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Virgo Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Virgo Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

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It’s the start of a new season, both when it comes to astrology, and when it comes to nature!

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere this is a time for Autumn, a time to slow down, take stock and prepare for Winter. And for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, this is of course a time for new beginnings, and planting seeds!

Virgo Season, happening 23 August until 23 September, strips away the glitz and glamor of Leo and asks us to get organised and healthy! After all, after the fun, there’s always the work to be done!

Virgo Season 2020

The Horoscope for Virgo Season 2020 is a much quieter season than Leo season. It’s about being humble, organised, helpful and practical.

As an earth sign, this is really about “getting down to earth” again, about putting our own desires aside and giving our talents to the world in a useful way.

Keywords for Virgo Season are: order, organisation, health, helpfulness, keen judgement, flaw-finding, fixing, problem solving and routine.

Element & Mode

Belonging to the earth element, Virgo is grounded, calm, capable and methodical. This is a consistent and reliable sign, sensual and sensible.

Nature is always the healer of the earth signs, so this can be your go-to whenever anything gets a bit challenging over this season. Dig your feet into the ground, plan something, do some dancing or take up yoga.

This is a time to get back into our bodies, to listen to what our bodies need. Virgo is well known as the sign of health, so this is a perfect time to get into a detox program.

Earth is also all about the material world, and Virgo particularly works with the money side of things. This is the perfect time to look at your financial world, and tally up whatever needs to be tallied up!

As they say “get your house in order” when Virgo is in charge.

Ruling Planet

Here’s something to throw a spanner in the works – Virgo is an earth sign ruled by a mental planet. That planet is Mercury, the archetype of the mind, words, ideas, analysing and teaching.

This is why Virgo is such a “heady” sign, and has a reputation for being analytical and critical.

Over Virgo Season 2020, it’s easy to get caught up in our minds, even to overthink something.

We want to fix or solve a problem, so it’s important to find a “real” problem to fix, not an imagined one. Otherwise we may ruin something just by pushing too hard at it.

On the other side, this is the perfect period to put your mind to something, to learn, study, teach or take a workshop.

It’s the season for communication and fine-tuning an idea, or getting some counselling. It’s also a great time for any task that requires brainwork or thinking.

7 ways to make the most of Virgo Season 2020:

Virgo Zodiac Wheel Horoscope

1. Organise Your World

Virgo loves, loves, loves to organise! Colour-coding and to-do lists are their game, and so it will become your pleasure, too.

This is the perfect time to do some planning, and use all the stationary you have at your disposal to help you! In fact, why not go shopping for some colourful markers and new diaries to help you get on your way!

2. De-Clutter

If you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, then you know what Virgo is all about. If you haven’t, Marie Kondo is the new Queen of de-clutter, and she has a powerful system that’s taking over the world.

You can also do things your way – this really is the time to clean out your life and make space!

Chuck out those old clothes, get rid of the things you don’t need, and see what how refreshed and energised you feel for it!

Remember, Virgo is the sign of minimalism, and they hate to waste spacetime, or money. It’s easy to get into the swing of things during their season!

3. Do A Workshop

Virgo just loves, loves, loves to learn! They are often the eternal student, so it can be a great time to enlist yourself for an online course or workshop of some kind.

Maybe you’ve always been interested in herbalism, or perhaps it’s an accounting course you want to take. There’s no judgement – do what makes you excited!

There’s never a better time for growing your skills and knowledge than over Virgo Season 2020.

4. Read A Book

When last did you read a book? Whether on Kindle or an old-school physical book?

Virgo loves to engage their mind, and this is a very healthy way to distract yourself from all the worries that often happen during Virgo Season 2020.

You can make it any book you like, whether a fiction or non-fiction.

In fact, reading both can be very useful, as you both learn to relax and engage your brainpower when you feel energised enough!

5. Do Your Budget

Virgo adores getting their bank account in order! Spreadsheets are just their very favourite thing, and you’ll often find the typical Virgo poring over their figures.

Solving a financial problem feels immensely satisfying for a Virgo, and so you can also tap into this energy over Virgo Season!

Maybe it’s time to sit down and re-think your budget, look at your expenditures and balance your books.

Make no mistake, you may find yourself loving the process and feeling quite empowered!

6. Make Yourself Useful

This is a season where you want to make yourself really useful in meaningful ways.

The love language of Virgo is often “acts of service”, and this is precisely what you can do to make the most of this period of time.

Go out into your community, do something for someone who can’t do anything for themselves, or simply take on some chores for your spouse or family.

Do someone’s dry-cleaning as a surprise, cook a friend a meal or give someone some good advice.

This is one of the best traits of Virgo, and something you can practically do that makes everyone happy.

7. Be Kind

Last – but by no means least – is being kind.

Virgo is a critical sign that often judges everyone and everything, most of all themselves. So, try and be gentle.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, and develop a strong sense of compassion, mostly for yourself.

You can then extend this kindness into acts of services above, or you can simply start talking and thinking in a kinder way.

Critical thinking is useful, but it has its limits when you’re not practicing self-love.

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In Summary

Virgo Season 2020 is a time where we slow down, go inside and become a bit quieter.

Its’ a period of time where we attend to our inner world, where we consolidate and take stock. This comes at a change of season too, so our outer world may also be shifting.

This is a wonderful period to get organised in our lives, sort out our diaries and make a few to-do lists.

It feels satisfying over Virgo Season to be “adulting” and we can be extremely productive over this period of time!

After playing, we feel like we want to work, and take huge satisfaction in a job well done.

Virgo is also the sign that rules health and wellnesses so we may want to think about doing a detox or get some kind of counselling to make our own lives better.

Any problems we have can be worked on constructively over Virgo Season, as long as we don’t create problems where there are none.

We might need to be careful of fault-finding and practice gentle kindness towards ourselves and towards others.

Finally Virgo Season is a time to connect with the earth, planet and all the beings in it. Together, we make a better world!