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Signs a Pisces Man is Testing You

Signs a Pisces Man is Testing You

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Pisces men are some of the most tranquil and accepting people that you will meet. This means that they aren’t the type to play games or actively test their partners.

But they are very sensitive and observant, and if they observe behavior that they don’t like, they will make a note of it.

While they will accept that this is “just you” to a point, they could decide that the two of you just aren’t compatible as a couple.

While a Pisces man won't actively test you, it is very important to him what his friends and family think. So he will ask his nearest and dearest to evaluate you and tell him what they think.

He prefers to be straightforward rather than play games. But he is also very observant and will be watching out for behavior that he doesn't like. This can include treating others with a lack of respect or creating conflict.

Read for more details on the games Pisces men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways A Pisces Man Tests You

1. He Will Test How Well You Fit Into His Pack

Pisces men are pack animals, they define themselves by the people that are closest to them. For this reason, finding someone who gets on well with his inner circle is incredibly important to him.

He also has a lot of respect for what his friends and family think. If they don’t like you, those are major red flags for him.

So, you can expect him to ask his friends and family what they think. That means that every time you meet them, it is a test.

Put as much effort into getting to know them and sharing yourself with them as you do with your Pisces man.

That means that they will like you, and they will understand exactly why their friend has fallen for you in the first place.

2. He Will Test Your Availability

People born under Pisces don’t really like to do anything alone, they always want to have someone with them.

This can be a lot of pressure on a partner, as a Pisces man will want them to accompany them everywhere they go.

While it is not a deliberate test, it can be testing when your Pisces partner is constantly calling you and asking you to drop what you are doing to do simple things with him, like go to the grocery store or pop into the bank.

While you can’t always say yes, don’t say no too often. If you do, he will feel like you either don’t care about him or don’t have time for him.

Also, he appreciates it when you pick up the phone and ask him if he wants to join you, no matter what you are doing.

3. He Will Evaluate Your People

Just as a Pisces man defines himself by the people closes to him, he also thinks that the people that you surround yourself with say a lot about you.

So, expect him to evaluate the important people in your life.

If he likes them, you might find him forming separate friendships with them.

You could be surprised to run into your best friend and your Pisces man having a coffee together “just to catch up”.

This can be disconcerting, but it is nothing to worry about. He just likes meeting new people and making new friends.

However, if he doesn’t form friendships with any of your mates, then you might want to start to worry.

It suggests that he doesn’t think that they are great people, and he will be considering what that says about you.

4. He Will Test Your Empathy

It is not uncommon to see Pisces men being friends with unexpected people. This is because they are good at understanding and accepting people on their own terms. They never judge anyone.

They appreciate a partner who has the same kind of open outlook when it comes to other people.

And at the very least, they want a partner who treats people well and doesn’t judge people without knowing their story.

Always be careful how you treat people in front of a Pisces man. Always respect your server as a professional and never turn your nose up at a beggar in the street.

Also, avoid being nice to someone to their face, and then saying negative things about them behind their backs.

These are all red flags for a Pisces man that you lack empathy and the willingness to try and understand other people.

5. He Will Test Your Temper

People born under Pisces hate conflict and confrontation and avoid it at all costs. This means that they don’t get on well with a partner who has a short fuse, or likes to pick fights over little things.

While he is unlikely to deliberately do anything to set you off, he will take note of what your buttons are and actively avoid them.

If he finds that this leaves him walking on eggshells, you may find that he starts pulling away.

Remember that you never need to fight with a Pisces man. If you calmly explain things from your perspective, he will actively listen and try to understand you.

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When A Pisces Man Tests You

Pisces men don’t like to play games and aren’t the type of people to actively test you.

But they are very observant, and they will be evaluating you to make sure that the two of you are the right fit.

Pisces men don’t have a strict list of things that they are looking for in a partner, but they do want someone that their friends and family love as well and who treats other people with compassion and respect.

If you try and see the world from Pisces perspective, that everyone is interesting and valuable, you generally won’t have any problems holding onto a Pisces man.

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