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Leo Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Leo Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

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Move over Cancer! Here comes Leo Season! We are moving from water energy into fire energy, starting 23 July until 22 August, 2020. This means we should all feel an upliftment of energy and a little more fire in our engines!

For many of us, this is the height of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which spells joy, lightness, and warmth – it’s a time for fun and play!

Leo Season 2020

The Horoscope for Leo Season 2020 marks a period of time where we’ll be collectively moving into a greater sense of me-ness. Leo puts the Self first, and is all about Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Self-love and Self-awareness.

Leo has often been thought of as narcissistic, but in fact, if we don’t sometimes put ourselves in the spotlight, we can lose self-confidence. That’s when we become self-doubtful, self-conscious and insecure.

Keywords for Leo Season are: expression, drama, creativity, fun, play, romance, inner child, light, warmth, confidence, joy, family, image, action, drive and leadership.

Element & Mode

Laois a fire sigma, and it’s always a strong change of gears when we move from water into fire. We still have that tremendous creative energy from Cancer season, but now we can put it into action!

Leo Season 2020 pushes us out of our comfort zones and into the limelight! Leo tells us that it’s okay to be the centre of attention.

The mode of Leo is fixed, so the type of fieriness is a fixed, roaring, warm hearth fire – not the type of fire that burns out fast or leaps from one spot to the next, like Aries and Sagittarius.

No, Leo is consistent, committed, reliable and dedicated. Leo is proud and loyal to a fault, and has immense staying power.

This season, we can light our passions with Leo fire, and sustain them through dedication.

For example, if you’ve always wanted to make pottery this is a great time to learn and commit to that! It can be any kind of creative task, or even a relationship or career topic!

Ruling Planet

Leo is ruled by the Sun – the centre of our Solar system. The Sun is the archetype of the King of Heaven, so in essence, is the reason why Leo is called the King of the Jungle! The Sun gives all life on earth and is a vital, strong and powerful “planet”.

Being the month of the Sun, we can all celebrate sun-like things, such as creative energy, our health, expressing ourselves, being leaders in our community, family or at work.

It’s a month to feel joyful, proud and confident in ourselves, to take a chance, to stand out. This is not the month to hide away and be an introvert!

Leo Season 2020 reminds us to take our life into our own hands, to be strong and brave. It’s a time of passion and drama, or living large and being loud in the world!

7 Ways to Make the Most of Leo Season 2020:

Leo Zodiac Wheel Horoscope

1. Express Yourself!

Leo is the type of sign that reminds you to express yourself!

What does that mean for you? Well, maybe you’ve always wanted to wear an all-glitter outfit, or get up on a stage and in karaoke!

Maybe that means you want to show more of who you are at work. Perhaps it means a new tattoo, your first piercing or putting your name to a creative project.

It’s time to show the world who you really are!

2. Get your hair done!

Leo Season 2020 is a great time to get your hair done!

Leo is a sign symbolised by the lion, and the lion sure loves their mane! If you’ve been wondering when it’s time to get your hair done, this is the season!

Cut it short, dye it purple or shave your head! Figure out a new style and get a little bold. This is all about expressing yourself, remember?

3. Get a Romance going!

Did you know that Leo is the sign of romance? Leo is all about the honeymoon stage, the dating stage – the stage that we all love!

Whether you’re coupled-up in a long-term relationship, or single and free to mingle, it’s definitely time to get some romance into your life.

Go on a lovely date and feel young again. Go dancing, wear your flashiest clothing and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Plan a weekend away (if your country allows it in lockdown), book a swanky restaurant or buy your lover (or yourself) a gift. Spoil yourselves!

Leo season is a time to indulge, not a time to hold back.

4. Sing and Dance!

Leo is a sign that loves music, performance and the theatre.

Did you like to sing in the shower when you were younger? In the car? On a karaoke stage? Maybe it’s time to rekindle that passion once again!

Take singing lessons, or simply play your favorite music.

Dancing is also loved by Leo. You can go out to a club, take a dance class or join a dance studio to pick up an old passion.

It doesn’t matter what the style is, as long as you get to express yourself and have fun doing it. And remember to dress up! Leo likes to do things in style.

5. Spend Time With Family

Family is a topic that belongs to the sign of Leo, particularly children.

Do you have children in your life? Maybe your own, or the children of people you love and care about.

Go out of your way to spend more times with them, and learn to be a child yourself. Leo Season 2020 is all about enjoying those fun times and throwing ego to the wind!

Of course, you can also spend time with your parents, extended family and grandparents, too. Depending on your lockdown regulations, of course. Otherwise, schedule a Zoom call!

6. Put Yourself First

Leo is a sign that formerly believes in putting themselves and their needs first. Are you guilty of always putting everyone else before you? This is the time to try and find that balance again.

What does putting yourself first mean? It means asking for what you need, getting boundaries, and doing things for yourself that you really love, such as a pamper day or a day of complete rest. Get creative!

7. Start a YouTube Channel

And finally, a great and fun way to express yourself and go on stage during Leo Season 2020 is to start that YouTube channel that you may have been putting off!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to teach yoga, or you’ve got a business idea you’ve wanted to share. Now’s the time to be brave and show the world who you are!

Don’t be afraid to step into a leadership position during Leo Season – you may surprise yourself!

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In Summary

Leo Season 2020 is a positive, upbeat time.

It comes after the particularly emotional and intense Cancer Season, lighting up a fire inside our hearts, and urging us to step forward and be brave!

This is a time that reminds us of how strong we are, and how we can do anything if we are determined enough!

This season focusses around the people we love, such as our families, children and romantic partners.

It reminds us to let our own inner child play, and to express ourselves. It is a time to validate and believe in yourself, to build a strong sense of self-trust and self-esteem.

And finally, Leo Season is creative and joyful. It’s a season where we can all start putting our passions into action, and enjoy putting ourselves first – for a change.

Leo Season says that we need to shine our inner light as brightly as we possibly can, and inspire others to do the same!