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Angel Number 123 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 123?

Angel Number 123 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 123?

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Is the Angel Number 123 giving yo a strange feeling in your gut?

At a morning meeting, you receive a business card from a new contact. Looking down you see that their number ends in 123. You finish eating your lunch and wonder how much time you have before you need to head back to the office. You look at the clock and it says that it is 1:23pm. In the evening you pick up the book you have been reading and notice that you are on page 123.

Why is this sequence of numbers appearing everywhere you look? Do they carry some significance?

Meaning of Angel Number 123

Angel Number 123 starts with the number 1, which is the number of creation. It represents the creative forces that shape the universe, but also our own ability to shape our lives with our actions and decisions.

The number 1 is followed by the number 2, which is the number of duality and relationships. It is also the number of adaptation and compromise, which is a contrast to the ambitious leadership elements on the number 1.

This Angel Number then concludes with the number 3, which represents balance between mind body and spirit, and is also the number of communication. It represents both how we express ourselves, and how we perceive the world around us through our many senses.

Angel Number 123 represents our capacity to shape our own lives, but also the fact that we do not need to do this alone, we can collaborate with those around us.

Reasons you might be seeing Angel Number 123

1. Talk about your goals and ambitions

Often when we have new ambitions, we can be reluctant to talk about them. Perhaps we are afraid of failure and think that if others know what we are attempting, they will see us fail. At other times we might be concerned about ridicule, or even someone stealing our idea or ‘one upping’ us.

Angel Number 123 suggests that it is time to share your current goal. Perhaps you have gotten as far as you are likely to get in secret, and it is time to start seeking aid. If it is a personal goal, perhaps you need someone to hold you accountable. If it is a professional goal, perhaps you need partners or promotion. Either way, you are ready to share.

Seeing The High Priestess card in a Tarot reading is also often a sign that you need to speak up and start sharing your thoughts and ideas.

2. Take the time to diversify

Often when we are working towards something, we become so focussed on it that everything else fades into the background. Maybe we are working extremely long hours in order to gain a promotion, or we are so engaged in a creative pursuit that it is now our only topic of conversation.

The 123 Angel Number has a similar meaning to the number 1001 and can be a reminder to lift your head above the parapet on occasion. Not only will taking some time out recharge your batteries, but cross-fertilization is one of the best sources of inspiration. Engaging in and learning other things can give you fresh ideas for your passion project.

3. Pay attention to the people close to you

Sometimes we can be so focussed on ourselves, that we can struggle to see what is happening with the people around us.

We are so busy working towards a new goal, that we cannot see the strain that it is putting on our partner or family. We are so deliriously happy in our new relationship that we cannot see that someone close to us is suffering and may need our help.

Stop focussing on yourself for a while and take the time to see what is happening with the people that are close to you. Someone is in need of your help, or maybe just your ear. If you miss the signs now, you will regret it in the future.

The number 123, much like the Angel Number 323, calls on us to pay attention to the people closest to us.

4. Are your expectations realistic?

We are always told to dream big and not limit ourselves. If we set achievable goals, we are likely to achieve them. If we set big, scary goals, we may never reach them, but we may get further than we imagined. While it is good advice to set ambitious goals for ourselves, we do need to be realistic in what we expect from the world around us.

Do you expect everyone to be as excited about your new idea as you are? Do you expect that all it takes to become an artist is to create, and that you will miraculously be discovered?

Angel Number 123 signals to dream big, but be realistic about the nature of the world around you. Don’t sabotage your dreams through lack of preparation. Prepare for the road to be hard.

5. Lead by letting others do what they are good at

For many of us, we feel that the best way to get things done is to do it ourselves. Moreover, when we do want help, we want people to do things our way, and don’t really want to hear what ideas they might have. This is the path to burn out, frustration, and disappointing results.

If you have people to help you, you do not need to do it all yourself, delegate. But when you give someone something to do, fight the urge to micromanage. No one performs their best when someone is looking over their shoulder. Also, if you don’t let someone share in an idea creatively, they won’t be invested in it and they won’t do their best.

Put people where their talents are and let them shine. It will add to your success, not diminish it. Like the number 1221, the Angel Number 123 reminds you that, sometimes, you need to give people the space that they need.

What does Angel Number 123 mean for love?

When it comes to love, the 123 Angel Number can be a reminder that a true partnership is both the coming together of two individuals, with individual ambitions and needs, but also the creation of something new that is intertwined and cannot be separated.

It is a reminder to balance your individual needs and the needs of your relationship, and never to let one overtake the other. Don’t be surprised to see this number if you are a Libra and have a natural tendency to put your partner’s needs before yours.

Do not let your responsibilities within the relationship impede your independence. But at the same time, remember that you have chosen to share your life with another person. That means making compromises to ensure that both of you can flourish. Do not let your needs trample those of your partner.

123 Keywords

  • Adaptation
  • Ambition
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creation
  • Flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Perception

What to do if you see Angel Number 123

While noticing Angel Numbers is always a good sign, deciphering what message they have for you can be difficult. Each number carries a range of complex meanings, and which applies to you will depend on your specific circumstances.

To help, play close attention to what you were thinking or doing when you noticed the number. Angels will always reveal their signs within context, so this will point you in the right direction.

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