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Dealing With A Taurus Man Break-Up

Dealing With A Taurus Man Break-Up

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Taurus men don’t deal with break-ups well. If you’re on the other end of the break-up, know he has given this a LOT of thought. They are passionate and sensitive lovers, and they don’t want to hurt anybody.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus men crave love. They are a sign that needs love, and dream about it when it’s not in their lives.

If they’re breaking up with you, trust me, they’re crying inside.

How Do Taurus Break Up? 

Well this one may be a bit confusing. Since food is such a crutch for Taurus, he may take you out for dinner to break up with you.

He may be feeling so bad, that it may even be a really fancy restaurant.

He’ll wait to eat first (he is a Taurus after all), and will hold you by the hands. Then he will explain to you why he feels that he needs to break up with you.

You’ll be complimented, and told that you’re beautiful, and then he’ll explain why he can no longer be with you. There may even be someone else in the picture!

How to Know When a Taurus Man is Done with You 

When a Taurus man is done with you he’ll stop being there. He may be at home with you, but he just won’t be “there.”

Your Taurus man will be distracted doing things he enjoys. Things like crafting objects with his hands, watching his favorite sports teams play, or just cooking.

If you don’t live together and he’s not interested in the relationship any longer, you won’t be hearing much from him.

Sex will also stop, and this is the quickest way of telling if a Taurus man is no longer interested in you!

He also will stop listening to you. You may ask things from him, and he may even say yes, but he won’t do them.

When a Taurus man is done with you, he can’t break up easily with you, but he sure will drag things out and make them painful.

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Will a Taurus Man Come Back? 

A Taurus man may come back to his ex, especially for the sex (and good cooking), but it won’t be immediate. He really takes his time with things, and will think things through before stepping into your world again, as he doesn’t want to hurt you.

Ruled by Venus, he’s a very sensual sign. He will miss having sex with you, but will find a “no strings attached” relationship with you very hard, so you don’t really have to worry about that. 

Your Taurus ex may miss your love, and start calling you after week three of the break-up though.

Just remember not to go after him. He needs the space he needs to miss you, and cry over the fact that he’s single – again, and it’s his own fault.

Just leave things be, and if he comes back, great. If he doesn’t – time for a better man that will love you for you!

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Do Taurus Miss Their Ex? 

Yes, Taurus men do miss their ex, especially if they once loved them.

Taurus can be very sentimental men, and think about the past and love that was lost, often. They’re not a sign that is meant to be alone.

You see, Taurus men need comfort and security, and that’s what love and sex provide for them.

They will miss seeing you in the morning, and waking up to the smell of toast and scrambled eggs. They’ll miss holding your body close to theirs in the middle of the night. You won’t be forgotten easily!

How Do Taurus Men Deal with Break Ups? 

Taurus men deal with break-ups by turning to everything that brings them security and comfort. They will turn to food (lots of it), and may hide in their homes away from the world, where their crushed hearts can begin to heal.

Venus is their ruling planet, and they will take notice of beautiful women, and may flirt with them to get an ego boost. They may also turn to substances that numb their feelings, such as alcohol.

Now that the two of you are no longer having wild sex, enjoying food at the most scrumptious restaurants, and lazing around on the couch watching Netflix, your Taurus ex will:

1. Turn To Food 

Taurus is a sign that is strongly connected to food – and your Taurus man may just pile on the pounds while missing you. He may just start eating out every night, or staying at home each night to cook a new dish to enjoy.

2. Play With Money  

Taurus is a sign that’s known for loving gambling and other vices to do with money.

They may just hit the casinos while you’re gone, so that they can get the high of winning money and striking gold! While they do this, they’ll probably have a whiskey in their hands.

Taurus men can be very self destructive. When you’re not there, things can get really hard for them, especially if they don’t have a big group of male friends to turn to.

They will start looking for love again, as they’ll want to be in another relationship.

There are other things that a Taurus man will do to deal with a break up:

3. See Other Women

Taurus men enjoy the affections of other women. In order to get over you fast, a Taurus man may flirt with other women to make themselves feel better. 

4. Take A Vacation

Taurus LOVE vacations. They happen to really love lounging around and not working.

The best way for them to do this is by sipping on a pina colada somewhere on a beach soaking up the sun.

By doing this, they will also have time to process what has just happened to them, and able to deal with the pain easier.

5. Spend Time With His Family

Taurus men love their comfort and security, and nowhere is this better found than with his parents and siblings.

After a break-up, a Taurus man will spend a lot of time with his family as it will make him feel very loved and emotionally nourished.

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Having a Taurus man break up with you is not the nicest feeling in the world, but who knows, he may come back to you before you know it! Just let time tell.

It’s very important not to run after him, and just let things unravel naturally!

If for any chance he doesn’t come back, there’s always a ton of other men out there that will be crazy over you. Just stay positive!

Go back and do the things you used to do before he was in the picture. Be with the people that love your company, and make you feel good about being you. Do things that you find fun, and in no time, you’ll attract love straight back into your life!