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Angel Number 404 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 404?

Angel Number 404 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 404?

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What does it look like to see the Angel Number 404?

Imagine you wake up in the middle of the night. You look over at the clock and it reads 4:04am. You try to get back to sleep, but it’s no good, so you turn on the TV and there is an advertisement playing. The number being displayed on the screen ends in 404. You decide to do the crossword in the newspaper as you drink your coffee. As you look at it, you notice that it is the 404th in the series.

Why are you seeing this number everywhere? Is the universe putting it in your path for a reason?

Angel Number 404 Meaning

Angel Number 404 centers on the digit 0, which represents both everything and nothing, all potential worlds and the void. It is linked with ideas of having a blank slate and of having no limitations. In the Tarot it is linked with The Fool, which is suggestive of the start of a journey, but one which currently lacks clarity or direction.

The digit 0 is surrounded by two 4s, and 4 is the number of foundations and roots. It represents the building blocks that form the foundations of our world, and the rules the we choose to live by.

Angel Number 404 is also linked with the number 8, as 4+0+4=8. Eight is the number of the negative forces, both external and internal, that hold us back, and is also the number of cause and effect, and action and consequence. The number 8 is linked with the Justice card in the Tarot deck.

Angel Number 404 suggests that you are about to make some fundamental changes in your life and that the only things limiting these changes is your imagination. But remember that changes that seem small can have a rippling effect across your existence.

Reasons you might be seeing Angel Number 404

1. It is your own rules that are holding you back

We often hear ourselves saying ‘I can’t do that’, but why not? We all have rules that we choose to live by, even if we aren’t overly conscious of them. Sometimes these rules are useful, such as morals that we do not compromise for short-term gain. At other times they are detrimental. Past experience has told us that we do not have the capacity to do a certain thing, so don’t try.

The 404 Angel Number will often show up when the latter is the case. It points out that this past experience belongs in the past and should not dictate or limit our future experiences. Question why you think you can’t do something, because maybe you can. Like the number 411, it lets us know that we can break our own rules.

2. Recognize your darker thoughts for what they are

Everyone has darker tendencies. We all have a voice inside our head that can sometimes say horrible things, sometimes about other people, but more often about ourselves. But this voice is not who we are, it is just our self-protective instinct.

Our self-protective instinct wants to keep us within the realm of the known, and will say almost anything to keep us there. It will use fear, low self-esteem and jealousy to stop us from stepping outside our comfort zone and into what it perceives as danger.

The 404 Angel Number will often show up to remind us to recognize this voice for what it is. We should pay attention to what it says, as reading between the lines, it can often reveal what it is that we are really afraid of. Recognize your underlying fear and face it.

3. Trust the people close to you

We probably see it most often with parents, who are preoccupied with the lives of their adult children and the choices that they make. This can often bring them into conflict with their children as they want different things for them than they want for themselves. But what these parents fail to realize is that, while they will always be a parent, their work largely is done.

They laid the foundations for their children to be good people and make smart decisions when they were young. They now need to trust that those foundations will serve them as adults.

Angel Number 404, similar to the number 123, can appear when we are tempted to behave in this kind of overbearing behavior, even when it comes from a place of love. We need to remember why we trust a certain person, and let them make their own decisions. There is no guarantee that they will not make mistakes, but each of us needs to make our own mistakes in order to learn.

4. You have more options than you think

Sometimes we feel like we are limited in what we can do next. There are only a few paths before us, and none of them really appeal.

Angel Number 404 can appear to remind us that these are not the only options that we have. We have infinite possibilities before us. We just can’t see them all because of a lack of imagination. It says to open your mind and really decide what you want, and then find the way to make it happen.

However, this message comes with a warning label. While you can have anything you want in life, you cannot have everything you want in life. More often than not, getting what you want means making big, hard sacrifices. Always keep this in mind.

5. When you act without thought, you cannot anticipate the consequences

Often, we act before we think. We have evolved to respond to certain situations instinctively. This made sense in the wild world we once lived where even a second’s delay could mean the difference between life and death. It is a less useful instinct in the nuanced society in which we now live. But the instinct persists, and often results in regret.

With a similar meaning to the number 811, the 404 Angel Number can often appear when a thoughtless act has put us on a certain path. Perhaps we haven’t yet divined where this path might lead, and we are continuing on a course to disaster. 404 asks us to consider a course adjustment. It also suggests that we try and give some of our future decisions more thought.

What does Angel Number 404 mean for love?

When it comes to love, Angel Number 404 suggests that we need to lay some ground rules for ourselves in terms of what we are willing and unwilling to accept within a relationship.

Up until now, we have probably had a love conquers all attitude and resisted the urge to limit the romantic side of our lives in any way. This has probably led to us being hurt and disappointed. This is a common experience for Pisces because they are open and giving with their hearts and love to love.

We are not talking about rules like who has to pay for a date and what happens when someone forgets our birthday. We are talking about ways that we will not let ourselves feel and power that we will not give away. Healthy relationships have healthy boundaries.

404 Keywords

  • Blank slate
  • Bonds
  • Change
  • Consequences
  • Foundations
  • Justice
  • Limitations
  • Possibilities
  • Rules

What to do if you see Angel Number 404

When you see an Angel Number, the first thing to do is to determine what part of your life it relates to. Sometimes this is easy, as you have had something all-consuming on your mind, and it will almost always relate to something that has been preoccupying you. At other times, it can be more difficult to know which of your challenges it relates to.

Take note of the context in which you see the Angel Number, as this will always provide you with the clues you need.

Once you have determined the context, it is then up to your knowledge of the numbers and your intuition to understand your message. Angel Numbers often tell us things that we already know in our hearts, but are reluctant to admit.

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