that you aren’t always available at the drop of a hat.

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When An Aries Man Tests You

Aries men are actually one of the easier zodiac signs to handle because they are upfront and will almost always tell you exactly what they are thinking.

They are so confident that they don’t feel like they need to lie or hide anything.

So, while he might occasionally play games, they don’t tend to last for long. If he has a problem, he will tell you about it.

If you are confident in yourself and supportive of them, there is almost no problem that cannot be resolved.

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