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Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

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In a couple with two people from the same sign, there are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages stem from the fact that they will understand each other well. The disadvantages come from the fact that such a couple lacks balance.

Both the positive and negative traits of the Cancer zodiac sign become magnified.

How well the couple will manage in a relationship with each other depends on the nature of the sign involved.

In the case of a Cancer man and Cancer woman combination, they are a relatively good compatibility match.

Of all of the signs, Cancer is the most dedicated to hearth and home. For this reason, when both partners are Cancer, they will both devote a great deal of time and energy into their family.

As a large part of the success of any relationship depends on the level of commitment of both of the parties, this will go a long way to ensure that theirs remains strong and healthy.

The main problems that they will arise will be due to their highly emotional nature without another sign to balance or moderate either of them.

Cancer Compatibility Chart Zodiac Sign Percentages

Cancer Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Here are the strongest Cancer Man and Cancer woman compatibility points:

  • Deep loyalty
  • Dedication to home and hearth
  • Mutual understanding
  • Strong desire to make the relationship work
  • A deep bond between them
  • Mutual concern for each other’s welfare

Important traits of a Cancer man in relation to a Cancer woman

While any sign can be any gender, the traits of some signs are more consistent with what we consider masculine or feminine.

In the case of Cancer, the traits of this sign are usually associated with feminity. This can make life difficult for a Cancer man.

Cancer is the sign of the nurturer and the caregiver.

The deepest desire for a Cancer man is to have a family that he can support and care for. He is sensitive and deeply emotional.

He will probably not show just how sensitive and emotional he is in public, but instead, he will hide it under a hard shell.

Many Cancer men can seem cranky and unapproachable for this reason.

A Cancer man wants a relationship, but it may be hard for him to find one for several reasons.

One of the reasons is that he can be extremely shy. It is hard for him to approach women.

Another difficulty is that he is almost too loving and caring.

He will find that there are a lot of women who view him as a friend but are attracted to men who are harder and who tend not to treat them as well.

Finally, one of the trademark traits of a Cancer man is his dedication to his family, and in particular, his mother.

This can make it hard for him to develop relationships with women, who may not want to compete with his mother.

Important traits of a Cancer woman in relation to a Cancer man

There was a time when a Cancer woman would be considered the ideal wife and mother.

With the changes in society over recent decades, however, she may be seen as quaint and old-fashioned.

Like a Cancer man, she desires nothing more than to care for others, and in particular, her family.

She is usually much more open about her deep emotional nature than a Cancer man is. On the other hand, she may still hide it, and she can also develop a hard and crusty shell.

Like a Cancer man, a Cancer woman has a strong motivation to enter into a relationship.

She will want children as soon as possible, and before she has children, she will have pets that she cares for.

It is usually easier for her to find someone than it is for a Cancer man, as women are not necessarily expected to take the initiative.

Still, she can drive away men at times by seeming too clingy.

She needs a man who will understand and appreciate her desire to be as close as possible.

Like a Cancer man, she is dedicated to her family, and she will maintain a close connection with her parents for life.

Cancer man, Cancer woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

It may be hard for a Cancer man and Cancer woman to get together at first.

Cancer is famous for being one of the shyest signs in the zodiac. He will have a lot of trouble approaching her, and she is unlikely to approach him.

Because of this, even if they are highly attracted to each other, they may not ever talk with each other.

They may need someone else to break the ice for them, perhaps a mutual friend.

Even after they do meet, it could take a while for these two to warm to each other, and it is likely to be awkward between them for some time.

Once they do start to talk and get to know each other, though, their relationship will quickly move into a deep and long-term commitment.

Given the nature of these zodiac signs, it will not be long before they marry and start a family.

Cancer man, Cancer woman: Sexual compatibility

A Cancer man and Cancer woman both treat sex as a way to bond with their partner.

All Water Signs have the tendency to be psychic, and Cancer is no exception.

Once they start having sex with each other, they will form a very deep connection, emotionally and psychically.

Cancer man, Cancer woman: Marriage and family life

With the strong dedication of both the Cancer man and Cancer woman to their marriage, they will almost certainly be able to create a happy and loving home between them.

Both of them will put their family first, above all other concerns.

Of course, unless they come from wealthy families, one or both of them will have to work outside the home in order to bring in money, but, even so, their family will always come ahead of their job.

Both of them will want to maintain a connection with their parents and other relatives, so their home will likely be a hub for their entire extended family.

This could be wonderful or problematic, depending on how well their families get along with each other.

There may be some tension when they have children, though.

They will both be wonderful parents, but they will also both have strong ideas about how their children should be raised. This could lead to disagreements.

Because Cancer is such a deeply emotional sign, these disagreements could become volatile if these two are not careful.

Cancer man, Cancer woman: Working together

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, which means that it is one of the signs that like to take the initiative and be in control.

It is always a challenge for signs of the same Mode (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable) when it comes to working together.

Of the three Modes, though, the challenges are greatest when it comes to two Cardinal Signs because they tend to get into power struggles.

If a Cancer man and Cancer woman are going to try to work together, they must each be in charge of something. Otherwise, constant bickering will prevent them from getting anything done.

Typical fights between a Cancer man and a Cancer woman and how to resolve them

The potential for fights and arguments between a Cancer man and a Cancer woman is extremely high.

This is because of the two primary faults of this sign, which are oversensitivity and irritability.


One of the worst faults of Cancer is oversensitivity.

Like the faults of all of the signs, oversensitivity is an excess and inversion of one of Cancer’s greatest virtues, which is consideration and sensitivity to the needs of others.

If a Cancer succumbs to self-centeredness, which everyone does from time to time, they can start looking for signs that the other person does not care for them.

Either the Cancer man or Cancer woman can fall into that trap, and if they both fall into it at the same time, it could turn into a nasty fight.


Cancer is known for their irritability.

When Cancer is in a couple with another sign, depending on that sign, the other person may be able to absorb or deflect their temper, or perhaps even distract the Cancer away from their grumpiness.

When there are two Cancer in a relationship, though, there is a good chance that there will be times that they are both grumpy at the same time.

The reason for the irritability of Cancer is twofold.

At times, in their desire to take care of others, they go too far and neglect their own well-being.

In this case, the solution to their irritability is to stop and take care of their own needs.

The other reason is related. Cancer is an introverted sign, but because they want to care for others, they often have more social contact than they can tolerate.

It is also common for Cancer to want to be alone with someone else. That is, they want someone in the room with them, but they do not want to have to socialize or interact.

As both of them will have this need at times, it is a good idea for them to just sit and read separate books or find other ways to be alone together.

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A Cancer man and Cancer woman will be able to have a long and successful relationship together.

This is because they will both have a great deal of dedication and motivation towards making their relationship work.

They may have some trouble because of the excesses of this sign, but overall, this is a good pairing.

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What you said about relationships is exactly true. I'm a cancer man with a Cancer woman. I always have to take care of my health and always get rid of water and make sure my kidneys are functioning because I was born at the very beginning of cancer and I'm like a sponge with water

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Saturday 9th of March 2019

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