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Pisces Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Pisces Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Pisces men have a particular texting style that tells you about their personality.

Although he’s typically quite shy, when a Pisces man likes you, he will be sweet and vulnerable in his text messages.

Granted, he’s not the most reliable of the zodiac signs, so he may reply fast or slow, but at least his text will be romantic and tender!

A Pisces guy is seldom direct or to the point – his texts are poetic and flowing, sometimes even hard to understand and quite mysterious!

Learn to read between the lines, and you’ll see that he’s often trying to tell how you how he truly feels!

Here are some signs that his feelings for you are growing:

7 Signs A Pisces Man Likes You Through Text

The easiest way to tell if a Pisces man likes you via text is when he sends you songs and music.

Pisces rules music, and this is the easiest way to tell you how he feels! He also likes to use the medium of poetry to communicate his emotions, so look out for that!

Ladies, don’t expect your Pisces guy to be consistent with his messaging.

If he sends you romantic texts, he definitely likes you, but it doesn’t mean he’s gone off you if his replies are on and off.

You see, he tends to get easily distracted, and sometimes even avoidant when feelings are too strong, so just be patient!

Sometimes he will be quick to reply, and sometimes not, depending on his mood.

He may also send you spiritual or motivational texts, as this is the type of guy to quite enjoy those.

He does have a silly side, too, which he’ll show you via text when he really likes you and wants to make you laugh!

Here are the signs to look out for when a Pisces man likes you via text;

1. He Writes The Most Romantic Messages

When a Pisces man falls for you, his text messages are ultra-romantic and tender.

You could practically swoon at some of the things that he says, and he isn’t all that shy about it, either!

It may be his words that are romantic but more often than not, he will send you pictures, songs, art, and quotes that are just so sweet and lovely.

He may even send you things that are along the lines of soulmates, believe it or not!

One thing is sure – seldom does the Pisces man hold back when he’s caught feelings!

2. He Shares All His Feelings With You Via Text

Pisces is a water sign, all water signs are extremely emotional and can be very open with their feelings.

If he really, really likes you (and only if he does!), he will share those feelings with you via text.

Sometimes, for him it’s easier to do it this way than face to face – it feels less confrontational to him.

These feelings may be for you or just those that he has about other things in his life – his work, his family, his past.

Watch when he opens up, as it’s a very good sign he trusts and likes you.

3. His Texts Are Like Poetry Or He Sends You Poetry

Most Pisces men are very poetic with their words. Their words come across as musical and sensitive, able to tap into deep emotional feelings.

Many Pisces men are even songwriters, which you’ll see from his texts when he likes you.

If he writes you a poem himself and sends it to you, or if he sends you actual poetry, then this is a very good sign that he’s into you!

He doesn’t send his innermost thoughts and feelings to just anyone!

4. He Sends Spiritual Or Motivational Texts To You

Many Pisces men are quite spiritual, and he loves to be able to share that side of himself with the woman in his life.

If he is beginning to get feelings for you, you’ll find that he starts sending you spiritual quotes or articles.

Some of these will be along the lines of crystals and astrology, or even Buddhism or other religious or philosophical ideas.

If he’s not all that spiritual, then his way to connect with you is to send you wonderful motivational texts that brighten up your day or make you think more deeply.

5. His Texts Check Up To See How You’re Feeling

Pisces is one of the most empathetic and caring signs you can ever get!

When he starts caring about you, you’ll find that his texts can be focused on checking in on you, and seeing how you are doing (in a totally non-possessive or stalkerish way!)

For example, he will remember that you had a tough day ahead at work and will pop you a message to find out how it went.

This type of thoughtfulness is exactly what makes you fall for him, right?

6. He Sends You Songs, Playlists, And Videos Via Text

This is the major sign to look out for!

Pisces men are compelled to share their music with you, and see if you like it. In fact, this can be his primary method of communication when it comes to his feelings!

The world of texting makes it that much easier for him to share his music with you, so when he sends you songs, videos, or playlists, be sure to take notice of the lyrics, because there’s something in there that he wants to tell you!

7. His Texts Are Silly And Imaginative

A sweet way that a Pisces man shows that he likes you via text is by sending you the silliest, most playful messages.

For example, he may use one of the apps that change your face around or adds special effects and send it to you to try and make you laugh. Or, he makes up a silly story and sends that to you!

He has a very light side, your Pisces crush. And, when he likes you, he wants to share that side of himself with you!

What If A Pisces Man Stops Texting You?

What If A Pisces Man Stops Texting You
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What does it mean if a Pisces man starts ignoring you, no longer replying to your texts? Does that mean he’s gone off you?

Unfortunately, if he has been ignoring you for a while, it often means that he is “ghosting” you.

Pisces men are rather famous for doing that, sadly, because they don’t want to have to deal with the responsibility of telling you that they aren’t into you anymore.

However, ghosting is different from being overwhelmed or dealing with a crisis. If you find that he’s been absent for a few days, check in on him.

He will most often reply and let you know that things have been too much for him.

If not, you know that he is ghosting you, and not worth a moment of your time anymore!

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