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Signs a Leo Man is Testing You

Signs a Leo Man is Testing You

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Leo men are so confident and honest that you would think that they don’t have a need to play games.

But they also know what they want in a partner, and will test people to see if they are up to the job.

Tests will usually be brief, they don’t need someone to prove themselves again and again. But it also means that if you fail the first time, you might not get the chance for a retake.

Leo men will want to test whether you buy into their own image of themselves - beware if he says something uncharacteristically self-deprecating.

They want someone who admires them and builds them up, and who is always loyal.

He may also play games to determine whether you are willing to accept him as he is and let him be larger than life.

He may exaggerate his behavior to ensure that it doesn't upset you and that you don't try to change him or "dim his light".

Read for more details of the games Leo men play and how he might test you.

5 Ways A Leo Man Tests You

1. He Will Test Your Admiration

Leo men think a lot of themselves, and they want a partner that will buy into that self-image.

They won’t stick around with someone who makes them feel small or unworthy in any way.

Sometimes they might want to test what you think about them. This could mean saying out of character, self-deprecating remarks to see if you agree with him or not.

Never agree with or say anything to a Leo man that is likely to bruise their ego in these situations, that is the last thing that they want.

If you do have some constructive criticism, make sure you couple it with clear praise about all the related things that he is excellent at. This is the only way that he will hear it.

2. He Will Test Your Confidence

Leo men are so confident in themselves that the success of others doesn’t threaten them.

They don’t feel like their own light shines less brightly because it is alongside another star.

This is wonderful for their partners, as it means that they never feel small or resentful of their partner’s success.

But they also don’t like it when they see their partner being jealous of other people’s success. They see this as a sign of weakness.

They will be on the lookout for this kind of behavior, which they often see manifesting in criticizing others or not being open to helping and supporting others.

So always be careful when passing comment on another person. A Leo man might read much more into it than you anticipate.

3. He Will Test Your Courage

People born under Leo believe that life is to be enjoyed and experienced. It is criminal not to make the most of every opportunity.

He is turned off by people who are too fearful to make the most of their lives. He isn’t afraid to take risks, and he wants a partner that is the same.

He might test your courage by deliberately putting you in situations that are outside of your comfort zone.

This might be a surprise trip to the bungee jumping centre, or leaving you alone to fend for yourself with his family or work colleagues.

He wants to see that you not only survive, but thrive in these challenging opportunities.

4. He Will Test Your Controlling Nature

Leo men are the captains of their own destiny. They are already perfect as they are, and they don’t need anyone to change them.

They don’t want a partner that tries to control them in any way.

Don’t tell them what to wear and don’t tell them how to manage a situation.

If you want to give them advice, you need to make them think that it was their idea.

They will test your controlling nature in more subtle ways. They might not answer phone calls or return messages for a while to see just how many times you call.

Do you need to know where they are now, or can you wait for them to be available to get back to you?

Give a Leo man his space and he will respect you. He will also give you yours. He won’t check up on you or ask you who you were out with.

5. He Will Test Your Trust

Leo men love to be the center of attention, and as part of this, they love to flirt.

This is innocent enough, since they will flirt in their own way with everyone that they encounter.

Still, this can be challenging for their partners, and Leo men know that. But that doesn’t mean that they will change, but rather they will seek out a partner who can handle it.

So, don’t be surprised if early on in your relationship, a Leo man flirts with other people right in front of you.

He isn’t interested in them, but just wants to know what your reaction will be.

Show him that you are confident enough not to be bothered by it. If his attention is occupied with someone else, then don’t be afraid to share your attention with someone else too.

But never let things go too far. While Leo won’t have a problem with innocent flirting, they are possessive, and can fly off the handle if they think things have crossed a line (and yes, the line is in a different place for you and for him).

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When A Leo Man Tests You

Leo men are confident, charismatic, and can be egotistical, so you might think that they don’t make good partners. But they are also loyal, caring, generous, and supportive.

So, once you break through the surface, you can find the type of man that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

But you do need to be aware of their egos. They don’t respond well to criticism, suspicion, or anyone trying to control them, and they will often test people to ensure that they won’t do this.

They also want a partner that they admire, and that adds to their image of themselves as larger than life.

So they may well also test your confidence and ambition to see if you have the metal for the job.

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