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Dealing With an Aries Man Break-Up

Dealing With an Aries Man Break-Up

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Aries men deal with break-ups FAST! They don’t prolong things, and act how they feel immediately. Ruled by the planet Mars, they naturally are warriors that are meant for the battlefield.

However, this doesn’t mean that they’re big fighters in matters of the heart, but when it comes to breaking up with a woman, they have their own way of dealing with it!

Read on, and find out all you need to know about an Aries man when it comes to love and break-ups!

How Do Aries Break Up? 

Aries break up with women easily and fast. They may send you a text – because it’s an easy and fast way to do it. If the two of you have been going out for many years, he’ll ask to see you, and will explain to you why he needs to end it.

An Aries man won’t drag it out, and make the break-up hard. He can be passionate, and there may be a few tears (if there was once love), but he’ll bravely do it, give you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and say goodbye.

How to Know When an Aries Man is Done with You 

When an Aries man has had enough of you, there won’t be anymore text messages! There’ll be no more calls, and no more effort from him. He may not answer your phone calls, and will stop liking your posts on Facebook.

When an Aries man is done with you, he moves on fast to the next woman he’s interested in, or just carries on with his life.

If the two of you are living together, and he’s no longer interested, he’ll stop wanting to have sex with you, and will avoid coming home as much as possible. I know this can hurt, but it’s just how he does things.

He’ll also start going to the gym and working out more than often, to deal with how he’s feeling inside.

See the signs that an Aries man is done with you.

Will an Aries Man Come Back? 

Aries men are pretty clear on their decisions, and don’t often get back together with the ex in their lives. If there was once a great love between the two of you, then he may contact you on special days, such as your birthday, Valentine’s day, and your anniversary.

Aries men are not the most sentimental sign, and they move on quickly, so they don’t always return. If you’re connected on social media, the best way of getting him back is to show him that you’re moving on with your life, having fun, and looking good!

Just remember not to chase him. If you don’t give him the space he needs to miss you, he’s simply going to move on with his life, because he’s always going to think you’re there. Let things be, and if he comes back, he comes back. If not – time for a better man!

Do Aries Miss Their Ex? 

Aries men can miss their ex, especially if all their friends have girlfriends. They don’t let emotions of loneliness and sadness overwhelm them, but they will definitely miss the sex (provided it was good), and most definitely the love – if the two of you had a great love between you.

Aries men are not highly emotional, but they can be very passionate, and definitely enjoy love. They fight for what they believe in – and if that is you, they’ll definitely come back to you. Just don’t contact them too much – allow them to miss you!

Learn how to get an Aries Man to Miss You!

Aries men love giving and receiving love, and if they’re not getting it from anyone else, they may just start texting you and wanting to see you just to hang out.

It’s important though not to let him just use you, or your heart may get broken twice!

How Do Aries Men Deal with Break-Ups? 

Aries men deal with break-ups by getting up and doing things fast and furiously – well, not really furiously, but certainly with a lot of determined action. They don’t have time to wallow in depression and sadness, and will want to get on with their lives ASAP!

One of the greatest ways Aries make themselves feel good is by working out and breaking a sweat. They were born for the burn. They’ll also need a lot of testosterone around them, and will hang out with their male friends.

Since the two of you are no longer having wild and passionate sex, running around the city in the mornings, and enjoying the weekend with friends, he will: 

1. Hang Out With The Boys 

Aries men will go out with their friends every night of the week, if it means getting over you quicker. They don’t want to feel hurt, and want to be surrounded by their single male friends that care about them.

Aries men always have a lot of guy friends. They are such a man’s man after all, and often the leader of the pack, as they’re so much fun, spontaneous and enjoy male company.

He’ll be out with his friends drinking his favorite beer more often than not, to get over you quicker.

2. See Other Women 

I know it’s difficult reading this, but he’ll want to get back into the game as fast as possible. He’ll see other women to get his mind off you.

He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he needs to get over you fast, just so that he can get on with his life without feeling pain, and it’s easier for him to do this when he’s in the arms of another women.

However, it doesn’t always mean he’s ready for another serious relationship! Aries men don’t often move on straight from a serious relationship onto another serious relationship.

3. Work Out As Much As He Can

Aries men naturally work out. It’s in their astrological DNA to do so as Mars rules them, and they’re considered the warriors of the Zodiac, and therefore always need to be in perfect athletic shape. 

Exercise is really good for these men, and if they’re going through a break-up, nothing makes them feel better than the natural high exercise gives them.

4. Put In More Hours At Work

Aries men are natural leaders at work, and often make the best salesmen and managers. They inspire others, and they know this.

Being at work helps take their mind off any emotional pain they may be going through, so they may put in more hours.

5. Get Out Of The House As Much As Possible

Aries men don’t like staying indoors (leave that to Cancer and Taurus men). After a break-up, they’ll need to get out of the house, even if it’s just for long walks.

They don’t want to be constantly reminded of the place you both made love in so many times before.

Having an Aries man break up with you may be hard, but who knows, he may just be back knocking on your door soon! Just give it time. The most important thing to do is to remember not to chase him, and only time will tell!

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And if he doesn’t come back? There’s a million other guys out there that will want to be with you, so just keep positive!

Hang out with your friends, and the people that love you.

Do things that make you feel good about yourself, and you’ll attract love again into your life in no time!