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What Do Taurus Men Like and Dislike in Women

What Do Taurus Men Like and Dislike in Women

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Taurus men know what they want in life and are willing to put in the hard work to get it. They also tend to know what they want in a woman.

More than most signs, they have a list of things that they are looking for in their perfect woman.

Read on to learn exactly what Taurus men like and dislike in women.

What Do Taurus Men Like?

Taurus men tend to be attracted to the finer things in life and outward signs of success. But they know that anything worth having is worth working for, so they match this with a strong work ethic.

They don’t want to be given anything, they want to build their success in life with their own two hands.

What Does a Taurus Man Look for in a Woman?

Taurus men are attracted to beautiful women that take care of themselves. But he is not looking for a trophy. At the same time, he wants a partner who can roll up their sleeves and put in the work to build a life together.

However, Taurus men also have a tendency to want a woman who is willing to play a traditional supporting role.


Taurus men can be a little superficial when it comes to women, and they are attracted by a pretty face. But more than that, they are attracted to women that look like they take care of themselves.

This is not just about aesthetics. Taurus men also consider this an indication that a woman respects herself and knows how to take care of herself.

These are qualities that he finds very attractive, so he is subconsciously looking for these things on the outside.


Taurus men are a little old-fashioned in their perspective on relationships. Not only does he like to take his time and court a woman, but he also thinks that men and women have specific roles.

He sees himself as the breadwinner and his partner as the nurturer.

For this reason, Taurus men are attracted to women that have a clearly nurturing side, whether directed towards children, animals, friends, or family.

It is easy for him to see women like this as the person who can complement and complete him.


One of the Earth signs, Taurus men are innately drawn towards nature, and also women who love nature.

This can take many different forms. He might be attracted to an athletic hiker, a beach babe, or an avid gardener with green thumbs.

The great outdoors are a space of tranquillity for Taurus men, and he is attracted to earthy tones in women.

His ideal woman might be a farm girl, though one who grew up on a country estate, as he also enjoys the finer things.

Deep Thinkers

Taurus men like women with whom they can have deep and meaningful conversations.

Taurus men are very introspective and enjoy contemplating things deeply. They also like to share those thoughts out loud with someone who can understand him and challenge him to think deeper.

He will be attracted to a woman who can talk history and loves philosophy, and who always has an interesting piece of information to hand.

He doesn’t like it when someone speaks like they have all the answers, but he loves it when they ask challenging questions.

Hard Working

Taurus is attracted to women who he can see work hard to achieve their goals.

Men born under Taurus are naturally hard-working and dedicated. They are ambitious, but they know that life is a long game and that slow and steady wins the race.

He is interested in a woman who can be his partner in this marathon, and match him step-for-step in a complementary way.

For this reason, he often looks out for small signs such as women who are neat and tidy, or who invest in themselves, as this signals that they are up for the challenge.

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What Does a Taurus Man Dislike in a Woman?

Taurus men tend to be very particular about everything, so it will come as no surprise that there are a few traits in women that will quickly send him cold.


Taurus men take life seriously, and they always have their eyes on their commitment and what needs to be done next.

They don’t like to waste time, and therefore laziness rubs them the wrong way. They won’t stick around if they think someone isn’t pulling their weight.

Overly Emotional

Taurus men tend to play their emotions close to the chest as they actually consider showing too much emotion to be an embarrassment, especially for men.

They don’t tend to like women who can’t control their emotions, especially difficult ones such as anger.


Taurus men are scrupulous in all their dealings, and therefore cannot understand or accept dishonesty.

Once their trust has been broken it is very difficult to win back. He also tends to take white lies and lies of omission more personally than most people.

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Checklist for Love

Taurus men tend to be looking for something very specific in a woman. Usually, a traditional and secure relationship in which two people can rely on one another.

But, while they try to remain pragmatic, Taurus men follow their hearts. They will modify their “list” when they are hit by the right spark.