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How To Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Taurus Man Is Done With You

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Taurus men are cautious when it comes to love, so it can be a real struggle to get their attention and show them that you are a compatible match.

They are better at long-term relationships than most, but they can also be intolerant of mistakes or “weaknesses”.

Taurus men are guarded with their feelings, so they might not always tell you when something is wrong. Instead, you need to be on the lookout for some of the tell-tale signs that he’s no longer interested.

You will find that he is no longer interested in talking to you about the important things, such as the future and his emotions. You will also see that he becomes even more stubborn and uncompromising.

Read on for the five biggest signs that a Taurus man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Taurus Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Be Less Talkative About the Future

Taurus men are planners. They are thinking about the future.

This includes everything from your next holiday to exactly where you are going to buy your first home, for the best return on your investment.

When a Taurus man is deeply invested in a relationship, he will want to talk to you about the future, and make sure that you are on board with his plans.

When he is thinking that this relationship might not be right for him, he will lose interest in having these conversations with you.

He is too busy thinking about how he is going to take things forward on his own.

If you notice that your Taurus man is less inclined to talk about the future, raise the topic yourself. Show him that you are on the same page and you want the same thing.

Help him realize what a fantastic team the pair of your make.

2. He Will Stop Commenting on How You Look

People born under Taurus think that the way you present yourself is important.

He always takes time and care with his appearance, and he is attracted to a partner who does the same.

For this reason, you will notice a Taurus man remarking on how you look. Usually, it will be a compliment, though he might also suggest a change that he thinks is more appropriate or flattering.

While you might not always appreciate his comments, it is when he stops making them that you should be worried.

If the way you look is no longer important to him, it is a clear sign that he is losing interest in you.

Put in extra effort to look your best and impress. Don’t ask him if you look good, but you can maybe tell him that you selected a specific accessory for a good reason.

He appreciates attention to detail and will respect this trait in you.

3. He Will Stop Being Romantic

Most Taurus men are old fashioned romantics. They like to wine and dine their partner, and surprise them with special gifts to mark important occasions.

If he stops doing this, you might think that it is just because you are settling into the relationship. But that isn’t how Taurus works.

If he isn’t showing his romantic side, there is a reason for it.

History is important to Taurus men, and the memories that you have created together mean a lot.

So, if you want to rekindle his romantic leanings, remind him of special occasions and share photos and memories of the good times.

Also, always show your appreciation when he does something romantic for you. While he gives because he wants to, everyone wants to know that their romantic gestures are appreciated.

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4. He Will Become (More) Uncompromising

People born under Taurus tend to be creatures of routine.

They have a schedule that lets them get to all the things that are important to them, and they don’t like when it is disrupted.

You know that a Taurus man is in love when he is willing to bend as far as his routine is concerned to make space for someone special.

Don’t underestimate what a big gesture it is when a Taurus man skips a gym session for you.

If things aren’t right in the relationship, he will become less willing to make those compromises. Why should he sacrifice things that are important for him for a relationship that isn’t moving forward?

The best thing you can do in this situation is show him that the things that matter to him matter to you as well.

Join him at the gym, have his favorite protein snack waiting at home. Show him that you can fit seamlessly into his world.

5. He Will Become Less Emotionally Available

Taurus men don’t like to get emotional. You will rarely see them getting overly angry or excited. Even when they are being romantic, they will keep things in check.

When they are invested in a relationship, they might let a little bit more slip out. Explaining to you in a surprisingly calm manner how they feel about things.

They will also be comforting in the moments that you show emotions.

When they don’t feel comfortable in a relationship, this outlet into their emotions is the first thing that will shut down.

They will stop talking about themselves, and they will become less tolerant of your emotional outbursts.

It is important to keep your own emotions in check at this time so that you don’t give them a reason to feel frustrated.

It is then all about creating a trusting environment where he feels safe to share more of himself again.

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Can You Change a Taurus Man’s Mind?

Taurus men are very stubborn. Once they have made up their mind about something, it is very difficult to change. And that includes you (see the signs that he’s testing you).

Fighting with a Taurus man is never the way to resolve problems. You need to use logic and remind him why the two of you are a perfect fit.

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