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How to Keep a Virgo Man Interested

A Virgo man’s quiet confidence and keen interest makes meeting and falling for him both exciting and invigorating.

But, as you get to know Virgo, you can discover that he is quite insecure and guarded. He might pull back and be gone as quickly as he arrived.

So, how do you make sure that a Virgo man trusts you and sticks around for long enough to see if you have something special?

There are a few things you can do to catch a Virgo man’s interest, and encourage him to drop his defences and let you in.

5 Ways to Keep a Virgo Man Interested

To keep a Virgo man interested, show him that you respect and value him. A Virgo man wants someone he can fully trust.

This often means sharing much of yourself, as nothing shows trust better than entrusting your deeper thoughts to another.

It is also important to give a Virgo a bit of space, as he is independent and ambitious, and needs time to work on himself. But, you should also take that time by yourself. Nothing will attract a Virgo man more than seeing you constantly growing and glowing.

1. Offer Subtle Praise

To handle a Virgo man, be prepared to offer him occasional and subtle praise. Virgo men combine a self-aware confidence with a very harsh inner voice. Virgos are perfectionists, so this voice is always critical.

Virgo men want to feel good in their relationship, so they want someone who supports their ego rather than their critic. So, the occasional compliment can go a long way when it comes to handling a Virgo man.

However, don’t go over the top. If what you say is inconsistent with their vision of themselves, they will think that you are being disingenuous.

Also, don’t expect overt gratitude for your compliments. They believe that they should be so good that it should go without saying. But know that what you are saying is having an impact.

2. Reassure Him of Your Affections

To keep a Virgo man, constantly reassure him of your affections.

Virgo men aren’t the suspicious types, and they aren’t likely to think that you are betraying them with that guy from the office that you have drinks with every week. But, while they aren’t worried about your actions, they are worried about your heart.

Because Virgo men are so self-critical they can often be worried that your affections for them aren’t strong, because they aren’t good enough in some way.

For this reason, they need to be constantly shown that your feelings are genuine. Little things such as the occasional message during the workday or a small surprise present can make a big difference.

3. Deep and Meaningful Conversations

To maintain a Virgo man’s interest, you are going to need to talk about the important things.

Virgo men aren’t looking for a partner with whom they can discuss the weather or the latest action blockbuster. They have lots of friends for that.

In a partner, they are looking for someone with whom they can go deeper and talk about both the meaning of life and their deepest thoughts and feelings.

While Virgo may be looking for this, it takes a lot for them to open up. Show them that you are trustworthy by sharing a lot of yourself.

When they do talk, make sure you are actively listening. Respond to what they are actually saying, rather than just telling your own stories. Virgo will notice the difference.

4. Spend Time In Nature

To manage a Virgo man, take him somewhere green. Virgo men are usually very busy, and can have a tendency to be tightly wound.

They aren’t the most open with their thoughts and emotions at the best of time, and can be even more closed down when they are feeling stressed. But nothing makes Virgo feel more relaxed than spending time in nature.

If you want to spend quality time together, plan it somewhere green. This will help them relax so that you can get to the real man behind Virgo’s armor.

He will also start to associate the good feeling that he gets in nature with the good feeling that he gets when spending time with you.

5. Invest In Yourself

To make a Virgo man want you, invest in yourself first. Virgo men believe in investing in themselves, and they are constantly improving and transforming.

As they grow, learn, and change, they want a partner who is growing with them, and therefore continues to challenge and interest them.

You will notice that your Virgo man takes time for himself and prioritizes his goals. He will respect a partner that does the same.

Highly ambitious, Virgo is hooked on success, big and small. Whatever it is, they respect someone who achieves what they put their mind to.

Loving a Virgo man usually means loving and investing in yourself.

What Virgo Men Dislike

While Virgo men are generally pretty easy going in relationships, their complex nature means that there are a few things that bring him down, and might give him second thoughts about the relationship.

1. Don’t Play Hard To Get

While Virgo men exude a quiet confidence, they also have a level of insecurity in themselves. Perfectionists are never entirely happy within themselves.

If you play hard to get, he will assume that you just aren’t that interested, and he won’t embarrass himself by pursing you.

2. Don’t Criticize

If a Virgo man has done something to annoy you, of course, let them know, but don’t dwell on the point, bringing it up repeatedly, and delving into the details.

Once Virgo’s attention has been brought to their actions, no one will be more critical than they are of themselves. They don’t need to add your voice to theirs, and it will just create negativity.

3. Don’t Complain

Virgo men are doers. You will rarely hear him complain about a problem, because he has already moved on to looking for a solution.

Virgo men tend to be glass half full people and believe that we have the power to shape our lives. If you indulge in complaining, he might think that your “negativity”, as he sees it, is not for him.

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Keeping a Virgo Man Hooked

The key to keeping a Virgo man interested is to show him how much you value him and love him.

He just wants to be cared about and to be useful. He needs to be constantly reminded that those things exist within his relationship.

The other thing that Virgo men want is a partner who respects themselves and invests in themselves in the same way that he does. So, to make a Virgo man want you, make sure that you are happy and fulfilled within yourself.

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