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Cancer Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Cancer Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

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Cancer Season kicks off from 21 June until 22 July, 2020 and is a season characterised by sensitivity, tenderness and family. Following in from busy, outgoing Gemini Season, Cancer Season 2020 is all about hunkering down and withdrawing back into our shells!

This season is most characterised by the fact that it’s also Solstice, which is the start of a new cycle. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the beginning of Summer, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s Winter. New cycles are indicated and it’s a great time to start over!

Cancer Season 2020

The Horoscope for Cancer Season 2020 is a time where we may all feel slightly more sensitive and emotional, and it’s easy to get caught up in memories from the past. We can choose to fondly reminisce, or we can cling onto the old and forget to welcome in the new.

With Solstice happening over Cancer Season, let us choose the latter! Cancer Season is a chance for renewal and taking stock.

Keywords for this season include: home, family, nourishing, security, emotions, withdrawal, passivity, creativity, crafts, the past, intuition, letting go, starting over and change.

Element & Mode

Cancer is a water sign – the first of the water signs in the zodiac. Water signs are intuitive, feeling-orientated and sensitive.

We can all take part in this highly emotive time, and instead of relying in our heads, we can tune into our hearts and work from there. Many influential world leaders, such as Gandhi and Mandela were Cancerians, and they led from their heart space rather than their heads.

With that said, Cancer is a Cardinal mode, which is the leader in the zodiac. Even though they aren’t necessarily pushy about it, Cancerians are the types that will initiate a relationship, and not be afraid of blazing the way. We can all tap in this leadership energy over Cancer Season 2020, and make sure that our intuition is the one in charge!

In short, Cancer Season is one where we let our emotions and intuition guide us, rather than our intellects!

Ruling Planet

The planet that rules the sign of Cancer is the Moon – one of the most important lights in the sky! The Moon is all about phases and change, so Cancer Season is one that will have plenty of ups and downs. This can be both emotional as well as family-related, or in any other area of life!

It’s important over this season to adjust to the changes instead of clinging on to “how things used to be”. If we don’t practice letting go over this season, we may draw around baggage that just doesn’t benefit us in the long run.

Being ruled by the Moon also reminds us that this is feminine season, and therefore a little more passive and receptive. This is a time where we can all tap into our own inner feminine and the feminine in our lives.

This can be a very tender, sweet season, and its important to let the emotions flow, as the Moon also rules feelings!

So, how can we make the very most of this special time? What are some of the activities we can do to tap into this soft and ever-changing energy? Here are a few tips to help you navigate this season successfully:

7 ways to make the most of Cancer Season 2020:

Cancer Zodiac Wheel Horoscope

1. Nest and make house

As many of you may already know, Cancer is the sign to home, roots and family. This is a sign that loves nesting like none other! When they’re feeling distressed, stressed or emotional, Cancer simply withdraws into its cocoon and finds solace in their space.

Even if you’re not feeling whelmed, this season is one that may just have you yearning for home time, for a good home-cooked meal and a cuddle on the couch with your pets or family.

Cancer Season really is wonderful for just being at home, finding a home or sharing your home with people you love.

2. Work on Resolving Your Past

Cancer Season 2020 can be a time where you face and deal with the issues from your past – whether it’s a difficult family relationship, childhood wounds or an ex you haven’t fully let go of.

This is the perfect time to pick up an old journal and read through it, to engage in personal therapy, or journal, or reflect on old memories. This will help you to put things to rest as well as treasure what you have, right now.

3. Spend Time With Your Mother (or a Mother-figure)

Cancer is the sign of family, but particularly of the Mother energy. Cancerians themselves just love to play mom, always nurturing and looking after everyone around them!

This season is a lovely time to connect (or re-connect) with your own mother, especially if you haven’t been seeing her very much.

If your mum is no longer around, you can always do something special to honour her memory, or you can connect with someone who has always been like a mother to you.

4. Listen To Your Gut

This is the zodiac sign most famous for its intuition! Cancer Season is a great time to hone your intuition, maybe through buying yourself a pendulum, practicing Tarot Cards or any other medium.

Listen closely to your gut over Cancer Season, and see what it tells you – learn to understand what intuition feels like! Then, finally – trust it!

5. Let Yourself Feel Your Feelings

Being a water sign, Cancer is all about the feels! This season is a time to truly tap into your emotions, and to allow them to flow. If that means crying, laughing, getting angry or jumping up and down, let them be felt!

You’ll be amazed at how cathartic it can be to just let your emotions be experienced rather than holding them in! Remember – you need to “feel to heal”.

6. Travel!

This may sound contradictory with Cancer being the “home sign” and all – but this is actually one of the most travelled signs in the zodiac! The reason for this is that Cancerians are always looking for their “perfect home”, and that takes a lot of travel to find!

If your borders are open, and it’s allowed, book yourself a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. This may be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your heart over Cancer Season 2020.

7. Do A Cooking Course

Finally, a fun way to make use of Cancer Season 2020 is to do a cooking course in a type of area you don’t know! Perhaps an Indian cooking course, or an Asian one would be good for you.

You can even take your grandma’s recipes and try them yourself – this is a perfect way to tap into the energies of Cancer Season!

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In Summary

Cancer Season 2020 is a good season for any country still in lockdown, as it’s focussed on home and family.

This is an emotive time, but also a time for new beginnings, as it’s the Solstice. It’s important that you let go of the past during Cancer Season so that you can start afresh.

Cancer Season asks that you us your intuition more, that you get creative and crafty. It’s a time to really nest with your loved ones, to connect with family – especially your mother – and to nourish and nurture yourself.

This is a season of change and going through phases, so things can shift from one day to the next. Just go with the flow and allow your feelings to do the same!

Cancer Season has many feelings more sensitive than usual, so keep this in mind as you move through the month ahead and remember to apply compassion and tenderness!