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Leo Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Leo Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Did you know that the Leo guy has a very specific texting style, which matches his personality?

Leo men are fire signs, so their texts are warm, exciting, and dynamic – he’s not the type of guy to leave you hanging!

His texting style is dramatic and expressive and he never holds back to what he has to say! He can also be oh-so-romantic and open when he writes something to you!

When he wants you, he’ll tell you, and his texts will reflect that!

He may lack finesse over text, but he makes up for that with humor and when he sees you face to face!

The Leo man is more of a physical type, and he prefers wrapping his arms around you than sending you a message!

7 Signs a Leo Man Likes You Through Text

Your Leo guy will show his true feelings via text when he’s open, vulnerable, and romantic with you.

You know his heart is all yours when he sends texts like “wish you were here with me”, or “I can’t wait to see you”.

He’s not the kind of man to beat around the bush, in other words!

He’ll also be the type of guy to reply fast, and he loves to create a routine around his texts, such as greeting you with a good morning kiss or a good night picture!

The Leo man is funny and positive, and his messages will always reflect that.

He also loves to share his daily life with you, so when he likes you, don’t be surprised at getting lots and lots of photos of him – particularly selfies!

He also loves to make you laugh and feels happy when he can add some sunshine to your day!

Engaging with a Leo man via text really is an absolute pleasure – what a lucky lady you are!

Here are some other signs that the Leo man likes you via text:

1. He’s Extremely Romantic In His Texts

Leo is the zodiac sign of romance, pleasure and play. Particularly romance, and specifically the dating phase of the relationship!

Often known as the honeymoon phase, in other words! Leo men are all about that!

So, when you see him being all romantic in his texts, you can do a little dance of joy! This means that he’s really into you!

Romance is obviously usually verbal when it comes to texting, but can also be pictures of flowers, hearts, and all those lovely things!

2. He Sends You Loads Of Selfies

Here’s the thing: Leo men are a little bit vain. But they make up for it by being warm and generous partners, so it’s worth indulging him just a little!

If you find that he’s sending you loads of selfies – sexy or not – throughout the day and night, just try and remember that this isn’t about him necessarily.

He likes you, and he really wants you to like him back! Sending you pictures is one way of him expressing that to you!

3. He Tries To Make You Laugh On His Texts

Leo guys love a good belly laugh! He’s such a happy person in general, and he wants the world to share in his sunshine!

A sign that he likes you via text, is when he deliberately tries to make you laugh!

Sending you hilarious jokes, pictures and clips is one way of him showing his true feelings for you!

4. His Texts Are Warm, Loving And Playful

As a fire sign, Leo really is the type that comes across in a warm way. He’s ruled by the Sun, after all!

His texts, when he likes you, tend to show that lovely energy, and are often extremely playful and fun.

In other words, he likes to tease you a little, and his tone is light and even childlike in a way.

Rest assured that this means he has some serious feels going on!

5. He Replies Quickly

When a Leo man likes you, he will reply fast, directly, and simply.

He isn’t the type to play games or try and see if you’ll be the first to text him or any of that nonsense!

Most of the time, he will also be the first one to text, because he really is just that level of confidence!

Isn’t it nice to be romanced by someone who isn’t going to dive into confusing strategies over text with you?

To be with someone who you can trust to actually reply? Oh, yes!

6. He’s Not Shy To Share His Vulnerable Side

Leo men, for all their pride and confidence, are actually quite vulnerable, and they really need your attention, appreciation, and validation.

He needs to be seen by you, so when he really has feelings for you, he’ll be quite open via text.

This may look like sharing his family issues with you or his work challenges. Or, it may be just telling you how he feels about you.

Sometimes, this can look dramatic or even controlling, but just trust that he’s got this very soft, even scared side that he won’t be liked!

7. He Develops A Texting Routine With You

Leo is what is known as a “fixed” sign in astrology, which means that he’s the type who just loves his routines and stability.

When he’s trying to establish a routine with you, it indicates that he really wants you in his life permanently!

So, go with those good morning texts at exactly 8 am. Enjoy him sending you a heart every time you finish a conversation.

These are all really great signs of his growing feelings for you!

What If A Leo Man Stops Texting You?

What If A Leo Man Stops Texting You
Juice Verve /

Is it a big deal when the Leo man stops texting you? How much should you worry, really?

Well, the simple answer is a yes, you should probably worry a little bit. He’s not the type of man to just stop getting in touch.

He wears his heart on his sleeve, so the reason for him not texting you has to be quite extreme.

For example, something may have happened in his family (who is very important to him), or he’s had a terrible event happen at work.

Usually, it’s not personal, but at the same time, it’s seldom that he doesn’t keep you in the loop.

You’ll need to check in with yourself and just ask yourself if you have let his loyalty down in any way.

Leo men have very specific standards when it comes to their idea of loyalty, which may not be the same as yours.

This is often one of the only reasons that a Leo man will lose interest – and, of course, if he feels very ignored by you.

Then, he withdraws and waits for you to reach out to him instead of risking his pride.

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